Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

Soon, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel will begin LIVE Zoom online group sessions for the public. Further information will be released on Facebook in a few days time. 

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel always was the original Blue Star & Golden Sun Angel Transmitter and the original Coder of Life for the original Sovereign Universal Love Star Cosmos Realms. This was well before the original Star People from the original Sovereign Star Dimensions fell into fields of humanity.

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's original Sovereign Universal Love Channel opened in the year 2009, when Sovereign Father Emmanuel, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Pleiadian Star Beings of Universal Love Consciousness began to work with her.

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Trance Medium Channel abilities are unique.  No other transmitter, other than Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, can bring through as many as 12 interdimensional Universal Love Light Master Rays (from multiple Universal Light Fields) at any one time. 

During October 2023, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has achieved her original greatest purpose. Her greatest purpose was to bring all Sovereign Father Emmanuel's original Golden Sun Cosmos Universal Rays into earth, into an alignment, to allow a new path for humanity to form. 

A little over 2,000 years ago, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, as the original Blue Star & Golden Sun Consciousness Aligner, was also called by Sovereign Father Emmanuel.  In those days, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was known as the Nazarene, Yeshua, who walked with people on earth to bring through the transmissions of Sovereign Father Emmanuel. 

Since that time, she has worked for many lifetimes to try and establish a new pathway on earth to allow Freedom and Universal Love Consciousness to form. This could only become a reality on earth when many could become freed from the belief systems of the Churches.

Many today pray for the return of Yeshua.  They believe that he sacrificed his own life to help humanity become freed from sin. 

The original channel of Sovereign Father Emmanuel is the only person who can bring Ultimate Truth to humanity. No one else can bring Sovereign Father Emmanuel through, other than the original Sovereign Universal Love Blue Star Angel Consciousness Transmitter.  Today it is proven that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was the original Sovereign Universal Love Transmitter of Sovereign Father Emmanuel.

Certain people on earth have tried hard to stop the original alignment of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel from coming in.  She always was the original Sovereign Universal Love Cosmos Transmitter, and the original Blue Star & Golden Sun Aligner for Sovereign Father Emmanuel and Caeayaron.  

In Ancient Lemuria, Caeayaron worked with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.   Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was then known as the Divine Love Element, Blue Star Angel, Universal Light Grid Programmer, Cosmos Queen Laeayaraesea. As the original Blue Star Angel DNA Channel, she could transmit in the original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life from Caeayaron’s ancient Blue Star Sovereign Universes.  
After the Galactic Wars, all people lost all their original Sovereign Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life in reptilian DNA. 

As the original Galactic Universal Light Grid Programmer, she could rebalance the DNA of the people, to allow the New Creation and Universal Love Consciousness Codes (which was part of the original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life), to reconnect to the people. 

When Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, as Cosmos Queen Laeayaraesea in Lemuria, had successfully reconnected all original star sequences of the original Cosmos Star DNA Codes (from the original Sovereign Star Dimensions) back into the spiritual star fields of the people of Spiritual Lemuria, they could go home to their original Star Dimensions filled with eternal love, freedom, and joy, provided they had stayed in the Universal Love Consciousness energy fields.   

Should the Lemurians have chosen for the Universal Love Consciousness fields, in the ancient days of Lemuria, then all people could have reconnected back to the original Sovereign Universal Love Star Dimensions.

Unfortunately, the original old duality consciousness ‘Kryon’ Merkabah channel chose for his old Merkabah pathway, and the great majority believed and chose for the old Kryon channel. He promised people freedom and peace in his New Earth Duality Consciousness with Angels serving them, where all their wishes would come true for themselves.   The great majority desired to have their own wishes fulfilled which is why the Lemurians and the Atlanteans fell into separation duality consciousness codes, filled with human duality and suffering. 

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, as the original Blue Star DNA Coder of Life Consciousness Channel for Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel, worked hard on earth to allow a new pathway of Universal Love Consciousness to become established.  

This was the only way that a full New Creation Restoration could come on earth to bring individual people back into their original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life, through Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events.  

It is when people come to the Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events that they (people who are activated back into Caeayaron’s original Sovereign Creation Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life) can begin to receive their original Star Multi-Universal Energy fields, through the original Blue Star DNA Sovereign Universal Love Channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.    

It is with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s Golden Sun Consciousness Emmanuel fields that people can receive back their original Sovereign Star Creation Universal Love energy within their Activated Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life, to help stabilize earth and the environment.

In the year 2010, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel began to work as a Professional Deep Trance Medium and Transmitter of Universal Love Consciousness flows and transmissions, from Divine Sovereign Love. 

She began her spiritual work at Infinity, Hamilton, New Zealand.
In July 2012, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel opened her own spiritual shop where she worked as a Spiritual Medium and Reader. She brought spiritual balancing trance healing fields in to help support people in their life. 

Every Tuesday evening, many enjoyed hearing the Sovereign Masters transmit teachings through Suzanna’s Channel. The people who listened felt the Universal Love flows flowing in, as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel directly is connected into her original Sovereign Blue Star Angel DNA Channel. 

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel became well known in New Zealand by many people for her unique Spirit Guide Readings, her weekly transmissions, her meditation classes, her regular workshops, and her monthly healing circles. 

She has posted many articles on her own Facebook Page to constantly prove that she is the original Sovereign Universal Love Truth Transmitter for Sovereign Divine Love Emmanuel, Caeayaron, and many other Masters of Sovereign Universal Love.  She has also posted hundreds of YouTube videos to show the world that she is the original Blue Star Angel & Golden Sun Consciousness Transmitter.
In May 2023, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel fully reconnected into all the codes of Stone of Destiny, which was where all the original Codes of Sovereign Father Emmanuel were connected into.  Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was the original Golden Sun Aligner, Cosmos Queen Nefertiti.  

This is the reason why the original codes of the Stone of Destiny recognized and realigned (through reconnection) to Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, as she carried the exact amount of Blue Star Angel DNA and Golden Sun Consciousness frequencies of Cosmos Queen Nefertiti, at the time of the Stone of Destiny Code Transmissions.

In the days of Cosmos Queen Nefertiti, the Stone of Destiny was called the 'Seat of Creation'. It was through the Codes transmitted into the original Stone of Destiny by Cosmos Queen Nefertiti, that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel could link into the guidance of Sovereign Father Emmanuel. 

Today, all Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's original Blue Star DNA Codes have linked back into the original Golden Sun Consciousness Alignment of Sovereign Father Emmanuel, as she has now reconnected back into her full original Sovereign Messianic Cosmos Alignment. 

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel now can continue onto her greater path, to allow many to understand the Blue Star Angel prophecy. 

Soon, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel will begin Life Coaching Spiritual Guidance Transmissions.  These will be for people who are interested in spiritual motivation and transformation sessions.  These sessions will be held online on Zoom and will work with Podia.  The Universal Love Guidance Spiritual Coaching transmissions will last for about an hour.  

More information about this event will be posted on Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Facebook Page in a few days time. 

Please understand that her new Life Coaching Transmissions for a group of people are not The Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events. Therefore, people cannot receive their original Creation Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life back by viewing Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's transmissions online. 

The original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life can only be received by people who come directly to the Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events of Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel.  Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel can only transmit through the original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life with their original Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Angel Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. 

Currently, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is working to present to people a short autobiography to show that she was Designated by Sovereign Father Emmanuel and Caeayaron, as she always was the original Blue Star DNA Angel. 

Namaste and welcome to the Great Blue Star & Golden Sun Consciousness Alignment which has now (since October 2023) begun to shine on planet earth.
This message was transmitted in by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the original Sovereign Universal Love Channel for Sovereign Father Emmanuel & Caeayaron.
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel works with Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel to bring up the Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life frequencies, for all who were Activated with Caeayaron’s and Sovereign Father Emmanuel’s Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events, during the years 2015 until November 2022. 

For further information about the Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events, please send us a message at [email protected]
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It would be good if many began to understand how important this information is during this time. We could only imagine what the earth could become like if many joined in the love. Then we would finally be able to rid the violence and the hypocrisy and judgment from the world.

Imagine if many scientists began to see the possibilities that we originated from the star dimensions and not from earth. Then the awakening would certainly occur on earth world wide. 
We could then begin to see why many animals are suffering for they are trying to awaken our own biology to help us analyse how to come into peace. They are simply mimicking our own suffering consciousness.

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About The Cosmos Messenger Suzanna Maria Emmanuel: Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the original Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel. She was called by SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL in September 2009.

Soon after the Divine Call, Suzanna began to transmit through Divine Universal Love Cosmos messages in front of groups (beginning in April 2010). She also brought through personalized channelled messages for individual people (beginning in November 2009).

All her transmissions are for the highest Universal Love Purposes to give people who listen to the transmissions greater understanding and purpose for their own life, as well as greater understanding of the world we live in. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was called by CAEAYARON directly in late April 2014.

In April 2015, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel began the Universal Love Pineal Gland Activations to activate the Cosmos Codes of Life with CAEAYARON.
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has transmitted through hundreds of transmissions which are posted on YouTube, and many more hundreds of written transmissions which are posted on Suzanna's Facebook page.

All is there for the people to watch and understand what the Great Divine Ascension Plan is for mankind and how it could bring peace, love and joy to the world if many would begin to understand Ultimate Universal Truth.
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