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Expansion of our Being, becoming more of love within us, by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Explanation of cropcircle, Foxhill Liddington, Wiltshire, UK, 9 August 2015
This article was posted on Facebook Crop Circle Translator, 26 August 2016
Please look up this crop circle to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for all the hard work that has been put in over the years to awaken us. 🙂 ❤ ❤

To view the video to the actual crop circle please click on this link:

Namaste, I send much love and peace to you. Our deeper spiritual purpose is finding deeper union within us, finding our deeper truth and learning to become that deeper truth.

Ancient wisdom is always applied in deeper spirituality, not only in our universe, but in all universes, for all universes are part of the One and all universes are here to join together collectively into the flows of deeper love.

The deeper love of the universe is the deeper message from Divine, to step into deeper union with each other, for this is a deep state of love.

In all our life journeys, in finding the deeper love states, the puzzle of love and finding the higher way into the love out of our maze to become the greater butterfly with higher gifts opening, we became separated within ourselves.

This is a reflection of the universes, as many in the universe also strayed away from the light and now is the time to find the greater union again, as it also is to find our deeper union within us once again.

However, as Star Beings of love teach, it all begins here with understanding ourselves deeper.

We have become separated from our deeper selves. This is illustrated with the two circles in the crop circle.

When we were first created as Divine Beings we were one circle, filled with love and peace. There was no separation.

Our greatest task was to find deeper love, thus we chose to become separated from that Divine Love Being, bringing us into our individual singularities. It is then we began our different journeys in the mazes of our lifetimes and our deeper puzzle games.

We began this because we all desired to understand love and light greater, to become more of love and light and to step into our deeper power for the next stage of evolution.

Now however, this deeper message is to awaken and understand that we must learn to step into our higher selves again, to understand the difference between our lower self and our higher self and awaken to our deeper spiritual being.

The path now is to awaken to the deep love within us and realize we are Divine Beings.

This is when our deeper pineal gland awakens which is shown in the yellow.

Now the road is open to open us deeper, to gain greater love within us because CAEAYARON, the Great Awakening Master, is here to open our deeper codes within our pineal glands so that we can become greater light.

Our love flows will then harmonize greatly together. Our lower selves will let go more and more, to step into our higher selves greater, to harmonize with all that is high and beautiful, to allow all that is to grow into more love.

When we wake up together on this great level, it is then we can bring love to all beings here upon our plane and we awaken all that is upon our plane because we are the awakeners of our plane, because our plane is a reflection of us on the deeper levels.

All parts are there to be healed within us. All is a state of deeper reflection. When we are angry with the world it gives us a deeper opportunity for healing, for all is a reflection of our deeper love within us.

On the high Divine Levels, we have never become separated for all is an illusion. Our maze, our puzzle is all an illusion, for our deeper parts are still in the thoughts of the Divine and we are all part of the Divine.

It is for us to awaken now, to understand our deeper journey, to heal, to love and become more of love.

It is for us to understand our deeper Angelic Selves and that we are the awakeners of our plane.

The Star Beings are urging us to awaken to bring everything back to the love so that we can become greater beings of love with deeper gifts to awaken to.

It is now time for the greatest work to be done, that is to learn to love ourselves again. It is time to unite our lower selves and our higher selves and then ascend upwards, for it is then that we gain greater power over ourselves.

This beautiful crop circle shows many of us are awakening and how we are on our journey of greater awakening.

It also shows the need to awaken more to allow more love and light into our lives by awakening and forgiving all the pain and all that is created by our lower self.

When we awaken more, we gain more of our own Angelic Love within us. Our vibration lifts higher to understand deeper spirituality within us, for all is an inner journey, not an outer journey.

Like Divine says so often, this is a time, not of learning, but of remembering, for all the learning has been completed. Now we need to awaken to our deeper selves for our deeper evolution.

I send you love and light and much healing, eternally, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤

In the picture below, the colours mean as follows:

Yellow, our inner light is awakening. The greater union between the lower self and the higher self is awakened to.

It also shows our pineal glands awakening. This is why CAEAYARON is calling people to the activations to bring people into the deeper higher self. The deeper codes within the pineal awaken during the activations to bring us deeper into our codes within the Crystalline Grid to bring our flows up higher, to become stronger people individually, allowing our greater healing to take place to awaken ourselves deeper and awaken humanity.

Blue: Our lower selves. Blue is for deeper reflection and for healing, understanding that all is an inner journey to understand and reflect upon. By forgiving and releasing, we are allowing ourselves to heal.

Purple: Our higher self. Our higher self is in Divine union, always with Divine Will, that is to bring all things within us into Divine alignment, to become empowered with love to bring awakening, to bring more beauty and love to ourselves and to awaken humanity.