Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

Divine Pineal Gland Activations

A warm welcome from Caeayaron

Greetings dearly beloved ones.  I AM Caeayaron, Master of Magnetic Forces, Flows & Alignment.  Welcome to the greatest times for your Divine Love Ascension, when millions will come through the doors to the Divine and receive their Sacred Light Codes back with the Divine Pineal Gland Activations.

You dear ones, hold Sacred Codes.  These codes are like programmes that you worked hard with in Ancient Lemuria.  In those times you flowed with the great love of your being and you learned to work hard in the love collectively.

These codes hold the power to release you from these planes, allowing you to go to the greater spaces of love and joining the greater spaces of your star brothers and star sisters.  These Codes also hold the power within to bring awakening and healing to you and to your people, to bring true love and light consciousness, to ascend all mankind into love consciousness.

Together you hold much power.  Together you must awaken to what is within you.

These codes have always been held in the Sacred Crystalline Grid.  When the fall happened in Lemuria, many decided to disconnect themselves from their beauty and their love and hence the privilege to return to the stars was also removed from you.  This gave you deep unhappiness and pain, which you learned in the many thousands of years after the fall.

It is now time to connect you back to the true love frequencies.

In Ancient Lemuria I used my three Light Grid Programmers.  Reuben, Harmonic Frequencies, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Divine Love Element, and Ishmakael, Sacred Light Code Geometry.

Together they played the greatest music in Spiritual Lemuria.  The people all flowed with the love in their hearts when the three Light Grid Programmers worked together.  The people received the greatness, the blessings, the love, as long as they desired to grow into the greater flows.

I gave the Light Grid Programmers the gift to work with my Being, Caeayaron, to bring the Divine Pineal Gland Activations through to the people, especially the Divine Love Element as she always went into the highest grid spaces to bring through the greatest codes for the Lemurians which connected back to the Star Realms also.

In 2014, I approached my ancient Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and said, 'It is time to work together.'  She refused at first, remembering the deepest pain from the past.  I knew as a Divine Being, she would overcome her fear and do her work as she has always done in the past also.

Suzanna is the only Light Grid Programmer I need at this time upon your earth.  Reuben and Ishmakael are working hard with those who become activated, preparing for the Great Alignment coming.

Now, I, Caeayaron AM calling 400 million in the next 15 years to become activated in Divine Love flows.  I have not fully discussed this number yet as this number does not only come from your plane.  Much more is involved.

It is very important that the people begin to listen now as it is your time to align upwards together with the greater realms of the stars, as the Great Alignment is approaching.  You have wanted this time to come so now the gates are opening to the greatest healings upon the earth.

What will you receive during these Divine Pineal Gland Activations?  The most beautiful love frequencies you can possibly imagine and beyond what is within your imagination.  You will be placed in a healing grid where you can grow into your deeper gifts which are held within your codes.  When many are activated and placed within the grids, together, collectively, you will gain greater gifts together.

This is true collective love consciousness.  You will receive step-by-step instruction on your healing, deeper gifts, greater insight, you will learn the power of self-love, forgiveness, you will receive the stronger violet flame, as that is a great part within your codes also which are held within the deeper parts of the Crystalline Grid.

Friends, you will not want to miss these healings.  With each activation that I will carry out with my Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel into the future, and she will need to do many, many activations, you will continue to grow together as the great oneness, slowly opening your star bodies of light to reach the greater gifts. Together you will grow with your greater vibrational bodies after the activations. 

To hold the coming transmissions to bring love and peace upon your plane and to help you ascend upwards together with the star realms, I, CAEAYARON, need Star Sacred World Healers to be able to hold the sacred transmissions which are strong and loving.

I build your vibrational body into love and strength to be able to hold it.  After the activations you will build a special relationship with Spirit, and in future this will continue to strengthen.

The gifts you will receive during the activations will be great.  Imagine learning to manifest all things with Divine Love.  Imagine learning to evolve into a greater relationship with Angels to manifest love and peace in your life together with them.  Imagine understanding the great love of our being, and how you can become love.

This is what I, Caeayaron AM offering the people.  These are the most beautiful love healings you can possibly imagine and beyond.  The gates are open now. You are invited to the greatest most magnificent healing flows on your plane at this time.

Grow in strength dearly beloved.  Grow into your Lemurian Love once again.

Greetings, I AM Caeayaron, Master of Magnetic Forces, Flows & Alignment.  You may also know me as Kryon, Magnetic Services.
(Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel)