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‘The climb back up into enlightenment,’ Crop Circle discovered at Wayland's Smithy, Oxfordshire, UK - 8 July 2006, translated by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel guided by HALISARIUS, CHIEF LEADER OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT SOCIETY.

Namaste and welcome to the Great Time of Enlightenment, when all mysteries of the universe are being revealed to allow us to come to a state of Awakening, a time of helping us to come to a greater understanding of what is truth, what is in the universe, why are we here, who are we really?

All questions are being answered on our ‘earth game,’ and the Star Beings who come with their crop circle messages are certainly placing messages on our earth so that we can see the ‘reality,’ of it, and that we really are not alone in the universe.

The Universe desired to explore all things. All of us, could call ourselves then, ‘The Explorers,’ as we come from the universal star realms. We all come from the ‘Stars.’

When we begin to understand how incredible the game of earth is, and we open our minds to new information, we then begin to understand how intelligent all life is. We then realise that we did not come from the monkey or the ape, but we come from star evolved states. Now, in the time of enlightenment we are able to rise again to become higher dimensional players and enter that gate of the higher evolution.

Welcome to this beautiful age of love understanding and how we can return to the higher love dimensions. I have asked HALISARIUS for a beautiful explanation to this crop circle star message to bring us a meaning, a deeper meaning, to help us in our life and move forward with our evolution.

Greetings, I AM HALISARIUS, PLEIADIAN CHIEF LEADER, CHIEF COMMANDER AND CHIEF LEADER OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATIONS OF LIGHT SOCIETIES. A Komo Ha Halima. I send you the great love from the star realms. We, on the love star realms, desire to help people upon your plane to understand that now is the time of the ‘climbing’ out of the denseness, and ‘rise’ into the light and the love.

All messages here have deeper meanings, and again I state, that in future we will discover these messages with you on deeper levels. We as star love beings, when we gift our messages to planet earth, we give you meanings that will help you understand your spiritual dimensions and progress, and when you are spiritually ready, a deeper meaning will come to you.

When we say, we, star beings of love gift you these messages, understand that there is also another group of star beings who desire to keep you low in your vibration so that you will not discover your way back ‘home’ to the higher love dimensions. They also bring messages to you. When there is light there is also the opposite, and like always we say, it is up to the seeker to understand and sense the difference.

All things upon your plane also exist in a vibratory system, for nothing is what you think it is. You live in illusions and plays of illusions, and you believe it is real, but nothing upon your plane is real. The more you grasp this higher truth, the greater you will learn to climb back into the higher love dimensions.

Your earth, symbolized here as the light platform, since all things are light and plays of light, is a play within itself. Your play is to find your way upwards. Here you see 12 different parts, and to you it may look building blocks or even a ladder. Can you find your way back upwards?

All chakras on your level connect to 12 star systems. Each star system has vibrations which connect back into your flows. You are able to climb into your greater evolution by bringing more love within you and more light within you. When your greater chakra flows open, you are able to find greater enlightenment in your life.

All is about flows on the higher star dimensions and each dimension has a specific flow. In future you will understand more about the specific 12 as each holds more dimensions within it.

All throughout the ages of your understanding, you have been searching for a way upwards. You discovered light and shadows. You discovered what is love and what is not love, though the full extent of love you do not have upon your plane here, also symbolized here in this message, since all sides you see have light and shadows of self within it.

Each ‘block’ has lessons within it. These lessons lead you to greater discovery, and now you are able to climb to the very top ‘block,’ or we will call it dimensional play, within your realm of existence possible, to allow you to become more sturdy in the light, to help you climb to the higher love dimensions.

At this moment, we the Great Galactic Family of Light say this to you, all in the greatest love; it has not been an easy task for you to understand light from dark, light from shadows. You have looked in the tunnels and on the sides of the shadow side long enough, and to find the light was like looking through a tunnel in the darkness. Slowly the great light is showing upon your earth, but are you ready to begin to realize the greater light?

All light gives much learning. One light on one level may have certain truths within it and it can lead you to the next level upwards. However, when the true light begins to shine upon your plane, as it is doing at this time, as the Great Divine is calling out to all who desire to climb up higher, will you begin to desire it and listen to it, and I, HALISARIUS, will even say, recognize it?

We as Chief Leaders of the Star Races of Love desire you to step onto the higher platform as we work with people greatly on the higher platform. Now that the Divine Activations with the Great Aligner, CAEAYARON, are happening at this time, those people are able to step on the highest platform, should they work with the great light, and create a sturdy platform for further growth.

All the other platforms are weaker and more wobbly. The lower you go, the lower the vibration system is within them, and the further you are also from our higher play as we then need to work harder to reach out to you on the lower dimensions, which is not our desire as Star Beings of Family of Light at this present time, when the work of the Great New Sun Enlightenment has begun.

The higher you climb, the more awake you are to the higher task before you. The lower you are, the more asleep you are, the denser your thoughts are in those dimensions.

Our task as Star Beings of Love is to work with Divine to help as many people as possible reach the highest level possible to bring as much love from the higher vibratory levels and bring it to your people who are on planet earth, to awaken them.

Our message for you also shows how far you have climbed into the evolutionary processes since the Great Fall of Consciousness, but understand this our dear friends, you fell an enormous distance downwards in consciousness states, far greater than our message shows at this time. Your fall was great, and thus it took you many thousands of lifetimes and years to get back up to find the higher love vibratory levels again.

With your realm, the following decision was made with the Angelic Realms, and also the Galactic Courts; because of the fall of consciousness with the fallen ones of Lemuria (and here I will state also other civilizations as a collective) you were not able to receive the greater blessings unless the people upon your plane reached out for the greater light first.

It had to be a desire within you first, since all light consciousness and love consciousness was removed from your memories by star beings of darkness who removed your light from within you because that is what the great collective chose for at that time.

Hence, when the people upon your earth chose for the light through the ages upon your earth, they were able to climb to another platform and reach another stage, which is why more light was able to come to your plane to bring ‘enlightenment’ to your plane.

Now, there are those working on the top platform. They are the ones who have listened to the Great CAEAYARON and have become activated and are working with the dimensional portals which are opening the greater light upon your world. They are reaching into the higher light dimension.

Understand too, and here I as HALISARIUS, will speak to you frankly as I have a great deal of love for you.

A time will come when the gates of light will be closed from your earth plane and those who have desired to go to the higher platform will leave your planet after their task upon your earth has completed.

They are the ones who are blessed with the Divine Activations of CAEAYARON as CAEAYARON switches their light codes back on, and those light codes can only be switched on by him.

Those people who are working with the high Divine Purpose bring much light to your plane, and thus your earth, in the centre, is receiving the greater light to bring the people into awakening.

For those who do not desire the higher path, they will be among those who will fall the other way as that will be their choosing. This is the lifetime of alignment and hence these messages are important for your understanding. It is ‘time’ to awaken to love consciousness.

Once the gates of the higher light close the resistant cannot enter those gates. They will repeat the cycle of the past again, and to the denseness they will return as they chose not to rise up higher.

Your greater task is to receive the light codes with the Great Awakener, CAEAYARON, and to bring the higher love frequencies to your plane to awaken the light code carriers, to help them become activated, to bring the light to your plane and to awaken all of humanity to another way, another living, to another dimension.

That is your task at this time. Are you up for this great Star Mission our dear friends? For this is your given Star Mission at this time. Awaken and then bring the Great Awakening Love to your plane to heal yourselves and mankind.


Key to crop circle message

 Theme: The climb back up into enlightenment

 Centre 12 pointed yellow star: Our planet earth. All evolution growth is found upon our plane. All steps to higher ascension are found upon our plane. From our plane we can grow into higher evolved beings and prepare ourselves for the next stage of evolution.

 12 ‘Blocks’ – shows 12 unique vibratory waves of dances upon our plane, or 12 dimensions of growth, each symbolizing love/light/shadows percentages. When we as people grow as spiritual beings upon our plane, there are 12 phases of growth within each cycle as each of our chakras are linked to 12 dimensions of star growth.

 Each stage shows the dances of light within us. When we reach the top platform more love and light comes within us, and we are able to work at a greater enlightenment stage (number 12) to allow more love to come within us and then we are able to leave our dense bodies after having fulfilled this ‘Alignment’ within us.

 The higher we grow in our wisdom, the higher our chakras can connect to the higher love flows to allow us to become enlightened and to allow more love to come to our plane.

 Each platform (top part) helps us to understand how to grow spiritually higher. The higher we have climbed to, the more light we could bring to our planet (centre) to allow enlightenment to happen to our plane.

 Top platform – has opened for all who are working on a very high vibratory level (activations are taking place with CAEAYARON who switches our Light Lemurian Codes back on). They are able to stand on the higher platform and bring much light from the higher vibrations through to our plane to help many awaken.

 Each platform we are climbing helps us to see our different sides, light and shadow, as nothing lives outside of who we are.

 It also shows how far we fell downwards as a collective with the Great Fall of Consciousness, which was, as HALISARIUS states, from a higher state than the message shows.

Namaste, I send you much love, light, and blessings, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

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