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‘The circle of infinite spiral light consciousness’ – translation of crop circle discovered at Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire, UK - 20 June 2008 by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤

Namaste and welcome to another insight on crop circles. All circles are codes to see if we are ready to look within greater, for all is within us and nothing is outside of us. All relates to our deeper consciousness, for we are connected to all consciousness.

All crop circles are mathematical equations and many reflect the sacred geometry of our grids from different intersections helping us to understand the greater dimensions we are involved in.

This crop circle shows our greater consciousness from all angles for we are here to figure out what consciousness is, what love consciousness is and what fear consciousness is, what anger and pain consciousness is because it is with consciousness we create our dimensions.

This circle shows how important the consciousness of our existence is because the consciousness we hold, individually and collectively, creates more of it.

Over the past few lessons, the lessons have been about our games and our puzzles of our lives, how we can transform our lives into more beauty, love and wisdom.

Here in this crop circle we are asked to go deeper into our greater consciousness. We are invited to look within our deeper self, our greater self, to see us from a whole other perspective.

For a moment if you can imagine yourself within the crop circle and see this machine, moving and rotating. If we could see what the star beings truly wanted us to see it would be shown as a hologram, not an image in a field.

Our greater consciousness exists on higher realms. It constantly evolves and progresses forward to greater thinking, greater discovery and higher angles of learning.

We are part of something so great and so deep. We are far from only human living only one lifetime for we constantly learn to become greater, to think greater. In each lifetime, our higher consciousness desires to know how this works and how that works.

It desires to grow in all ways, masculine and feminine, looking at all perspectives. It rotates, again and again transforming, working, collecting, observing and learning. It wants to discover fear consciousness, struggles, anger, love, happiness, and thus the inner struggles we have, creates greater growth for our higher consciousness levels.

Time is unlimited in the greater spaces. We are infinite beings and the greater our greater consciousness grows, the greater our purpose upon our plane becomes.

It wants to understand truth, love, power, how one loses power. All things must be examined to evolve.

At some point, if you can imagine the machine in the middle rotating, there will be two fishtails meeting each other and the greater light surrounds it. This is when major shifts happen in our greater consciousness. We then move on to greater soul purposes.

As we advance, the blue shading becomes purple and we climb in dimensions, leaving the ‘elementary’ learning behind and discovering greater projects for higher dimensional learning.

The half circles around on the outer edges of the circle also spiral around, constantly moving, constantly investigating, constantly creating higher life, higher thoughts and learning higher lessons.

The circles on the outer edge show our many lifetimes. Many lifetimes are collected and connected within the circles and create one group of lessons for the greater soul consciousness to learn from. All lessons push towards higher evolution.

All our journeys are lessons and our greater soul consciousness desires all to be looked at from male aspect and female aspects.

The goal is to create more light, more love, more knowledge, more power to climb into the higher dimensions.

Namaste, sending you much love and light, always, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤

Keys to the spiral consciousness crop circle:

Yellow in the middle of the circle: Shows flows of consciousness constantly being looked at, gathered, balanced, learned from, looking at all aspects for growth.

Blue: Shows flows of deeper investigation and deeper situations to allow greater consciousness to expand. It turns and twists and rotates to allow greater growth within consciousness to take place. All experiences in all lifetimes lead to higher knowledge and consciousness. Growth is infinite.

The blue becomes purple the greater a soul advances.

Green shading: Our consciousness is constantly being healed and nurtured as all aspects are healing and growth for the greater consciousness to occur. Nothing is judged in the greater dimensions. All is free to investigate. It helps us to appreciate we are complete within ourselves.

Outer circle – yellow: Constantly the half circles rotate, allowing all things stored to be looked at, to be applied for greater use. It constantly connects to the circle in the centre, collecting higher information. It gathers and connects and stores it in the grid system, in the akashic records, to be explored and discovered greater.

The small circles on the outside of the circle show the unlimited lifetimes we have as all lifetimes are stored within the akashic records for further exploration. These lifetimes are from all dimensions and all dimensions constantly seek to learn from each other. Thus our growth is totally unlimited.
❤ ❤ ❤