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Our balancing evolution – Our greater dimensional growth, by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤ showing crop circle Ashbury Oxfordshire 2007.
Posted on Facebook 23 August 2016
All through the years, we have received messages about our deeper evolution. This image speaks of our dimensional growth and again our deeper transformation is demonstrated.
When I work with these crop circles, I draw them and I see rays of colours with my clairvoyant sight appearing before me. I understand that these images are very, very deep and they tell us our own story. Our own story of our evolution.

This most magnificent image is of a butterfly, but it is not only about the loving transformations happening, yet all on the higher vibration is about love, because only love exists in the higher universes and this is where we all come from.

The stem in the middle shows our Divine path. We all come from Divine Source, and it is showing that we are far from only human. Indeed the antennas reach out for higher connection constantly, no matter where we ascend towards on the higher realms.

This beautiful image demonstrates the greater life path we choose as a soul. We come here to experience our deeper growth, which on this planet has been very much of pain in many of our lifetimes.
It shows different dimensions of growth. It shows how we balance ourselves also as deeper Divine beings. Both sides are equal, yet all life experiences are here to balance each other too, as in our human experiences, so in our divine experiences, because we are multidimensional beings.

The circles represent the division parts between the human ascension and the divine ascension (including star ascension), both needing to work together to balance towards a higher Divine Being, which is what the butterfly is.

Many times, the Divine butterfly desires these painful experiences to develop upwards. Instead of finding the flowing, easy way of evolution, it desires to understand the painful experiences, the ‘prickly’ and ‘spiky’ situations such as war and pain, in order to heal it.

Thus, on both levels, the divine butterfly needs to forgive all sides to go deeper within the transformational growth to go to the next stage.

The lives it takes on both on the human and the divine levels are infinite, depending on its higher purpose and where it desires to grow towards. This is showing a very evolved stage of a butterfly, looking at the centre and how long it is and also the length of the antennas.

Ascension for the butterfly is constantly about new growth and looking at all sides, light and dark and finding our greater path and our greater desire.

As the divine butterfly, it doesn’t matter how painful the lives are, as long as it strives for ascension. On the higher levels our lifetimes upon the earth are only like a blink, whereas upon our earth it seems very long and restricted.

The smaller shapes in between show constant change, here in the earth lives and in spirit lives and how the butterfly needs to adapt to higher thoughts constantly in order to evolve.

Even on the spirit dimensions, we may feel restricted until we ascend upwards for all is about growth. The higher we grow, the more we understand about the oneness and step out of the singularity.
When we go deeper into the butterfly it also shows how there is now the great way upwards instead of more lives of pain, because the butterfly is becoming stronger. It understands enough and now it is ready to reach upwards into greater spaces. It is complete within itself and it has completed its cycle, totally balanced.

Some of you may see an owl, an infinite owl of wisdom, flowing into infinity, which is what the evolved butterfly is growing towards more and more as it ascends upwards, that is, into total infinite wisdom gained by infinite love and also seeing all aspects of the universe.

Now it is the time of the greater transformation and the greater work to begin.

Namaste I send you much love and joy and peace and healing, always into infinity, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤