Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

‘Field of Consciousness,’ Crop Circle discovered at Cherhill Downs Wiltshire UK , 23 July 2016, Translated by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel   with the Guidance of the Galactic Federation of Light Chief Commander and Spokesman for the Universal Galactic Bodies of Light, HALISARIUS.

Namaste and I send much love to you. We are living in an exciting time called the Awakening Light Consciousness where all things are revealed as we are living in the times of the Great Choice.

The Great Choice is about understanding first of all that all is an illusion and a game, like the Star Bodies of Love have been trying to explain to us for a long time, including the Archangelic Realms, and also that we are living in a time when we can evolve upwards or choose to stay in the lower pain frequencies. It is the time when the Gateway of Light is opening before us and when we can understand how to grow into the love and by connecting in to the correct light frequencies, we can grow into great Universal Star Beings of Love once again, as we originally were.

We fell downwards in frequencies because of our consciousness. Higher Beings of Love teach us that we did not come from monkeys but that we originally were powerful beings, but because of the ‘choice’ to go into separation and ego, we fell from the Collective Galactic Love. We have been involved in galactic battles and fell down in frequencies to experience human frequencies. Now we are able to return to the Collective Galactic Love and rise upwards again, that is, if we figure out the game for ourselves and choose wisely.

Here in this image, it shows how important it is to awaken to higher love consciousness as we are creators of our own universe with our consciousness.

Nothing is more powerful than the power of our collective consciousness (what we desire to believe, or what we believe because others believe it, so is created).

The large game between light and dark is ancient. Now we need to see it within our own mirrors of illusions.

This is a very complex illusion grid. A grid created to allow our consciousness to become magnified and trapped to create more of itself.

Nothing is what we believe it to be. All are light streams. You are not real and no one else is either, but our thoughts, what we believe we are, are creating our reality. When we believe something, our brainwaves link into certain light frequencies, and it becomes our ‘reality.’

There are both dark beings (those removed from the light) and light beings and we are on this earth deciding for ourselves which side is stronger within us as all humans have both light and dark programmes.

It was so created for the ‘test’ to see which way we would choose to go. The only way to awaken to the love is with collective love and then once the awakening would begin, the test would be; would our desire to rise be strong enough to cut through all the illusions of our pain creation?

This test has always been rather challenging especially so because we have an energetic condition called ‘amnesia.’ We come here lifetime after lifetime, forgetting who we are. The beings who are in the darkness desired our amnesia more than anything so that we would never become ‘too bright,’ with our light, because once that became so, it would be ‘game over,’ for them. Their game was to keep us away from our light becoming brighter so in each lifetime they created thoughts within our thought patterns, within these grids, ‘assisting’ us to stay away from the light.

After each lifetime, they ensured our memories would be wiped clean by placing it within a ‘library,’ they could only access for their own advantage, attempting to stop us from remembering our truth. In this way they could create illusions within us, and attempting to create limited beliefs within us, all to help them become more powerful by feeding off our limited thought patterns which harmonized with their own lower frequencies.

To create a grid form they could feed from, mirrors were created which rotated within each other; each with a different light frequency, bouncing off each other. They used our brainwaves and DNA to link in with these ‘mirrors,’ to create greater thoughts, which were our own thoughts. All they needed to do was to introduce certain thought patterns to our lower selves, and then it all became enhanced, which was not difficult for them if they introduced fear within us. Fear creates all other frequencies of pain as all is created within our own consciousness.

The darkness needed our denser thoughts to run riot here on this plane as it fed off the darker thoughts. The dark beings, or those who have removed themselves from the light, can only harmonize with our darker, denser thoughts.

Our darker, denser thoughts are: fear, disharmony, separation, ego worship, love of material things, lack of love for others, anger, sickness, war, poverty and such like. This is because darkness (being removed from light) can only resonate with those frequencies. It cannot resonate with the love frequencies which are also within us as they, the dark beings, could never remove the love strands from us as our love within us is stronger than all their darker ways.

But how could they introduce these denser thoughts that we could resonate with? By imprisoning the many star beings in the universe and torturing them, gridding their thoughts and frequencies, and then placing those thoughts within ‘prisons.’ Then placing them in entry points within the grid where we are kept, and placing the pain frequencies within the dark mirrors which we can resonate with more easily than the light frequencies.

To build power for their own universes they created grids linked to their own universes. Mirrors magnify all consciousness. If there is pain and fear within us, mirrors of illusion will ‘catch’ the frequencies and increase its voltage to bring more fear within others and thus a power machine for the darkness is created. They ‘catch’ these frequencies and syphon it off and store it. We have been doing this for them, unknowingly, for many, many thousands of years on this plane alone.

Darkness cannot harmonize without light power. Without light they die. The only light they can ‘catch’ is from our human light bodies. Our light bodies were created to evolve upwards originally and thus we can reach the light and give more life to the darkness as long as our fear and pain is held in the balance. How can we reach out to this light? By accessing the gridded in light from the light frequencies from the captured star beings, as we resonate with those frequencies also.

The darker mirrors reduced the light frequencies.

This is why fear and anger consciousness is more beautiful than all things to the darkness and they call this the ‘great balance,’ because it is only in the balance they enjoy feasting from our energetic frequencies.

To create this ‘balance,’ and to keep the people away from desiring the light too much, they also need people to have ‘hope,’ to keep the light inside of them as without ‘hope’ consciousness, all light goes, which means death for them, so the darkness needed to create a balance within human consciousness.

To keep the balance, they needed to give hope and fear at the same time. Some proven tools have been religion, as this has given them a hope in a ‘savior’ and fear (in hell) at the same time. Many wars have been created and many, many thousands and thousands of people have died over this ‘tool,’ thereby creating incredible energetic power for the darkness to create more pain with in their universal illusions.

Another powerful ‘tool’ they used was progress with science and medical ventures. They desired disease and poverty within the people, but still they needed to create the ‘hope,’ and ‘stimulation of the mind,’ and ‘willpower’ within the people to strive forward.

Educational systems has been another powerful ‘tool.’ Educational systems forces people to conform to their standards without reaching within their higher wisdom using a fail/pass standard, keeping the people limited, while giving the believe they are striving forwards, with the knowledge that the people are learning the same information through school systems, lifetime after lifetime again.

All to maintain that fine balance. Forgiveness of all these things will break the frequencies of the darkness, and learning to love ourselves and each other stops these frequencies from becoming greater.

Love beings teach us to transform our pain and fear in the highest love frequencies to create more love within us. Once we become ‘activated,’ with CAEAYARON, our Violet Flame DNA power rises within us significantly to allow our own transformation to happen, and therefore CAEAYARON states that we are away from the human consciousness because once you are activated you are in a ‘healing grid,’ learning New Creation Consciousness.

Throughout the last few decades alone the people desired to understand the light consciousness within themselves and thus more light came to this plane. The mirrors became brighter and brighter, shining into the darkness. The Violet Flame was the only flame throughout all the ages which could cut through the pain grids, and now it is strong enough on our plane to allow all consciousness to change, if enough people desire the higher love transformation to happen at this time.

As this image shows, the light is becoming brighter and brighter on our planet because the light within the light mirrors are shining brightly. Throughout the last few decades people desired to understand much more about light-thought consciousness. Thus we can state that our light programmes have won, and now because of the stronger healings taking place upon the earth, our light consciousness can begin to truly transform the darker frequencies by helping people to understand the power of collective love consciousness and how powerful they are as creator beings collectively.

When we as people reach out for the light, we bring more light to us. We are the ‘light bringers,’ because that is the power within our ‘collective consciousness mind.’

The darkness can no longer feed off our energies any longer as there is too much light within the mirrors. It is true that they are still continuing to fight within our consciousness. It is true there are still great pockets of pain within the frequencies, but the light is much more powerful than all darkness and therefore it is fracturing and hurting the darkness.

⭐Key to this Crop Circle:

⭐Theme: Field of Consciousness, a teaching that all thoughts are trapped to create more thoughts.

⭐Yellow: Light mirrors to magnify consciousness. Here in this image it shows the mirrors of light consciousness is strengthening greatly as more light is within it. People are reaching out for the change of consciousness to happen. One person awakening and reaching out to the light is incredibly important as the ability of the darkness decreases to work with the ‘dark thought’ mirrors and more light comes into the light mirrors.

⭐Dark triangles: Are the darker mirrors, containing the denser thoughts of pain and anger aiming to stop our light programmes within us to grow. What we believe in so it is magnified more.

The darker energies will always reduce the light frequencies.

⭐The light circles on the edge: Trapped light frequencies of star beings which we are able to tap into. According to the teachings of CAEAYARON and HALISARIUS, during the many star battles, the darkness imprisoned many star beings and tortured them to create more pain to power up their own universes. They trapped their light frequencies to allow us to tap into them. Because of the torture the darkness created within the star beings, the dark beings were able to place their pain within the dark mirrors. The light magnified it to allow us to feel the ‘realness’ of it, thereby we created it, magnified it more, to create more energy to come to the darkness.

Because they, the imprisoned ones, are part of our star dimensional selves, we are able to resonate within these frequencies, both light and dark, however, the darkness also knew that if we desired the light enough, we could resonate with their light frequencies and the whole game could be reversed upon our plane, meaning their game would fall apart and then they would need to surrender to the light as it would be game over for them.

Both CAEAYARON and HALISARIUS have stated very clearly, that by becoming activated with the GREAT CAEAYARON now, we can receive our Light Lemurian Codes back and therefore many star beings can become freed from their imprisonment. By studying this grid form, we can more clearly see how freeing star beings from their imprisoned states, will free our consciousness also.

⭐Mirrors: Each mirror reflects and magnifies waves of consciousness. It bounces off beams to other illusions to create greater illusions.

Our dimensional plane is not what it seems as we are caught up in time illusions held within the grid spaces. For instance, we believe that we live in linear time but we do not. All things, in all times, still exist and we can tap into them to create more. For example, when we try to remember the pain of our world wars in the past, we are linking into those frequencies which are still in existence today because they are held within our consciousness to allow more war to be created.

We do not understand the power of our consciousness together. Building the love consciousness on our plane is stronger than all pain frequencies.

We are in a game after all. A dimensional illusion. Which dimension do you desire to grow with more?

Namaste, I send you much love, joy, awakening and light frequencies, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel 

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