Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

COMING SOON: Earth Universal Love Healing Meditation coming on Zoom with Caeayaron, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel & Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.
SOVEREIGN COSMOS STAR INTELLIGENCE can allow earth to rise higher and brighter to raise earth's vibration to support Universal Love and Peace Consciousness on the planet.

The date for the New Star Earth Healing Star Consciousness Meditation is announced soon.


Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has begun to upload movie transmissions on her new website. They are free of charge. You can access the movie transmissions by visiting the website after you have logged into your account.

Many Universal Love Waves always,

The Universal Love Administration Team for Sovereign Cosmos Intelligence and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the original Sovereign Cosmos Blue Star Universal Love Angel Transmitter.

Please feel free to share Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Facebook post for many more people to see the invitation.

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