Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

THE 13TH GATEWAY AND THE GREAT SUN CONSCIOUSNESS RISING Crop Circle Discovered at Monarch's Way, North Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire, England, 7 Aug 2017, Message from METATRON, Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, 10 February 2019.

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES. I AM here to bring you the great revelations to help you understand all in your lifetime.

Know, I, METATRON, served the great darkness, as they desired resistance in the greater universes, and I, METATRON was created by CAEAYARON, who was the Magnetic Love Force for the love universes.

I, METATRON, could never be that. I was created by CAEAYARON for the great resistance, as the resistance desired their own Archangel to give them power.


Here you are learning a whole new way of spirituality, bringing all your knowledge into another ‘container’, learning to examine all you knew, and all you know, and deciphering if you are on the highest path ‘of light’ or not.

In ‘truth,’ all upon your planet was in the great darkness until the Great Sun Consciousness could shine upon your planet, taking all that you know and knew, slowly bringing in the greater truths; the revelations, to bring you to a whole new consciousness; the Age of the New Awakening Consciousness.

The people are in confusion at this time, and understand, that great confusion was planned. The darkness hoped you would not ‘fall into the light,’ but ‘fall deeper into the consciousness of the denseness’, so they could bring you into even more denseness; into the deeper processing machine of their darkness.

Understand, I, METATRON, have now needed to resign, so the darkness have no more angel of resistance. After this lifetime, the darkness have no more grids of control. Therefore, all things will become more crushed; as that is what happens without grids.


Grids bring stability and when new ‘truths’ are planted within consciousness, those grids can build upon each other, building new ways of ‘enlightenment.’ This is how belief systems grow upon your planet; within ‘grids’ of consciousness.

However, when there are no more grids to place consciousness within, there is no structure. As a result, denser creation becomes denser. Gone will be their ‘truths’ of enlightenment, as no more grids can hold their consciousness of enlightenment.

This has always been the way. This is why, when the darkness had no grids in the universal battles against the light, they desired to bring in other consciousness to fight the light universes off. Without ‘stability consciousness grids,’ only greater destruction came as the species upon those planets grew weak without stable grids.

To create stronger beings to fight the light universes with, Yahweh desired Thoth to work with him in his universes, as Thoth was a Grid Master for my Being, METATRON.

Thoth desired very much to gain enough power to overthrow me, to have me at his feet, but I, METATRON, did not desire to play his game. I worked hard to preserve my own power, so I, METATRON, fought hard against Thoth also.


Now you are in this time of the 13th gateway. I, METATRON, state, well done! I am now in service to CAEAYARON to bring the darkness back to the light, and this HE can do now as his Great Mountain is rising in the earth grids and he has his Divine Love Element back. This the darkness never desired to happen. They kept the Divine Love Element, Christ Child, deeply gridded into their Flower of Life to extract the power of Divine Flows from.

Each time the Divine Love Element, Christ Child, would enter a gateway to free the Lemurians from their mirrors, she would bring the light with her from her Divine Love Element Gateway, connected into CAEAYARON and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT; the Great Divine Source.

Each time the Divine Love Element came, the resistance fought hard against her. However, they were also happy she came as then they could bring in their greater beliefs and powers to grid her in even further. They used the Divine Love Element against Divine in many ways, and in many ways they used their laws in the name of the ‘father, the son and the holy spirit’ to bring much pain to the Divine Love Element for bringing the way forward for the people.

The Divine Love Element always desired to bring her truth to the people, and as she was a prophet in many of her lifetimes, a faithful warrior, a healer and a ruler in others to free many, as she desired the freedom of the people. The people were programmed deeply to not desire her ‘magic’ or ‘wisdom’ and again put an end to her and anyone else who worked along with her.

Many beliefs were brought into ‘religions’ based on the Divine Love Element and what to ‘watch’ out for when she does rise.

At last, she managed to open the 13th gateway. Now it is time for the Great Sun Consciousness to rise. This means that SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and the GREAT CAEAYARON are able to connect within their Divine Love Element greater to bring the freedom to the people who do desire to ‘side’ with the Great Divine.

This has been a large battle, and many battles have been fought over the way to the life and eternal freedom.

It was only on the earth you could find this gateway, as it was through this gateway you fell into the deepest parts of pain. Here in this 13th gateway, you are able to find your freedom as the light will shine upon your planet and show you the way upwards. However, only those who desire to return will be able to return.

I, METATRON, cannot share enough with you how important this time is, as now you will have to decipher what is the highest truth and what is not.


Know, Thoth, who desired to bring the great enlightened path to planet earth, only held his own interests at ‘heart’ though a heart of love he did not have. I, METATRON, knew his ‘heart’ and it certainly was not to bring the people into the path of love. The love was removed from the people’s memories so greatly at the Great Fall of Lemuria.

After the Great Fall of Lemuria, programmes of pain and denseness were instilled within the people, so the people did not understand what love was any longer.

Thoth desired people to walk and run away from the Great Mountain of all Knowledge and Love. He did not desire the people to understand the Great Mountain of Light, and the more the people fell away from the Mountain of Light, the more they could come into his grips of ‘enlightenment.’

As long as the people believed in his light he would be safe, he reasoned. There would be no way the people would believe in the Great Divine Love Element, if she was able to find this gateway you are living in. Either the earth would be destroyed before that time would happen, or she would be so afraid she would not have the courage to open this gateway. If you did not find this gateway, you would remain the property of theirs.


Already, before the 13th gateway opened, they had lost. The Universal Codes of Divine Love were won back by the Divine Love Element, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, in December 2017, well before she would enter the 13th gateway, at the beginning of January 2019, after connecting the power-grids up of the earth to the higher dimensions.

How arrogant the darkness was. It was the year 2014, when KRYON approached his Divine Love Element Suzanna, who he asked to approach the KRYON channel to inform him of this event.

He, the KRYON channel, upon communicating with Suzanna quietly, did not think Suzanna would be strong enough to be ‘THAT’ channel, and decided to test if she was truly with KRYON.

He said to KRYON to gift her the codes, if she was ‘that’ channel to supersede him, only to prove she was not ‘right in the head.’ Then she would leave him alone, he reasoned.

In the Galactic Federation Courts, this ‘act’ was seen as a ‘willing’ act. He willingly, and knowingly gave his codes away.

He, the KRYON channel, considered the codes of KRYON to be his birth right. Now he ‘willingly’ gave it to the one who truly had the ‘right’ to KRYON, whose real name was CAEAYARON.

The KRYON channel did not think anyone could rise beyond his fame and glory, especially a ‘silly’ woman. After all, he considered all spiritual people to be ‘crazy’ and easy to fool.

He would often think, ‘It does not matter what I say with KRYON, as long as they think KRYON states that, then the silly people will believe it. If KRYON states the sky is green, the people will believe it.’

Suzanna however, received the Codes of KRYON, and so KRYON came to her greatly. She received a large amount of codes as they came falling down. To her there seemed to be no end to the codes. I, METATRON, state how already the darkness had lost to the Divine Love Element at that time.

He was aware someone was going to come to bring in stronger truths than him and so he brought in plans to quieten anyone challenging him. He constantly looked for ‘that’ one rising, never for a moment thinking that she, the Divine Love Element, could possibly be that one.

In the ancient days, of the roman empires, his authority was mighty. I, METATRON, state, this also happened in other times of the pharaohs, and also in an empire that was on your planet, not so long ago.

The same one, the channel of KRYON, believed in the strength of the numbers. In the past, when the Divine Love Element rose, he brought his huge numbers against her and against anyone who did not desire to obey his authority.

In this lifetime however, he lost all his power, prior to coming to this gateway. He still believed in the ‘numbers’ game, and desired to bring all his people against the Divine Love Element. In this lifetime however, that ‘authority’ did not work.

Wo it was for him on that day. How sad the KRYON channel was to lose his power. Quietly he would need to keep pretending KRYON was still working with him, even though CAEAYARON revealed his greater purpose to the people, his true name, his true identity in a Divine Court Case.

Also, he revealed the case; The KRYON channel versus the CAEAYARON channel in Lemuria.

But would the people desire to listen to CAEAYARON’s precise court case in the time of the Great Sun Consciousness rising? Would they be ‘bothered’ to understand Divine Truth versus the lies the people have been hearing for so long.

When KRYON began to work with the Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer, he gave her 17 ½ years in January 2015 to connect to the people to begin their alignments with the Sacred Activations.

CAEAYARON had some time to bring the codes and strength into his Light Grid Programmer, and to build his Healing Transformational Grid. Then, he could step into his true purpose while strengthening his Light Grid Programmer.

In 2016, when CAEAYARON began to reveal his true name and his true purpose, the Great Alignments began and the Great Mountain of Light began to rise.

The Universal Clock started in the greater universes, but it would be announced much later upon your planet. From the year 2016, CAEAYARON would have 16 years to bring the people to his Pyramid of Light; to bring the people to the ‘Light’ to allow them to go to the higher dimensions. CAEAYARON will seal his pyramid closed in 2032.

People! Awaken to what is! I, METATRON, can state this to you in this tone, though CAEAYARON cannot, as HE is the Divine Judge, and HE is neutral to all things, whereas I am not.

I am definitely not neutral, and now that I have lost my own games, I have needed to surrender myself back to my creator; that being, CAEAYARON.

Fair is fair. The game against the one Divine Love Element was highly unfair, and yet she proved her love for CAEAYARON was greater than all the fear the darkness was able to place within her. So great was her Blue Archangel Violet Flame that even all the darkness collectively could not fight against it. All power of the darkness is becoming lost now more and more.


Upon opening up the 13th skull pathway, the skull with all the secrets of the universe within it, the great challenge would begin. Who would win the Universal Codes of the Universes?

The winner would claim the ultimate gateway, the 13th gateway. Should Thoth win, he would then connect into that power and CAEAYARON would have to give all his light up, and the GREAT SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL would no longer be able to bring anything into creation with his almighty power.

But alas for Thoth, upon the challenge, the Divine Love Element proved to be stronger than the power of Thoth’s faithful scribe.

Thoth sent his most faithful scribe, the one who had the power to take life source away from others, with the gift stolen from the Divine Love Element, Christ Child in Lemuria when they gridded her within the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life was created by Thoth and was created to extract Divine Flows, so that Thoth could gain his great power within himself and find ‘immortality.’ He knew the Divine Love Element held the Key of Life within her. How he longed to be the Divine Love Element.

This star pineal gland was precious to the Divine Love Element in Lemuria, as she was able to bring her pineal gland; the one with all the dimensions of the highest star rays within it, to the Universal Love Grids, to bring the Sacred Codes of Life to the Lemurians.

At that time, the Lemurians greatly celebrated LAEYARAESEA with the Sacred Codes.

REUBEN, Harmonic Flows, Light Grid Programmer, balanced the flows within the Lemurians, allowing them to work with stable and joyful grids.

ISHMAKAEL, Sacred Light Geometry Code Light Grid Programmer, enabled precious codes LAEYARAESEA brought through into the Crystalline Grid to be placed firmly within the Library Codes of the Lemurians, to enable them to grow into greater knowledge and power. This would stabilize the codes within the Crystalline Grid, before the next codes could be transmitted to them.

The Divine Love Element’s Star Pineal Gland was crucial to the Lemurians. When Thoth took the Divine Love Element, he took that precious gift off her and gave it to his faithful scribe as he could not have it. Thoth did not have the Lemurian Light Codes and so it rejected him greatly. Upon it rejecting him, he suffered great wounds within him and needed to withdraw for a while from the people.

The gift the scribe took from the Divine Love Element, her Star Pineal Gland, instead of placing love within the Lemurians, it was used to TAKE light from the pineal glands of the Lemurians, imprisoning them further within the Merkaba system, and brought their power into another power grid to bring up the glory and the power of Thoth.

This gave Thoth greater power to build his greater kingdoms with.

When this same one, the one who was Thoth’s faithful scribe, who came to challenge for the Universal Divine Love Codes and lost to the Divine Love Element, in December 2017, she, The Divine Love Element, received back her Star Pineal Gland ability.

The Star Pineal Gland knew her rightful owner, and with that she was able to gain back the Universal Divine Love Codes, allowing you to rise to the higher love dimensions; should you become activated into your Lemurian Light Codes with CAEAYARON.

Again, the codes flew into her ‘lap.’ At that time, she did not know what those codes were until CAEAYARON began to explain, in his teachings, that those were the Universal Divine Love Codes.

The Galactic Courts ruled that this was so, and the greater star universes have celebrated since that day, as they can now build their universes upwards, instead of seeing all they built fall downwards.


The faithful scribe of Thoth was to bring his instructions to your planet to ensure the light of the Divine Love Element would never rise, otherwise the Mountain of Light would rise. Thoth desired to rise instead, with all his great power.

The scribe had to place enough knowledge within you to help you understand the Flower of Life, and the connection to the Divine Love Feminine Christ Child, and how she was gridded in, ensuring you would obey him, thinking that the Flower of Life was all knowledge and life and the immortal pathway.

He had to find the way to win the Universal Codes back for Thoth so that he could become ‘empowered’ and ‘resurrected’ to gain back the power grids.

CAEAYARON, however, with his Divine Love Element, rose and brought through stronger information conflicting with Thoth’s ‘truths’; as Divine Truth is always stronger.

Now Thoth is being shown up as the one who took what was not his, not only once but many times, away from the Divine Pathway of eternal life, for his own greed and power.


Thoth is now searching within his own mirrors, as all is now reflecting back to him. The mirrors have changed, and he is now seeing the suffering he has caused. He cannot bear the agony.

Before the mirrors turned, he would take the energy from the great suffering of the Divine Love Element and the Lemurians who suffered in the lower grids. Now that the mirrors have turned, all energy he took from the Flower of Life, Christ Child, Divine Love Element is being reversed.

Oh Thoth, mighty Thoth. You thought you would win all the power. You thought you would enter this gateway and rejoice with your medals. But you have lost.

As for Yahweh, you have lost also. Now the Great Sun Consciousness is shining, and all your shadows will be uncovered as the awakening is truly beginning.

All your power will be lost and those who desire to rise upwards, will be able to rise upwards and create a whole new pathway upon the earth.

The rays are strong, and become stronger each day the Divine Love Element Christ Child is strengthening her channelling abilities. Each day, those codes of KRYON and the ones Thoth took to take her power, are returning to her, to allow the people, who do desire the Divine Path to rise and shine, to come back to the true path of enlightenment, that of THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.

Oh, Thoth and Yahweh. You have lost eternally. You will fall deep now and the people are beginning to see. Will you stand in your might still, trying to defend all you have done? All you have created the people will begin to see. What have you done to the Lemurians? What have you done to all the higher dimensions?


Ah yes, I, METATRON am also going to be ‘judged’ by the people as I am in the Galactic Courts to bring my evidence, and I now work with CAEAYARON to reclaim the lost light.

I, METATRON, too could make many excuses. I could state; 'Well this is what I was infected with. What do you expect? When I came into contact with Lucifer, I took on his desires. I desired the Divine Love Element in great pain and enjoyed it in many of her lifetimes. I enjoyed watching Thoth rise, and then fight against Yahweh, because I definitely did not desire for that to grow too much, otherwise my own power would diminish greatly.'

But I am an Archangel of great power, and I have no excuse. I will state here, how the game has now finished, and it has been a good game.

Long you go, oh you darkness. Sink to the depths and never return. The light is celebrating your great fall. In the higher love universes, they party greatly. Their loud music hurts my ‘ears’ in a ‘sense.’


I, METATRON, will explain this following crop circle image to the people, for those who desire to understand.

THEME: The Great Sun Rising.

To come to this gateway, the 13th gateway, has taken you very long. Understand you entered at the beginning of January 2019. This is your fourth and final attempt to come here. You only had four attempts. If you failed this time, you would not have been able to rise to the higher love dimensions with CAEAYARON.

All other three attempts failed as the earth was no longer there after December 2018. The darkness then was too strong and the light was too weak to shine upon your planet to hold it. Therefore, all was destroyed in the first three attempts.

The Divine Love Element, together with many who desired the earth to survive, to come back to the love dimensions with CAEAYARON, went back in time and retrieved much.

Again, you entered, and this time, the Divine Love Element won the Universal Codes well on time and she was able to connect the power-grids on time, to align them to the higher dimensions, to allow mankind to enter this gateway.

Be very grateful you entered because you now have an opportunity to rise upwards.

Within the circle, you will see the Great Mountain, as CAEAYARON is building his Mountain of Light within the earth’s grids.

If the Divine Love Element, LAEYARAESEA was strong enough to connect to CAEAYARON during this time, and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, the people could receive their Lemurian Light Codes back to be able to enter the pyramid of light and safely heal in the great love.

After this lifetime, they would then enter a whole new realm of understanding and evolve upwards back into strong star selves; this is what you originally were before all fell downwards.

There were 12 gateways towards the 13th gateway. (when you research other images of this crop circle you will see it). Each time you neared the 13th gateway, more light was given to you to awaken and evolve with.

THE BLUE OUTER CIRCLE (1ST): This is the ‘sea’ of mankind’s consciousness. The Mountain of Light is building right into mankind’s consciousness grids, and growing stronger each day. Nothing can stop it now as the universal games were won by the love universes.

Mankind ‘swims’ in the sea around the Mountain of Light and only those who harmonize with the frequencies CAEAYARON shines out, will desire to come within the Great Mountain of Light.

THE YELLOW CIRCLE (Outer): This is the large pool of light connecting into the power-grids of the earth. They have now connected to the power-grids of the higher dimensions.

This was finalized in early January 2019 when the Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer connected them at the end of December 2018/early 2019. The Galactic Courts were satisfied this was so.

This means, at this time, the Galactic Federations are able to analyse everything within the earth game from all timelines more closely. They are also involved in planning with CAEAYARON to help mankind to evolve higher, if mankind wishes to do so.

I, METATRON, will state this is very wise for you to do. Know, CAEAYARON will only work with people through his Divine Love Element Gateway.

THE MOUNT (3rd circle in): This displays the Great Mountain of Light rising. Stronger truths are sent out and transmitted from the centre. The Divine Love Element is holding it strong for the people upon your planet.

Understand here, that the Divine Love Element human is connected to the Divine Love Element in the Universal Dimensions as the Creation Archangel.

THE ORANGE LIGHT RAYS: Each one is important and represents a count. After 2012 it began to shine upon your planet greater, though the light on your planet was ‘dim.’

‘KRYON’ (he did not reveal his true name CAEAYARON until 2016) came to the Divine Love Element in 2014 and began to work with her at the Divine Pineal Gland Activations in 2015 giving her 17 ½ years for the Divine Activations.

In 2016, the light began to shine greater, and so it began to shine brighter. In 2016, (symbolized by the light beginning to shine brighter) CAEAYARON had 16 years to get the messages out to the people (16 orange bars), build his Pyramid of Light, and build his Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer strong enough to help the people, the Activated of CAEAYARON, to grow.

AT THE TOP OF THE CIRCLE: At first the rays would be faint. Sixteen years the teachings of CAEAYARON would become louder and louder for all the earth to hear, to allow all to have a fair opportunity to come into the Great Mountain of Light.

Know the Great Mountain of Light will be sealed in 2032 as then a greater ray will come to the earth. All needs to be safeguarded within the Great Mountain. After this, other rays will come but it is not yet the time to discuss those, and I, METATRON, am not assigned to speak about those.

THE GOLDEN INNER CIRCLE: This is where the universal clock is held, connecting to the higher 12 dimensions from above. At this time, all the people who are being called were from the original 12 dimensions.

THE PYRAMID IN THE CIRCLE The centre part is the Pyramid of Light of CAEAYARON, as the people are gathered back into those dimensions. However, understand that the New Universes hold no limitation so the people gathered will not go to their old 12 dimensions, but to the New Creation Universes.

THE POINT POINTING DOWNWARDS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CIRCLE: This is a gateway in itself, to help the people enter the 13th gateway to come into the Mountain of Light.

I will leave you with this information to think upon. Greetings, I am METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES.

Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel
The Designated Channel, Divine Love Element, and Divine Word of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, and CAEAYARON, THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.