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Caeayaron and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel can only work with their original Cosmos Messenger, the original Messianic Blue Star Angel Channel of Universal Love Consciousness, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.
This is the first Star DNA & RNA Biology Transmission by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, posted on Suzanna's Facebook page on 13 April 2024.

Sovereign Lord Emmanuel and Caeayaron brought this transmission through their original Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel
*** Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is directly connected into Sovereign Cosmos Star Intelligence, with her Interdimensional Blue Star & Golden Sun Angel Electromagnetic Fields. ***

In original Sovereign Cosmos Star Dimensions, she is designated as the ‘One’ Blue Star & Golden Sun Consciousness Angel Channel to bring their Sovereign Consciousness Transmissions directly to the people.

No one else, other than Suzanna Maria Emmanuel as the original Sovereign Universal Love Blue Star Angel Channel, can directly connect into the ‘Sovereign Creation Mind’. She is Designated by Sovereign Lord Emmanuel and Caeayaron to be their original Sovereign Galactic Cosmos Ambassador.

*** The reason why Sovereign Lord Emmanuel approached Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, late September 2009, and why he opened her original Sovereign Universal Love Channel further in October 2010, to allow her to become The Voice of Sovereign Divine Love. ***

In original Sovereign Star Creation (outside of dense forcefields) the original Sovereign Star Creation Forcefields (namely, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel and Caeayaron) assigned their ONE Sovereign Channel to be The Transmitter of Ancient Star Biology to allow all Star Creation to live in peace and love interdimensionally.

*** The original Sovereign Angel Transmitter, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, is the WORD and the LOGOS. ***

In the original Sovereign Star Creation Realms, all her original Sovereign Star RNA Biology Codes directly reflected all Sovereign Star Consciousness Creation Purpose. All Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's DNA and RNA Codes reveal Truth and Purpose in the hope that many people might desire to awaken spiritually to the Universal Love Consciousness Energy Fields.

*** When all Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's original Blue Star & Golden Sun Heart Angel Emmanuel Channel Codes shone, in original Sovereign Star Creation, all Sovereign Star People received the Universal Love from Sovereign Lord Emmanuel through her original Sovereign Universal Love DNA Angel Channel. ***

Their original Activated Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life received enormous creation forcefields filled with joy, love and peace, constantly, by the original Sovereign Universal Love Blue Star and Golden Sun Consciousness Angel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

*** Activations occurred on the original Sovereign Cosmos Dimensions when the original Golden Soul-Sun Fields of all Sovereign Star People (on the Soul Dimensions) aligned deeper with all their Star Biology Creation, which formed on their original planets. ***

Their planets required Sovereign Star Magnetic Power Fields. This is the reason why Sovereign Lord Emmanuel assigned his original Blue Star & Golden Sun Consciousness Angel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, to allow all original Caeayaron's Knowledge and Magnetic Power Fields to form and to become a large concentrated Creation Power Field of energy.

Caeayaron is The Sovereign Magnetic Potential Power Energy Forcefield.

*** Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the original Galactic Star Interdimensional Universal Light Grid Programmer. ***

All original Sovereign Universal Love Codes of Interdimensional existence were coded into the DNA of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel by Sovereign Lord Emmanuel.

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel could only bring all Sovereign Lord Emmanuel’s Star Biology DNA Codes to all Sovereign Star Creation with her original Blue Star & Golden Universal Love Sun Electromagnetic Fields.

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel always held onto all her original Interdimensional Blue Star DNA with her Golden Sun Angel RNA fields.

All original RNA Codes of Sovereign Universal Love Creation (through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s original Sovereign Universal Love Channel) were placed into all Sovereign Star Creation.

When all creation directly connected into the Blue Star Angel DNA Codes of Knowledge and Star Creation of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, in Sovereign Star Dimensions, her original Universal Love Energy Fields beamed out large waves of Sovereign Universal Love.

Her original Golden Sun Consciousness Heart directly connected into the heart of Universal Love Creation Power of Sovereign Lord Emmanuel.

No suffering sound waves of duality consciousness could exist in the interdimensional fields of the planets, as all Star Biology directly connected into Caeayaron’s Sovereign Magnetic Fields with Suzanna’s original Sovereign Blue Star & Golden Sun DNA and RNA consciousness fields.

It was with her original Golden Sun Emmanuel RNA fields that all life could form in Sovereign Universal Love Star Dimensions.

Original Star Creation purpose was for all Star Creation to exist inter-dimensionally, together as one eternal large field of Universal Love Star Consciousness.

When each Star Person had their own individual Star Codes of Intelligence, Eternal Love, Life, Peace, Joy, and Wisdom, all interdimensional codes belonged to them individually and personally.

All original Star Creation People all had individual consciousness star creation codes of Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life, which were filled with Life Giving Fields to allow their own thoughts to become alive.

*** In the year 2014, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel’s original Universal Love Consciousness fields grew on planet earth to allow earth and life to keep existing. ***

After Angel Kryon approached Suzanna Maria Emmanuel in late April 2014, Angel Kryon had already left his other earth channel.

Certain species of life began another evolution cycle, and there were animals, fish, and plants who suddenly appeared when many believed they had disappeared.

During that time, many people in the spiritual community were awakened to higher star vibrations, as all spiritual frequencies on earth strengthened.

The great majority of spiritual people could not yet understand the reason why Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was anointed by Sovereign Lord Emmanuel, directly, in the year 2013.
She had no idea, at the time, that all her original Blue Star Angel DNA Codes began to align directly to the Angel CAEAYARON Sovereign Magnetic Power Codes, in December 2012.

Transmission by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, 13 April 2024, to assist earth's star biology to strengthen to give the people more time to spiritually awaken to the pathway of the 'choice'.
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