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‘The Thought Consciousness Grid,’  Translation for Crop Circle discovered at Balsal West Midlands UK, 22 July 2011, by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel 
Posted on Facebook Crop Circle Translator-  21 September 2016

Namaste, I send you many blessings of love and light. Here in this most beautiful crop circle teaching, we are moving away from the individual consciousness (as in some of the other circles on this page) of our individual selves and now we come into the collective consciousness.  

The Great Divine Realms are constantly gathering all thoughts from us and collect it deep within the ‘Thought Consciousness Grid’  to understand it more, to harmonize with it greater.  

The Violet Flame is poured throughout the grid, to transmute all lower thoughts, to bring it into loving, high usable energies, to allow all thoughts from the our lower realm (people consciousness) to be passed on a greater ‘thought’ pool for higher Beings of Love to investigate, without it affecting the higher realms of thought. This allows the greater healings to come to our planet for our ascension to happen.

The higher realms live in love and peace and perfect union and harmony.  They do not desire to come close to the fears and the anger of the lower realms, which is where we are living upon. 

However, they wish to understand us greater because of the deep love the higher spiritual realms have for us and all universes.  This is why they devised a technique to help them understand our thought consciousness more, to allow them to teach universal teachings to us, to help us to climb to higher thoughts, to allow our vibration to climb to love and beauty.

To be able to do this work they shower this thought consciousness grid first with their higher love thoughts, to allow those who are ready to understand higher thoughts and to climb to higher thoughts to be touched by their frequencies.  

(CAEAYARON, (KRYON) is magnetic frequencies and his magnetic power allows the greater realms of thought to become one within this grid, to help us advance greatly, otherwise we could never rise.)
The time of the limited thoughts are over now as this greater consciousness within the grid is showing.  It is now time for our higher expansion.  It is time to understand our thoughts, to examine it and to climb up higher.  

This shows how our unlimited thought patterns are now evolving.

This also illustrates how important our thoughts are as all is created with our thought patterns.  Our thoughts patterns create energy waves constantly and we need incredibly strong spiritual help from the higher Divine realms to come more into union with the greater thoughts to ascend higher, to evolve higher.

Key to the crop circle:
Shows:  Thought Consciousness Grid.

This energy grid shows how our thoughts, the thoughts from the lower dimensions are collected and enter the thought consciousness grid system, as shown in the blue.  

It is collected in ‘data banks,’ (blue triangles at the top of the circle) and it is discovered here what it is and it already is cleansed in the golden light from the Divine, which is the yellow.  

The yellow triangles are the highly evolved thoughts.  It brings in the lower blue thoughts and brings it to deeper balance with the golden light. The triangles allow the energy to become more concentrated with higher thoughts and holds it here as it is a specific holding place. 

The triangles connect deeply with the deeper triangles closer to the violet flame (in the purple) and within the concentrated energetic vortex in the centre of the grid (yellow).

After the first phase of cleansing has taken place (the triangles on the outer region of the crop circle) it is further processed.
It now enters into the violet flame, shown in the purple, to transmute the energy to energy it can be used to create higher thoughts for healing.  

The eight flames show power, unity and infinite energy.  It is also infinitely cleansing shown by the eight triangles, constantly transmuting thoughts to be brought into alignment with higher thoughts.

The inner triangles (in centre) show the greater concentrated discovery of the thought.  The blue sides are the lower thoughts balanced by the higher thoughts (yellow), transmuted (by violet flame, the purple flames) to allow higher teachings to come to the earth plane.  

Together this forms another grid in the circle shown by star shape and the vortex in the centre shows how energy is becoming more concentrated to allow higher healing to take place.

This energy is used to help many people upon the earth plane on the lower dimensions.  It is able to be used to teach people higher truth, help people heal with their illnesses, help people to understand higher thought patterns, new paradigm shifts are able to come through from this space.  

The Violet Flame is alive and constantly adjusts to the needs of the people.  The greater the people desire the light, the greater the Violet Flame becomes.

(On a side note here, please note that those who receive the Divine Pineal Gland Activations with CAEAYARON (and myself as his Light Grid Programmer (please see teachings)) are connected deeper into the Crystalline Grid Codes and the Violet Flame is very strong within those codes.  The more you become activated within your codes, the more power you have to heal your life and heal the earth with the Violet Flame. )

As people are ready for higher understanding here upon the earth, this energy is used by higher Star Beings and high Angelic Beings, all so very evolved, to bring it into the planes of the earth for our greatest benefit.

The more the people want to hear the higher teachings, the greater the concentration of light and love force will come and open for our expansion and our healing.  

As you will also see from this circle, if you look deep within it, you will see it constantly moving, similar to kaleidoscope.  It never stops moving. The frequencies of the grid of thought are very high and constantly desires to heal.

This is a most beautiful  loving provision from the greatest of Angelic Realms which has been given to us for our healing path to help us ascend upwards.  The greater we appreciate it the greater we can become healed.

A guided exercise you are able to do with this thought consciousness grid for those who can visualize the grid within their spiritual vision as a kaleidoscope image.
1. For a moment, breathe in and out.  
2. Surround yourself with the greatest of love and light flows.
3. Ask an Archangel to be with you to guide you through this process.  Ask for the most highly evolved Star Beings to come to you with their energetic guidance to be present with you.
4. Allow it to be your experience for a moment.
5. Bring in this image into your vision.  Allowing your thoughts to become a greater part of the thought grid.  
6. Allow your thoughts to understand (by talking to your thoughts) that your thoughts can be taken up higher by taking your thoughts within this grid and that greater insight will be received.
7. Allow yourself to concentrate on the Violet Flame and allow it to be observed, knowing that your thoughts are healing now.
8. After you have completed your lesson here allow yourself to relax for a moment.  Thank all Beings who were present with you and let go.
9. Breathing in and out.  Then release it.
You may like to do this as a regular exercise to bring your vibration up higher.  The more you do it, the easier it will be to do also.  This is also a great workout to bring your spiritual abilities up higher.
Love and light, always into the flows of eternity, from my Angel Wings of Love to your Angel Wings of Love, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel