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 Theme of the Crop Circle: ‘The Building of Thoth’s Master Reign Creation,’ Discovered at Devizes, Wiltshire, UK, 1 August 2013, Translation given by METATRON, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element of CAEAYARON (also known as KRYON, though KRYON never was his true name according to CAEAYARON).


I send you peace and love. I send you the great awakening flows, as the great ‘Light’ now upon your plane and in the universal alignments has been completed.

I, METATRON, played a large part in the Great Forces of Resistance, and for this you will need to come into great forgiveness as I played the Angel of Light and Enlightenment, as the Darkness grew within the Great Rebellious ones, and I, who became contaminated with their thoughts and ways, also began to desire the great power for my Being, METATRON. My part in the Great Resistance was agreed upon in the greater universes; as many times the universes fell into greater despair and loss because of the darkness growing within the hearts of star beings.

You are now in a time of making the great choice. I, METATRON have surrendered to the GREAT CAEAYARON, as I made an agreement with the Universe; should the Light win back the Universal Divine Love Codes of Creation, I, METATRON, would align myself with the higher purpose and cleanse the part that became contaminated to help all to rise; as I, METATRON, hold great power and force.

I became the Angel that was used by Master Thoth when he desired to overrule the universal agreements, together with his creation and his friend; ‘The Discoverer of all pain and darkness within the universe’; which was part of your human consciousness; the Yahweh frequencies. Together they created rulership in many universes. Again, I, METATRON ask you to go into the deep forgiveness, as all humans upon your plane played a part in the game.

I, METATRON would like to explain the universal game more, as you can see a crop circle image of the game greater.

As you know, for those who have have an understanding of the Great Master CAEAYARON’S teachings, your planet earth was desired by the darkness as it was part of the greatest planet in the universe; that being, the Great Universal Planet of Creation, where all could become created upon. All life, which could be created upon that planet, was able to be formed and then specifically built for other planets to exist.

The great light universes had created the Great Planet of Creation, and in the time of the Great Creation, Great Star Creators built many planets to evolve together on. They created the planets with pure love from their heart, as this was their power source.

The Great Darkness desired all that power, for the Great Star Creators had large power. The Darkness, who had removed themselves from the great source of love, could not create, but only change or clone creation, for love force is the power of creation. They brought their creation down away from the love. This they did, creating many races which existed in density and pain; all to feed their master’s greater power with, to help their ‘Gods’ to grow into greater power.

Many of these beings did not desire density but grew into ever more density, so came to your planet earth, in the hope of becoming humans, as humans are the ones who can bring more light within themselves. Many achieved this, and many failed and lived in the etheric energy fields, still hoping to achieve this. Their only hope is that you awaken to what is, though many of them do not desire the Great Awakening as this is too much light for them. They suffer greatly in the great light until they surrender to the Light.

Thoth and the Great Dark Beings desired it this way. To Thoth, Light was punishment, and he did not want any of his creation to desire the Light, as that would destroy his great dominions.

When the takeover of the Great Planet came, all frequencies fell greatly within the universe. Many billions of beings, and here, I, METATRON, will even state, trillions, lost the fight to stay in the light. Many of them were captured and genetically modified by Thoth and his large crew of soldiers to enslave many.

The Light desired the Light Planet back, and hence brought Light into the Sacred Planet of Creation. The Light Grid Programmers of CAEAYARON worked hard with the Galactic Federations of Light Society, and also other universes, to bring it back. This they needed to do five times over. Five times, because in the fight of the universal battles more universes became destroyed, as each time Thoth and his Dark Beings fought the Light Grid Programmers. Dimensions within the Unvierse were destroyed, as all of creation was linked into the Light Planet.

Thus, another way came into creation, and finally the Light Grid Programmers, especially the one who had the Great Violet Flame; the Divine Love Element, brought the Great Light into the planet, and the darkness shattered much of that planet.

Part of that planet became planet earth. Earth now became the planet of Thoth’s domain, as well as the Light, when the Great Lemurians came to the higher dimensions of earth to rebuild all, as the Great Planet; now planet earth, was still connected to all dimensions. This way they could be part of the restructuring and freeing of the beings who had become the slaves of Thoth and the Darkness. The Lemurians tried to stop the great torturous pain in the universe.

Thoth could not stand the love on his domain, and fought hard to bring the Lemurians under his control, which he did with the one who had the Yahweh energies, who created the foundations of Thoth’s creations. Together they brought down the universes, as they had in the old universes, and all fell into density.

I, METATRON, worked with Thoth who desired to bring all the Lemurians into a special grid-form to allow his creation to feed from. He desired to grid in the Lemurians, who were then connected into the Power Grid, that is also called the Crystalline Grid, to link back to all the universes, so that all the universes could become part of his Great God Domain Worship. He appointed Yahweh, as God over that Dominion; promising that all creation would worship him, if all things were delivered to him; that being Thoth. That one who channelled KRYON, CAEAYARON approached in your day; but he was no longer promised to be the ultimate ruler with Thoth.

Lemuria became a foundation for building his greater universe, as Lemurians had the power collectively to bring his universe up greater. Planet earth, though it was small compared to many of his planets, was linked into a feeding grid. All the Lemurians and Atlanteans were linked into Thoth. Thoth, believed the Lemurians were not able to fall from their greatness, so linked all his creation into his being also, and thus all of Thoth’s creation became part of him.

However, all of the Lemurians fell into great suffering and many of them became murderous. They fell away from their collective love codes together and they fell many dimensions to come into human suffering consciousness.

All of Thoth’s creation fell downwards and spiralled into greater density. His creations, who were already suffering greatly, began to suffer even more, and they desperately sought a way to come to your plane. Many of them are stuck inbetween the dimensional planes.

The Lemurians who receive their Divine Codes back, with the Magnetic Aligner; CAEAYARON, are the only ones able to free them from their spaces.

As I, METATRON, begin to gift you the meaning of this image, understand that greater depth is coming to you in the future, as all is about falling into greater density. This was Thoth’s desire, to understand density and growth and then to grow into greater power collectively, with his creation. For him, his mission failed greatly.

Thoth is a remarkable being. Dark in power as he is, his patience to study creation is great. Never underestimate him. I, METATRON, have locked him up at this time, in his own trap; that being my METATRON CUBE. This is how he imprisoned my Being; METATRON, by creating a cube to stop my greater connection to the higher universes, thus, entrapping my power. He knew this was permitted and I, METATRON, had made an agreement with him that I, METATRON, would not fight back, unless he lost the game, in which time, I would return to the Great Love and work with CAEAYARON to bring all things back into the original love arrangement and beyond what was, for now greater power can come into my Being; METATRON, because of the Universal Game, which means that greater power has also been gifted to CAEAYARON, so the two Angels, both being of the same Archangel, as I, METATRON AM CAEAYARON’S counterpart, have joined to bring the Love into stronger power. This is how all grew into the universes of separation, resistance, testing, and then revival into the higher love dimensions.

In the very centre of the image you can see planet earth. To you it is a planet you call your home, but to many Star Beings, it is a library filled with ancient knowledge, as dimensions are able to be created to allow other life to exist within, upon and from it.

To create his own Dominion, Thoth, was given the power of being a Grid Programmer together with my Being, METATRON. I gave him that power as this was his great gift and desire to test all things and to bring all universes down, to allow himself to ‘walk in’ to other beings, and bring them to his planets. He could do this, and has done this.

Relatively simple to do it was for Thoth, as Thoth is a master of frequencies. First, he needed to have planet earth. Earth became part of his dimensional creation. Upon the earth he created several dimensions; on earth, above the earth’s dimensions, and also below. Each dimension has a particular function to allow the other to exist. Lemurians needed to be brought down into his dominion, and thus he allowed himself to connect to all of his creation and into the Lemurians, creating the larger centre-point.

In his lower realms, he also created the ‘light’ side and the ‘dark’ side. Those who were greater in life, he sent off to that light side, and those who were guilty, he punished and tortured them; both creating more energy for himself and his creation to live on.

These fields; bringing down the Lemurians, his kingdoms and the spirit world, gave him greater power to build upwards.

He needed many beings to overthrow the universe. Much of his genetic understanding came from the Lemurians and Atlanteans with various experiments. He created universes up higher, which you can also see in this image with vortexes. Because of Thoth’s failed experiments with much of his own creation he had created enormous suffering and viruses, which also came into the human existence; which is why mankind suffers much, because many of those errors are also part of your DNA, which Thoth implanted to keep you in the suffering to allow his greater experiment to come into existence. These ‘higher’ universes he connected to the Lemurians who were from the seven rays to allow a Master Race to come into creation.

During the Lemurian experiments, Thoth made great mistakes. He was after the perfect race to overthrow all of creation. He believed Lemurians were close to that perfect race. They were beautiful and tall, and their DNA was incredibly great.

Understand that this was also Thoth’s game, as well as the game of the highest universe to test all things out. Because Thoth had overthrown the higher love universes, again it was tested to see how strong the love within the beings were. Would they be strong enough this time to stay in the collective love after having received the dimensional codes back for rebuilding the universes; after having received the perfection within them and after understanding the Great Love once again within the universe, would they desire the highest love and light? Understand this was the Great Choice the Resistance wanted as Thoth and the Yahweh energies did not believe that love was stronger than their power.

Thoth agreed to the Lemurian Game in the Divine Courts, and asked for my Divine Assistance as METATRON and he demanded an opportunity to prove that he was stronger than all the love universes. He demanded a perfect race; one that had been purified and cleansed to allow the opportunity to be given to test out the strength. Seven rays from seven universes the Lemurians derived from, where each ray represented a Light Universe. Thoth knew the value of finding his perfect race from his Great Master; his Greater Self, who he called, ‘Father Master Thoth,’ who he communicated with in his Master Universes and who told him about the mission of Thoth. He said; ‘Find the Master race Thoth, and find the life codes. With that we will unlock all the universes once and for all, and never again will you be sent to a dimension to play small. You will find your true self and never will you forget the power of your being.’

To allow him to find the key of all of power and life, Thoth needed to use my Being, METATRON, to overthrow the Lemurians, to connect all grids up to his being, and to connect all his universes up to himself, as he believed he could connect the Lemurians into himself and all his universes to gain the Great Power to overthrow all the universes, since the Great Lemurians were connected to the Power Source, which was the sought after ‘Crystalline Grid,’ the Grid of Power and Life, where all consciousness exists within.

With that he could build his lower dimensions and his ‘higher kingdoms,’ by genetically modifying the brains of the Lemurians and Atlanteans, and connecting the frequencies of his own kingdoms to his. However, his plan did not work since the Lemurians were connected into the Divine Love Frequencies and it was the Divine Love Element, Sacred Light Grid Programmer who connected the Divine Love Frequencies of the Collective Lemurians into the Crystalline Grid.

The Lemurians were not great enough for him. He allowed himself to carry part of their DNA by experimenting on himself. He knew they had a gift where they could become a tree, or a mountain, or experience other life form. He desired that, and created a path within himself to ‘walk in’ to greater star beings. When many of the Great Star Beings came to Lemuria, he ‘walked in’ to their bodies, and imprisoned them. He genetically engineered them together with the Lemurian DNA and this race became very powerful. He created Kingdoms.

He believed that by changing their frequencies and belief system, and pulling them into his own Merkaba system, to allow his own power to grow, his own power would magnify upwards to allow his kingdoms to grow; as he had created dimensional mirrors in which all his power would magnify upwards to allow his kingdoms to become the Great Source of Power to overthrow all the Light Universes and to become the ultimate race.

Instead of creating greater power, the people of Lemuria fell away from the Great Consciousness Grid of Power and this led to great failure for Thoth. Instead of gaining power, now all Lemurians fell into the denseness and into his creation power of pain and suffering.

His Master Race, that he had created with his powerful kingdoms (which you can see in the higher region of the image) turned against Thoth. They chose not to listen to him. Instead many of them killed many of the Lemurians and many Star Beings of Love.

His great kingdoms brought energy to another path upwards, and this is what Thoth called, his 'Great Enlightenment Ascension Programme' as he believed that he could bring himself up into the Great Power without the Love, but with the great power coming from his great feeding system. He did not foresee that creation without love cannot work as a great collective together with one purpose, but will always fall away into the great separation of fighting their own leaders.

This caused Thoth much grief and pain as he agonized over his errors. The suffering of his own dimensional creation enlarged and now Thoth was forced to find other ways to find the Master Race to allow him to escape from his own dense creations. Further and further he fell into his own consciousness creation, as his own creation, including the human consciousness, fell into the fear and the pain.

Hence, Thoth became the imprisoned one and became even angrier within his being. I, METATRON, have imprisoned him to allow you to see the Universal Game for yourself. All is becoming revealed, like THE GREAT CAEAYARON always promised the Children of the Light; the Lemurian Children.

No more can it be stated that you do not understand the difference between the knowledge and the love, as Thoth and the Yahweh energies claimed. He also claimed; ‘How do you know what is power without seeing the knowledge? How do you know what light is without understanding another side? Knowledge brings you eternal greatness. Ignorance brings you blindness.’

Millions fell to those thoughts and ways in Lemuria and Atlantis.

I ask the people who have love within them to forgive all that has been and allow themselves to rise up greater. Rejoice, I say as METATRON. The light is rising and has won. I, METATRON, have surrendered to the GREAT CAEAYARON, and I AM truly grateful for this; for no longer am I held in the dense spaces of limitation. I, METATRON AM free!


 Key to the Crop Circle:

 Theme: The Building of Thoth’s Master Reign Creation

 The Crop Circle shows: How Thoth created his kingdoms and connected up his creation to himself.

 Middle Circle Centre: Shows planet earth in the centre. Planet earth would be the last testing place for the Universal Battle. The planet was sought after as planet earth originally was part of the Great Blue Creation Planet and all dimensional planes can be created upon planet earth. Earth became part of Thoth’s dimensional creation.

 The 6 circles around planet earth: Upon the earth Thoth claimed several dimensions; on earth, above the earth’s dimensions, and also below. Each dimension has a particular function to allow the other to exist. Thoth desired the humans to stay in 50% light and 50% darkness, hence showing the dark degrees of the circles. He desired the 50%/50% to catch the light from the humans to feed his dark beings. The upper semicircle circle, at 12 o’clock with the top in the dark, is Thoth’s spiritual enlightenment path.’ This allowed people to evolve, giving hope to people and more light to Thoth to allow Thoth’s feeding grid to become stronger.

 Please note that light is different from love and Thoth’s universes had no love but needed to feed from light to survive. However, Thoth’s dark creation cannot harmonize with the light so the only light they can receive as energetic food is fear tainted consciousness light from humans; as humans can receive light.

 Light ring within brown circles in centre: Shows Thoth’s feeding grid. These are main vortexes connecting to the light of the humans, allowing Thoth’s kingdoms to feed from the light of the humans, as Thoth’s creation cannot feed directly from the light, but need contaminated human consciousness as energetic food.

 The three circles at 5 o’clock: In Thoth’s underworld, which he shares with the Yahweh realms of control and power, Thoth created the ‘light’ side and the ‘dark’ side which you can see in the light and dark circle. As Thoth desired to mimic CAEAYARON, as the universal judge, he ‘measured,’ the deeds of the people stuck in his grids. Those who were ‘good’ in life, he sent off to a lighter side, and those who were guilty, he punished and tortured them; both sides created more energy for himself and his creation to live on.

 The two circles underneath the circle of light and dark: Are where all memories are held and also the mirrors of Thoth’s creation where the beings in spirit go to after life to pass on judgement. Memories and energies are stored within the mirrors to link into karmic lifelines so that spirit can be connected to the life dimensions upon planet earth.

 Depending on the life path of a human on planet earth, depends on how they were treated in the lower dimensions, and this affected how they would evolve upon planet earth in future lifetimes. This created the path of amnesia, as memories were stolen and collected for Thoth’s dominion to grow, and for his own knowledge to grow, and also for souls to be captured, as each time a being was caught in the underworld, the soul in the higher spaces would be caught into more pain and agony, thus creating greater power for Thoth and his creation, for anger is their energy with which they oppose the energy of love.

 Seven vortexes: These were Thoth’s mighty kingdoms of creation. He linked his creation to the Lemurians who were from seven rays and who were connected into the Power Grid of Life. Thoth believed this would fortify his kingdoms to build his creation upwards. Please note that there is one vortex partially hidden in the corner.

 The largest light ring and its semi-circular tiara-shaped outline within which the seven vortexes are shown: Thoth linked all of his creation into the light ring which is the grid to connect all of creation on the lower realms to his ‘higher’ creation in the vortexes. This was to allow his master creation to have energetic food from the lower realms which is ‘human consciousness.’

 The tiara: symbolizes his crowning glory of his great realms of creation.

 Please note: Like a machine all parts are in constant movement and as a metering system, on occasion the central light generated from human earth will connect with the outer ring and seven vortexes to feed them with sufficient light to maintain Thoth’s ideal light balance, providing his power generating humans were kept in the 50/50% light/dark space.

 The light, blue and red streams of energies: Shows how Thoth had connected all the streams of the universe into his own creation reign. He had caught the frequencies of the blue vortexes of expansion, and the red vortexes of contraction, allowing him to experiment on creating the ultimate feeding machine and master race to overthrow the universes. Unfortunately for Thoth, he did not understand the collective love consciousness part, and all his creation fell greatly into greater pain and denseness.

 The path at the top: Shows how an energy pathway is still connected into the pathway of Thoth. The darkness within the path shows how light without love may come in. Also it shows how the 'path' to enlightenment is a path without love.

Please know, that when people become activated with CAEAYARON, DIVINE ALIGNER, people leave Thoth's Grids. Activated people of CAEAYARON are cleansed from human karma and therefore are released. If you desire to understand more, please visit as there is so much information there regarding the Divine Pineal Gland Activations and what the Great Awakening Sun Consciousness is about.

Namaste, sending you much love, light and awakening flows of healing, and tonnes of strength for forgiveness, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Designated Channel for SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL, and Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element for CAEAYARON, MASTER OF MAGNETIC FORCES, FLOWS & ALIGNMENT.