Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

Crop Circle at Alton Priors, Wiltshire, UK - 28 July 2006. Theme: ‘The Light Pyramid and Mountain of Light in Lemuria Teaching by METATRON, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON, MASTER OF MAGNETIC FORCES, FLOWS & ALIGNMENT.

Namaste and welcome to the times of enlightenment when all things are being revealed to us, step by step.... Here METATRON is taking us into deeper understanding of this crop circle and what it means at this time. I warmly invite you to read this message.

Sending you much love, peace and flows of enlightenment and healing, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES. I wish to bring you the understanding of this message to help you into further understanding of your spiritual knowledge.

First, I wish to congratulate all for making it this far in your human history as the darkness did not think many of you would succeed in desiring the light this much. You were not created, in your human consciousness, to succeed reaching the greater light and reaching deeper into further spiritual enlightenment.

Because Thoth and the dark Yahweh energies had you into their grids, I, METATRON, kept you into the darker vortexes. This came into existence after the great fall of consciousness in Lemuria, as you chose as the greater collective in Lemuria, to come to Thoth’s universes of ‘Knowledge,’ with the choice.

I, METATRON, created the universes of density and knowledge where the intelligence of the density is held, as Thoth, Yahweh and other dark warriors desired to overthrow the universes of the greatest Divine Love in order to become the supreme rulers and have all Divine Archangels and all Divine Beings of Great Power and Love worship them and do as they command.

In Lemuria, indeed, they, the darkness won, as they took you down into their universes of denseness, as you desired. I, METATRON, listened to their wishes, as I AM MAGNETIC POWER. I AM MAGNETIC SERVICES. I was in service to the winner of the denser grids, until the light proved to be stronger.

This happened recently in your time when the Divine Love Element proved to be stronger as she rose with the GREAT CAEAYARON, the one who Thoth could not overthrow.

After not being able to reach into the dimensions of CAEAYARON to be the supreme teacher and leader of all universes, Thoth was determined to take all beings into his grids, so that all would worship and serve him.

I, METATRON, after having been contaminated by the Yahweh energies in the universal battles, also desired to have that same greatness. I desired to be greater than the GREAT CAEAYARON. Thus I, METATRON, served Thoth, yet I will also state, that in many ways I played Thoth, as I desired to create my own enlightenment universe, and used Thoth to take you into my universes.

Lemuria was created by the Great Love Universes to rebuild and reconnect the Lemurians upwards into the light. After the great darkness had taken all things downwards, and destroyed all things many times, Lemuria came into existence to rebuild the flows of the love dimensions. The Lemurians came to Lemuria to hold the keys for rebuilding the universes. These keys, are also called ‘codes.’

These codes were treasures as each code connected into the Crystalline Grid. Each Lemurian worked together with collective love and together they created a vortex of energy which magnified upwards to build the larger NEW UNIVERSES. This was to be the new creation.

To fully establish the new universes, a great test of consciousness of balance first needed to be settled.

I, METATRON, also insisted on it, along with Thoth, Yahweh and the dark resistance, as I had given the Lemurians codes of the darker universes also, to allow the choice to happen. This was the choice between CAEAYARON’s Universes or my, METATRON’s, Universes. The Lemurians would make the ultimate choice as to who would gain the power.

Either the Lemurians would rise into CAEAYARON’s Light Grid Universes, or they would be held within my METATRON universes, which you also know as the METATRON CUBE.

In my METATRON universes, Thoth and Yahweh would be able to create many of their own dimensions and universes, should the Lemurians opt for the universes that Thoth promised. He promised the Lemurians: service, worship, freedom, riches, immortality, power and worship from angels.

This the Lemurians desired very much, and when the greater balance of the Lemurians fell, they fell away from the collective universal codes, and thus you fell into my METATRON universes, or METATRON CUBE, where it was programmed that you, on the earth plane would be in the light and the dark, 50/50, as that would feed the darker universes.

Thoth desired the Lemurians and he saw it as a treasure in a bag. Here I, METATRON would like to describe the image to you, and you will see how it relates to Lemuria.

What Thoth desired was the Crystalline Grid, as it was known that the Crystalline Grid held all the power of all the universes, and whoever could own that Grid, would own the universe.

As the Lemurians were connected within it, it seemed an easy task for Thoth. I, METATRON also desired to own the Crystalline Grid, as then my power would rise beyond CAEAYARON’s and I would have the three Light Grid Programmers to control the entire creation universe. To do that, I needed Thoth and Yahweh to connect to the Lemurians.

The Lemurians were intelligent, but to Thoth they seemed innocent as they did not understand the denser universes, or the knowledge. They were intelligent and grasped his knowledge quickly. Thoth admired their intelligence, but did not like the way they thought, as he thought they were childish.

He did not understand that their childishness, or innocence, was the reason as to why they could hold so much power together.

Once they came into the fear energies and were connected into his energy systems with the merkaba system, they lost that innocence, and drifted away from the collective love, and thus they could not create what Thoth desired to have.

When the Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer, LAEYARAESEA, was instructed to release the Lemurians from the Crystalline Grid and all the codes of the universe to prevent the love universes from falling further as all was connected into Lemuria, the Lemurians had no more power. They were considered to be useless to Thoth. This caused woe to Thoth as Thoth had connected all of his creation, including the Lemurians, into his being.

The reason why he connected all into his being, including his creation, including the Lemurians, is because he believed that he could take over the Light Mountain and Light Ship of CAEAYARON and become more powerful and take over the universe together with my Being, METATRON. The Divine Love Element he had caught within his net and he believed now he had the key of immortal life.

Thoth was very, very mistaken, and when the Lemurians fell, all his creation fell.

What you see here in the image is Lemuria and the way it was set up. Three waves of light to set up Lemuria and to come to the Lemurians. These three waves of light were the three sacred Light Grid Programmers of CAEAYARON, especially programmed to help the Lemurians upwards to rebuild the universes once again.

Before they would be ready to go up, I, METATRON, stated that the great test needed to be placed inside of Lemuria, as the Lemurians had come from the universes previously, who had fallen to the darkness many times over.

This was why Lemuria was the last opportunity to rebuild the universes. It was decided, should they opt for the light of CAEAYARON, they would all go upwards and no more darkness would exist. I, METATRON, would then resign from the darkness also, and build the greater universes with CAEAYARON, as I was created to test out to see if the darkness was stronger than the light because of Thoth and Yahweh and the dark leaders constantly resisting the greater universes.

Because of the great resistance, I was created, because when anything is queried or rises in the Divine Creation, CAEAYARON, DIVINE JUDGE, desires all things to be proven, otherwise creation cannot move forward and all things become volatile and fall down again and again, as universal history proved it to be so. Many times the universe rose and fell. Each time the darkness rose, it took more light along with it, until finally, nothing could be rebuilt.

Many in the star love realms, claimed Lemuria to be a 'miracle of the greatest love,' which was allowed to happen because all ways to bring balance was gone and lost.

Understand that CAEAYARON is the Mountain of Light, and he is the eternal Divine Aligner, and his task is to align all cosmic universes to the great Divine Truth. I, will state once again, I, METATRON, AM no longer part of the dense universes, and I work now with the GREAT CAEAYARON, as THOTH and the Yahweh energies have lost the battle. I am now working with the Universal Light Grid Programmer to explain why the pain upon your plane, and why the denseness in the universe, and to bring Divine Alignment to you, also, if you desire to reconnect to CAEAYARON with the Divine Activation Healings. I am here to help you make the choice of which way you desire to go now.

The Three Light Grid Programmers, in Lemuria, worked with CAEAYARON, to bring the Lemurians into higher rays and codes. These three were, REUBEN, harmonic flows, LAEYARAESEA, Divine Love Element, and ISHMAKAEL, Sacred Light Geometry. These three worked hard for the Lemurians. Only one is with you, as many of you know, which is LAEYARAESEA, who is this channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

Know that in Lemuria the wisdom and the greatness was hers, and Thoth desired that with all his might and imprisoned her with the Lemurians within the mirrors so that he could contain the light for his own universes.

Now it is being reclaimed by her, which is why Thoth did not desire the Lemurians to awaken to the light; as too much light would awaken the Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, and Thoth would then lose all his universes.

These three Light Grid Programmers are shown here within the circles (as blue stars). Each Light Grid Programmer carried the rays from the highest star love creation and came from a universe called the Blue Creation Universe. They brought down flows from CAEAYARON to bring it into the Lemurians.

The Divine Love Element sat on top of CAEAYARON’S light mountain, or light pyramid, as shown with the light triangle within the image you see. This pyramid grew stronger as the Lemurians grew stronger. Many star beings also came from the higher spaces to work with stabilizing the pyramid of the Mountain of Light, and thus the Lemurians worked with very high star frequencies.

High Star Beings placed their creation codes into the mountain of light, into the Divine Love Element, to connect all Lemurians to the higher star dimensions, and in this way all was connected, ready to take the Lemurians upwards.

This was like a light ship. The light ship of the Holy Mountain of Light. In the centre you will see a vortex (green) which symbolized the healing flows and the great protection of the Lemurians. Lemurians were greatly protected by high star beings and high star rays as they carried the codes from the higher love universes.

When Thoth came into the land of Lemuria, with his team of leaders who turned many millions away from the Mountain of Light, Thoth and the darkness stated that the Lemurians were held prisoners because of the great protection walls around them, to keep the Lemurians in the high healing flows. This, the Lemurians believed, and when many disconnected from the healing vortex all their DNA vibration fell deeply into the denser universes where you exist within in your dimensions.

The light vortex within the circle, symbolizes the Lemurians in collective love bonds. Together they worked collectively and nothing could separate that closeness, except if they desired the darkness and then they would fall away from the collective.

In this image it shows the strength of the Lemurians before the test arrived in Lemuria. Here they were almost ready to rise, and they would never know any suffering, aging, sickness, fear, anger, worry, crime, food shortages, sadness or loss, as you do now, if they had stayed strong together.

Together, as one, they carried all the codes of the universe, to rebuild it. This is what the bag symbolizes.

The handle shows the balancing scale and also the gateway upwards. It was complete and almost ready to go. It was solid, strong and sturdy.

In the bag it shows the one ingredient needed to complete the test, and that was their choice.

Because of the great test coming to Lemuria, each Lemurian was given a DNA programme, given by the Pleiadians, to allow the testing to be done. This was to show the courts that the Lemurians were free to choose.

This freedom choice was given to them, and each had also received a denser code to be part of the denser universes, should they opt for that.

If Thoth and the darkness won them over, then he would become strong with his dimensions, including his underworld, and his other darker universes, and he would be able to programme the Lemurians to bring the earth into a feeding ground for all his dark universes, as that is what they would have collectively decided.

When the great fall came, the bag of codes became part of my domain as METATRON. Now I was able to use the Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer for the darker universes, and the Divine Love Element would need to fight with all her might to gain enough strength within her to free the Lemurians.

Time would also be of essence, as the next gate to the next alignment was not too far away in the time schedule.

As she was the only being able to escape the denseness, and yet still be in it, since she is within all the light beings also, she was able to bring in more of the violet flame each time she entered earth, allowing the Lemurians to have sufficient light within their DNA to desire it, and then CAEAYARON could rise with the Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer once again, to allow the gateway to happen, to bring the Mountain of Light back again on your planet with the Divine Pineal Gland Activations, connecting the people who are activated with CAEAYARON, back into the codes within the bag, and to release them from the denser spaces forever after.

I, METATRON, cannot emphasise enough how important this time is, as I know all times. I see all times. Thoth and Yahweh have programmed your consciousness so deeply to stay asleep to Divine Alignment. Thoth has been a Master with keeping you in his tight net, and I, METATRON played along with Master Thoth.

Know all of his creation is suffering greatly as the Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer, now Universal Light Grid Programmer is increasing in strength, and the Violet Flame within CAEAYARON's activated are becoming stronger, and they, on the denser planets, cannot handle the strength of the Violet Flame.


Key to the Crop Circle:

Theme: The Light Pyramid and Mountain of Light in Lemuria

Three smaller circles on the outer edges: The three vortexes of the three Light Grid Programmers of CAEAYARON in Lemuria.

The three Light Grid Programmers came from the blue star creation universes, hence the blue stars. The vortexes were able to connect very high to CAEAYARON, to gift the Lemurians back their codes to return to the higher love dimensions. These three Light Grid Programmers were REUBEN, Harmonic Flows, LAEYARAESEA, Divine Love Element (Suzanna Maria Emmanuel), and ISHMAKAEL, Sacred Light Geometry.

Light Waves flowing down: Shows the light waves of Reuben (left) and Ishmakael (right). Reuben harmonized the codes received from Divine Love Element (The Divine Love Element on top of the pyramid of light from CAEAYARON) to allow the Lemurians to harmonize with its frequencies, otherwise the people would not be able to receive them as the programmes from the Divine Love Element were too high in vibration for the people to harmonize with. Ishmakael then brought it into the Sacred Light Geometry Codes of the Lemurians, within the Crystalline Grid, to allow the people to grow into true masters of love and expand into greater beings.

The light waves also show: Stability as it shows the light ship as if it is grounded. Lemuria was stable, and always grew at a pace that the Lemurians could hold. Each step was done lovingly and gently. It took a long, long time to build the Lemurians into strength, love and harmony.

Green circle: Shows the healing grids of love. Healing frequencies were placed within the grid, to allow the Lemurians to grow into love, strength and power, gently. Their DNA vibration rose greater and greater. They knew no sickness, aging, suffering, fear and anger consciousness. They were in peace and love and grew stronger into love. No life within Lemuria ever suffered fear.

The transmissions from the Light Grid Programmers were placed within the healing grid to bless the people. This grid also served as a protection for the Lemurians so that no darkness could come in during the time of growth. Only when the test took place was it allowed, to see what the Lemurians would opt for.

The triangle: This was the Mountain of Light of CAEAYARON. CAEAYARON’s name means Builder of Light Frequencies. His frequencies built up the Lemurians, and when the Lemurians were strong enough, they would rise, in his ship (whole image shows the Light ship of the light) to the light dimensions and no more suffering would ever have come into the consciousness of their being, had they stayed strong collectively, which they did not.

The yellow line representing the handle of the bag: Was the gateway upwards. The gateway here was strong, sturdy and balanced. It also symbolizes the balancing scale. Should the Lemurians opt for the light and love of CAEAYARON, then they would have received the greater love dimensional codes to rise. Should they opt for Thoth, Yahweh and the darkness, then METATRON would receive the codes for Thoth to play with.

The knot at the top: Shows a partially, not fully, closed knot, as part of it is on its side. It is as if it is a switch. On for the light, or off for the light. Still undecided here in this image.

The orange shape: Shows orange as this represents the choice of freedom. The choice would decide the balance hence it is shown off centre. Should the balance go to the denser knowledge universes, then the Lemurians would go there. Should the balance of the collective Lemurians go to the love universes, then they would go there.

For the choice to happen, each Lemurian was given a DNA code to allow the freedom choice to happen. This was permitted by the Divine Courts as the Lemurians, in the test, were originally from the denser universes, fallen away from the love, and the darkness insisted this choice should happen, otherwise they would say; ‘Not fair, Divine Love. They could not choose in your beautiful universes, like originally happened in the Blue Universes of the Great Love so now the same test needs to happen. What will they do now?'

Now that the Divine Pineal Gland Activations are taking place of CAEAYARON, as he called his Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, in 2014, the people who are activated at his University of Light receive their Lemurian Codes back, meaning that after this lifetime they are released from the denser dimensions of METATRON, to rise to the Light Grids of CAEAYARON and can go to the higher love dimensions.

The call is great at this time to become activated before 2020, as the people who become activated before 2020, are able to reach higher universal dimensional gates. The gateways to receive the Lemurian Light Codes at the Divine Activations of CAEAYARON are open another 14 years at this time.

The activated of CAEAYARON, receive the gift of having their human karma released, allowing them to grow into the love of CAEAYARON, and are collectively placed in a healing grid, similar to the one in the picture here, where they grow collectively together.

REUBEN and ISHMAKAEL are working with the activated. They are on the higher love dimensions to connect the activated up to the higher star love dimensions. Suzanna is working here with CAEAYARON to be the Divine Messenger, to allow the Divine Alignment to come, to allow the people to see and make the choice once again.

Without a messenger, people would be lost in the spaces and would not be able to return home again.

Always stay in the love and forgiveness, rather than in the pain. Let’s celebrate the light returning, and embrace it always with our hearts.

Namaste, sending you much love, light, flows of forgiveness and healing, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

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