Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

Who is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel?

Suzanna is a gifted channel, medium and healer. When she was very little she could always communicate with spirit, but, because she was not supported spiritually, she became very afraid and stopped the gift for many years, until she reached the age of about 32, when she began to open to Spirit once again. When she was truly opening, early 2009 three Spirit Guides approached her and she heard them very well and saw them very well.

Each of those Guides have been significant in Suzanna's spiritual travels. She loves what she does. In New Zealand she had her own crystal shop with a healing room and a small workshop space. In those days she truly enjoyed working with the people one on one and learned many of her skills in those areas.

When her groups grew it was time to move to bigger premises with her workshops. She has taught countless people how to work closely with Angels, and continues to do so during the Divine Pineal Gland Activations with CAEAYARON.

You can find her on You Tube where you will find hundreds of videos of her channelling. She channels not only SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and CAEAYARON, but also LORD MAITREYA, HALISARIUS, AMMORAH and other Pleiadians of love and light, Archangels, and other Ascended Masters. Her abilities grow each time she goes deep into trance.

During the Divine Pineal Gland Activations, CAEAYARON uses her voice to bring the correct tones through to awaken the pineal gland for the people, which is very beautiful and loving.

Suzanna is the designated channel for SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, who approached her in 2009. At that time he told her very strongly that he would use no other channel and that he had used her as a channel in previous lives and that in one particular lifetime she worked very close to him, as Jesus, and that it would be well known. 

Over the years SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT began to explain to Suzanna how Divine he was, for she was required to awaken in this life time to truth. In 2013 he explained to her that he was part of Great Divine.

In 2014 Suzanna was approached by CAEAYARON and was asked to begin important work with him. She remembered who he was to her from a long time ago, though she had forgotten who she was in past Lemurian times. She feared working with CAEAYARON on a very deep level and at first refused.

CAEAYARON kept returning to her giving her comfort and healings. Slowly he began to reveal to her that she was the Divine Love Element Light Grid Programmer in Lemuria and restored her gifts back.

After these gifts were returned to her, CAEAYARON made her the designated Ascension Channel of Divine for both SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, and CAEAYARON. She continues to grow with every activation. With each activation more of her Lemurian Light is returned to her to strengthen the ones who receive the Divine Pineal Gland Activations.

In 2015, April, New Zealand, she worked for the very first time in front of a group as a Divine Pineal Gland Activator with CAEAYARON. She toned Lemurian and was greatly surprised she had the gift. She has seen so many people's lives change because of the gift she has. Within her heart she understands the great power of it.

In 2016 Suzanna, moved to England. The first Divine Pineal Gland Activations of CAEAYARON in England took place in Colchester, England, in November 2016. A very important Heart Gate was then opened, and also the Wisdom Gate to allow greater codes from Divine to enter to awaken many, many more people to the true love consciousness. A star gate could also be opened by the people who were there at the activations, opening up a whole new gift for those activated by Divine to allow the greater ascension to take place. In 2017 activations in England, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT blessed the activated with greater flames and higher universal Love Gates were opened. Now, selected activated are permitted by Divine and the Galactic Federation of Light Societies to enter the greater spaces and become Universal Love Teachers, to teach many other Star Beings the ways of the game of earth.

Suzanna's work in Ancient Lemuria

Suzanna worked along with Reuben and Ishmakael who were both Light Grid Programmers. Reuben, always had Harmonic Frequencies, Ishmakael always had the Sacred Light Geometry Codes and Suzanna always had the Divine Love Element Frequencies.

Suzanna, because she was the designated Light Grid Programmer, not only for CAEAYARON but also for SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, was able to go into the Universal Love Grid, which is very high Divine Grid, and bring down those codes into the Crystalline Grid, which Reuben harmonized and Ishmakael placed within the separate codes of the Lemurians and together they brought them through for the people in Lemuria.

In the Great Temples there were teams who helped the Light Grid Programmers build the people into love and power consciousness. There were the Builders who held the frequencies down and gave the frequencies to the people at the right frequency. The holders held the spaces together and the High Priests and the High Priestesses always ensured that everyone always received the perfect frequencies.