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Butterfly Crop Circles, the human story of evolution, by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤
Posted to Facebook 22 August 2016
Namaste and many blessings of love and light I send to you. I am aware that deeper teachings of the universe are about to come that are to do with our Ascension and coming in greater union with our dear Star Brothers and Star Sisters in the universe who are working hard in the love and the light. Please keep watching my channel up on You Tube for deeper understanding to come.

This very morning I had so much information pouring into me about the crop circles, and really I did not know exactly where to begin on this most beautiful and loving page. HALISARIUS approached me and said, ‘Begin with the butterfly. It is the most significant part of a human evolving to explain.’

I must say here, that I am one of those lovers of mysteries and indeed the crop circles. At times it seems so difficult to grasp but as I reach up into my ‘Star Sight,’ my Pleiadian sight and my Angelic sight also, I can see in multidimensional terms, which is away from our dimension.

Here is the most beautiful teaching about us being more beautiful than we realize.

Do you know you hold far more secrets within you than you know of? For so long we have been held down in our limited dimension, where we are glued to certain ideas.

These certain ideas are ideas of man, of society. However, when we are able to reach within our deeper understanding of our spiritual being, we gain greater insight of all that is.
This is called, according to the Galactic Federation of Love and Light Society, ‘The New Transformation of the Human.’

The butterfly expands outwards. It has no boundaries, nor restrictions. It has deeper understanding of the love vibrations and it resonates with nature and love elements.

Indeed, we as people feel the love vibrations from the butterflies. It makes our heart sing when we see butterflies. They ‘brighten’ up our day and help us to switch into a deeper dimension within ourselves, the ‘transformational beauty’ dimension.

Once we understand this deeper dimension, we can ascend upwards, like the butterflies who are always reminding us of our deeper magic within us.

An awakened human, the human who desires to fly upwards into higher love consciousness dimensions, accepts that there are other planes and dimensions. The awakened human is one who perceives greater knowledge beyond the logic.

Our human brain is certainly far more capable than what we realize it to be. Look how much power we can generate in our brain alone once we awaken.

The beauty of the human brain cannot be explained by people. It runs on voltages, like all things do, and it creates energy.

The greater we can explore upwards, the higher we can tune into higher dimensions of love, transforming us into our greater beauty.

Butterflies certainly have courage to fly into different spaces. They feel the human vibration very much. It desires to give more beauty and give more love.

So the awakened human also does.

The awakened human desires to give more love and desires to show others that there are other spaces and other realms other than their own physical dimension.

Pleiadians are loving Star Beings, who have for a long time been our tutors and our teachers. They teach us, along with many other Star Beings in the love, how to celebrate our lives together with them, for they have found much greater freedom than us.

To them we are transforming into our deeper gifts and our chakras are evolving. However, are we listening to our deeper calling and to their deeper ways?

Many people upon the earth are very frightened to awaken and transform into the ‘New Awakened Human,’ with greater consciousness, higher loving consciousness, greater understanding.
Why is this? Because, generally we fear the ‘unknown.’

Surely it is better to be like the butterflies and transform into more beauty, not lacking the understanding of limitation like when it was a caterpillar, but now grown into a beautiful self.

We can transform now into a beautiful self, flying high with higher love. The greater we fly collectively into the greater love flows, the greater we can understand that all we need to do is to grasp how to grow into the higher dimensions, being able to accept us on a higher level, which is Divine, and then grow into the higher consciousness, together with the Divine Archangels of love who are here to help us grow upwards into our higher Ascension flows.

For those who are reaching out to the higher awakened stages, we are becoming the butterflies and the ‘transformers of love,’ for mankind and helping mankind to see that we are beautiful, loving, peaceful, and the more we become the greater butterflies, the more the higher love consciousness will come to our earth and transform our earth to love and peace.

Namaste, and I send much love and light to you all, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤ always guided by the Divine to give you this deeper information and insight with the greatest love vibrations of the Love Universe. Greetings ❤ ❤