Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

‘METATRON CUBE’ or ‘POWER CUBE.’ Crop Circle at Nether Wallop, Hampshire, UK - 6 July 2010, METATRON EXPLAINS, Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON, 12 May 2018 (England)

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC SERVICES. I bring you this information as it is time to discover for yourself what it is you desire to have in the new lifetimes coming. This dimension you are living in will not be there much longer, and when I speak of a dimension, understand many dimensions can exist within a dimension, as all is part of a grid formation. Each day you shift into a different thought dimension, and collectively you build these thought dimensions into being with your thought process.


I, METATRON, AM the creator of MAGNETIC DENSITY, as this is what the Resistance desired to have. It wanted to discover greater density to bring control over many. In the light universes, control cannot exist, as control does not exist within the light. However, when light is captured within density, then density can create control, as density brings all things into imprisoned states.

I, METATRON have resigned from being the creator of Magnetic Density as the Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON has won back the power of the light with the Universal Light Codes, and thus I have now begun to work with the GREAT CAEAYARON, who is MAGNETIC FORCES to bring all things into ALIGNMENT, into the LIGHT.

You can choose to go into the ways of the light frequencies, when you begin to desire it and receive the Light Programmes back within your pineal glands, with the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT CAEAYARON, as he created these Light Programmes, whereas I, METATRON created the dense programmes.


Density is created when there are beings within the universe who desire to walk away from the love source, as no density can exist within the love source. When enough beings desire not to be in the love, then density can exist, and then masters of density can be created, each creating power with thoughts.

I, METATRON, wish to explain more to you and there is a lot to understand. The thought grids are complex, and the information itself is too complex for the human to understand, and hence, I bring it to you in parts.

Know, that all must be forgiven by the people, and many of the people will desire to stay in the dark spirituality that the Great Darkness has put into place. They do not desire the people to come to the Light Grids as then the Great Darkness cannot claim those people into their universes after this dimensional shift happens. The Light does not desire any to go to the Great Denseness, and this is why more people need to receive their light codes back with the Great CAEAYARON, but this work can only be done when the collective heart desires the higher path.

I, METATRON, connect into the collective path also. The collective path I call the ‘Enlightened Path,’ though it was never of love, for love was taken away from me by the collective consciousness, as the beings I served were far removed away from the love.

Thus, two sides rose against each other; those of the collective love, and those of the collective enlightened path. The darkness also claims to be spiritual, and the light claims to be spiritual. The darkness has created many spiritual paths, as all paths are spiritual, but only one leads to the higher spiritual dimensions, whereas the rest do not.


I, METATRON, desired people to be in my own enlightened path, which is why the cube formation is perfect symmetry for my own building purposes, though I served Thoth, who had taken the Yahweh energies into his own desired state, that of being imprisoned within the Cube of Power within my Being, METATRON.

This may be difficult information for you to understand, but here you know this cube as the METATRON CUBE, whereas I call it the CUBE OF POWER.

Although I served Master Thoth, who desired to have all the Universes for himself, and the Yahweh being, filled with envy and anger, who desired to own all the Universes also. I also served my own Being, as I desired to build power.

Building power in the dense universes is to take power from a source, whether that is star beings or humans, as all thoughts are power, and then grid it in.

This is what the purpose of the POWER CUBE is, is to grid in all thoughts, and then take energies away from it, which is what Thoth did with his Merkaba system, and took the Lemurians for his own glory and power, as the energies of the Lemurians then belonged to him, and in that way, he became the Master of their thoughts, as this is what the Merkaba is.


A Merkaba works with the ley lines of your planet. Depending on the energetic structure of the human, depends on how much of your energy is taken for the thoughts of the collective creation. This is another lesson, however it all has to do with the Power Cube, as nothing can be created in your dimensional spaces, without the Power Cube.

When the energy system of a human is plugged into the earth grids and ley lines, it can be plugged into the Power Cube and this is how energies can be transformed into energetic food, and this is how the darker universes were fed from the human energy forms for a long time.

This is why your thoughts needed to be dense, but not too dense to stop the energy flow from happening as with any battery system, a positive flow and a negative flow is needed to create a force or uniform magnetic stream to allow it to be tapped into at will, or stored when there is too much power so it can be used for future use.

Once the Lemurians desired to have Thoth and the channel of Yahweh in Lemuria, as Yahweh was his own Star Self, and this one is upon your plane at this time, also working to grid the thoughts into denseness, almost all the people of Lemuria belonged to the darker, fallen universes, and hence Thoth could create his own grids and control the grids of the denseness. I, METATRON, allowed him to do that, since Lemurians desired to have all the knowledge of Thoth, and thus they fell into the trap.

Had they stayed together collectively with the Light Side, this would not have happened. You would never have experienced any of the suffering, and never you would have been the energetic food for the darker universes. I, METATRON, would not have been able to use you for energetic force either within the POWER CUBE, and I, METATRON, would have needed to resign from the denseness and for my own desire to be the glorious one, if the Lemurians had stayed faithful in those days.

Now, when you enter the Light Grids with the Powerful One, CAEAYARON, who Thoth feared much, then you can leave the POWER CUBE, and come into the HEALING GRID, which is the Grid from CAEAYARON. Thus, the Activated of CAEAYARON, can rise and they are no longer connected into the feeding tubes within the POWER CUBE.

Know that all things are changing now, since I have resigned from the Darkness, as the Darkness has lost the Universal Game, and all must come back now to the Light. That means, that all power within my POWER CUBE is being taken back by the Light.


Here in this crop circle, you are able to see the image of the POWER CUBE. The Light of the Lemurians was caught within the POWER CUBE. This allowed the programming to take place by the darkness, which they did. Know, the process is complex and I, METATRON AM breaking this down for you, to help those who desire to understand, understand. This learning requires your patience, as this is ADVANCED SPIRITUALITY.

The cube is a perfect formation to power up the grids of the darker universes. It is perfectly designed to constantly power up all the beings within the universes, who were given the power to bring their thoughts into your grids to bring you into their control, more than you understand.

All is an illusion upon your plane and at times they desired to have you more in the fear, so they brought thoughts into your plane to create a war or disease. Before the Great Awakening began, and before the year 2012 when the Light Portal opened to allow the GREAT CAEAYARON to return with his Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer, the darkness had far greater control over your thoughts, than at this time, as you are now in the Awakening Stage, which is what they desired you not to have.

Much of the portals to the darkness have now been cut off, and instead of them feeding the darker universes, the energy is now going back to the Activated of CAEAYARON, the higher love universes, and CAEAYARON himself, to bring power to the higher love universes, as CAEAYARON is infinite source of power for creation. CAEAYARON is THE pool of magnetic power. The greater his energy source is, the greater the star love dimensions can create love with and evolve with.


The POWER CUBE is symbolized here as units. Each unit holds thoughts of dense thoughts of the people, the light they generate, the denser thoughts of the star beings, and is programmed to be so by MASTER THOTH and the YAHWEH STAR BEING. This was programmed to be in place at the fall of Lemuria when they entered your dense grids, linked up the Lemurians to the Merkaba system and then linked it into the dense earth grids and placed programmes within it.

These programmes are symbolized by the two small circles that you see at each corner of the POWER CUBE. These programmes entered within the thought grids, to keep the people in enough dense grids to bring power into the POWER CUBE to allow them to become the glorious ones, and now they desire to keep the people away from the DIVINE AWAKENING that CAEAYARON is calling the people to, so that after the Activated of CAEAYARON leave the Grids, they can entrap the remainder. They desire all to fall into the denseness to bring control to them forever.

The power cubes are held within magnetic grids, which brings through greater magnification of the power. To bring power into a grid form, only relatively small parts of a human’s fear or anger is needed to bring it into greater power. Magnetic streams magnify it, and when people upon your earth create pain upon your plane, by collectively believing it to be, these flows from the humans can then magnify those belief systems to create it into your reality.


THOTH in LEMURIA and ATLANTIS created a unique brain structure within the people. This is for the brain circuits to be linked into the POWER CUBE to allow them to be linked to the denser universes.

The Lemurians, originally, were not connected into these grids and thus they were able to go to the higher love dimensions, after they had completed the Code System, which allowed the restructuring to be done of the Universe, as the Darker Universes had destroyed all.

However, because the Lemurian collective had fallen in previous universes, the darkness insisted on the Final Test, and so the Lemurians received a code to rebuild the darker universes, should they fall to the darkness.

If Master Thoth was able to bring the great majority of the Lemurians against the Light, then he would be able to bring the Divine Love Element, the Light Grid Programmer, LAEYARAESEA into his grids to power up himself and his beings. Which he did. He brought her into his grids, and this was his Great Flower. He used the Lemurians to grid her power in, as the Lemurians had the Divine Love Element Love within them.

The Lemurians, in this way, decided on the fate of the Divine Love Element, which in turn, decided the fate of the Universe, as now the Gateway to the higher dimensions was closed off, as the only beings who had the codes to rebuild the higher love universes, which were lost to the battles, were the Lemurians who had the codes.

Thoth desired to have the Lemurians collectively as he, himself, could not connect into the Crystalline Power Grid. He knew the Lemurians did with their codes, and hence he desired to have the Lemurians for his eternal power source. However, after they fell away from the love, the codes collapsed and no longer were they connected into the power grid within the Crystalline Grid. No longer could they give this power to Thoth. This made Yahweh very angry, and when implanting the thoughts within the grids, all Yahweh desired was revenge for his own self being gridded into the earth fields, as he was part of the Lemurian people, and all Lemurians would be held within the lower earth fields imprisoned in Thoth’s grids.

After the Lemurians fell to the darkness, THOTH could take those codes for his darker universes, and recreate it, and place those frequencies within the brains of the LEMURIANS so that they would become part of the POWER CUBE to feed the underworld of THOTH and also the darker universes.

The only way out was if the Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON, would bring sufficient Violet Flame to your planet, embedded it within the POWER CUBE, as this would serve as an antivirus system, and then you could find your way out of the cube. Then the great test would be there for you again, this time it would be, would there be sufficient love within the hearts, to return to the love of CAEAYARON, THE GREAT MOUNTAIN, or would the people be programmed so much by THOTH AND YAHWEH who had imprisoned you within the denseness, to deny the existence of the now Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, who is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, and the GREAT CAEAYARON.

Master Thoth had programmed the people well to keep the people away from the MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT. The further you were away from CAEAYARON, THE MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, the more you would be within the thought grids of THOTH. He was proud of the people of LEMURIA and ATLANTIS for falling into his WEB and he claimed you. That one who was the channel of CAEAYARON, and turned millions away, and is with you at this time also, as the channel of KRYON, but know that CAEAYARON is speaking truth to you when he states that KRYON never existed, only CAEAYARON, and that CAEAYARON is no longer using him as a channel, he also claims the spiritual people as ‘his’ people.

The choice is there dear ones. Will you desire to leave the grids of limitation, or not?


Key to crop circle:

Purpose: To generate power to create reality for the people upon your plane, and to create a feeding machine for the denser grids and darker universes.

Who are the people who are linked into the POWER CUBE? They are part of THOTH’S grids.

The only people not in this grid are the activated of CAEAYARON as they are part of CAEAYARON’s Healing Grid, which allows healing to take place, and the flows from the POWER CUBE, are coming to them collectively, as well as the higher love universes, as well as the GREAT CAEAYARON himself in order to power up the higher love universes for higher creation of love to come.

Why did the darker beings desire the power: Only for self glory and self power. Darkness takes power for self.

Why does the light desire the power now: To bring more love within the universe, and it gives power to the love beings, to help them explore higher love dimensions and become more empowered with love. Love gives to bring more power and love into all beings within the beings of love.

Why the cube? The cube is the perfect shape to bring denseness into the universal grids, to bring alignment to the thoughts of programming. It allows many dimensions to be created within itself, and there are many aspects to learn of the cube. This is only one aspect.

The darker blue parts: Represent the magnetic flows. The magnetic flows are banked within the smaller cubes and they are energetically connected within each other to create more dimensions.

These dimensions create time illusions and planes of existence. All things are gridded in, and when the thoughts of darker beings enter the cube, then all the people can receive these flows via the magnetic force grids which all people are connected into.

How are they connected into the magnetic cubes: With their energy system. In Lemuria when the people chose to go away from the GREAT CAEAYARON, they were placed in merkaba energy systems. THOTH then brought them into his grids, which were placed and connected with the POWER CUBE. All humans upon your plane are part of the POWER CUBE except those who have received their Lemurian Codes back, as these codes hold the release of the POWER CUBE, and thus they can evolve with CAEAYARON back to the Love dimensions. No longer are they energetically suited to the POWER CUBE.

The lighter vortexes within the cube: These represent the different planes of consciousness upon your plane, linked into the consciousness of denser planes. Each human is part of a consciousness, and when you collectively connect within a consciousness, you become part of that particular area within a grid formation. By placing this particular area, or ball of energy, within the magnetic grid formation, much more power can become generated. This power can be used by darker beings to create more fear within the earth plane, should they desire to have more power, or at times, bring more structure within, which is what happened when they desired you to progress with your technology, as opening your mind is also a powerflow. To create the most perfect powerful circuitry, is to create balance within each grid.

The large green circle underneath the POWER CUBE: These parts represent the gridding in of the thoughts and programmes within the POWER CUBE, as you need a gridding in system to allow the POWER FLOW to happen.

When all things are separated without a perfect powerflow grid, then nothing can be generated. This is to create a perfect grid structure which can expand, which is why you can see a wider area in the centres of these grids on the outside of the POWER CUBE, which becomes narrower at the ends of the grids, as it approached the cube.

⭐The further away from the cube the circle gets (lighter green), the more expansion is allowed to happen, and the closer the circle around the cube gets to the cube, the denser that part becomes (denser green) allowing more denseness to come.  The denseness is more concentrated energy, and means more power flows, which is why the edges of the POWER FLOW have special vortexes, as these act like holding containers connecting into the denser universes.  This also kept you away from awakening too much.

Could you escape from the POWER CUBE?: There was no way you could escape the structure as THOTH and YAHWEH had you fully gridded in. Within it are dimensions of time to discover, and also he had connected you in spiritually, so the underworld of THOTH is also within it.

The only way to escape it was if the Divine Love Element, would have enough love for the people who had fallen within her, to bring the Violet Flame within her. THOTH and YAHWEH had placed instructions within the people to bring pain to the Divine Love Element, in the hope she would not succeed.

By reading these very words to explain to you what the Darkness did shows that the Darkness failed, and the Divine Love Element succeeded. People need to be grateful for this, not fighting it any longer.

Larger lighter circles outside of the POWER CUBE: Vortexes generated from the energy within the grids from the humans. This is connected to 6 creation platforms. These are programmable energies.

Orange small circles: The smaller circles are the programmable areas, which can be placed into the grids. These connect within the larger lighter circles to programme the consciousness of the people.

In order to place programmes within the grids, you need two beings of power, two gateways of power. THOTH had the intelligence and the desire to be the great king of all of creation, and desired immortality above all. YAHWEH also desired to be the great king, however, he was more in anger and fury. Both intelligence and anger are a powersource of both polarities. Thus they placed their thoughts within the grids, to allow the people to become programmed by dark beings. They programmed the people to fear the light and love the dark, and brought confusion into them, so that they would not understand.

The consciousness of the people upon your earth was brought very low as Thoth and Yahweh also brought their thoughts within the thoughts of the people, making them believe in a God, and demonstrated their power often, to allow much pain to happen upon your earth. They desired to bring the people into worship based on fear and pain. This was all to remove the Divine Love Element from your plane should she (or he) turn up. This was to keep the people away from the Great Awakening when the GREAT CAEAYARON would return, and he could only return, should the power of love from the Divine Love Element be strong enough.

Here, I, METATRON wish to point out a few points about the grids: Here in the POWER CUBE is it relatively easy to see, and know it is far more complex. Each of the lines going through the cubes represents a grid of consciousness. They are all separated, to build its own consciousness within, and all connected as well, to bring all people together collectively. This was to bring the people into their thought processes collectively as collectively then it was easy for the darkness to programme them to believe in certain things, to power up the POWER CUBE.

Be in the forgiveness and be in the awakening. Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC SERVICES.
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