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Your energetic self - A beautiful flower of energy, Translation of crop circle, Golden Ball Hill, Alton Priors, Wiltshire, UK 14 July 2000, by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤
This article was posted on Facebool Crop Circle Translator, 29 August 2016
Namaste, I send much love and light to you, always. I haven't been able to find a video of this particular crop circle. If you do, please post it in the comment section below to help everyone see the original and gain a deeper appreciation of its beauty. I would appreciate it very much, and I know many readers will appreciate it very much too.

At seeing this circle and its beauty, one can truly learn to appreciate the makers of the circle who are sending us deeper messages for us to awaken to who we are, for our deeper spiritual evolution.

Each crop circle is guided by Above to go to the next circle. I am finding it fascinating to work with the Star Beings and CAEAYARON also on this incredible level, as each circle I am being guided to translate for you, has a significant meaning and it truly is our 'Awakening Story.'

We have already, over the last few crop circle explanations, understood greater our inner butterfly of evolution, our multidimensional selves, our life journeys as a maze and a puzzle, and here we go to the next lesson.

Our next lesson is to take a closer look at our energy body. We are beautiful and it is not until we begin to see ourselves as largely energetic that we can have a deeper appreciation of who we truly are on the greater level.

After all, how can we evolve into more love and beauty without understanding our deeper selves and our deeper power? How can we evolve without some sort of deeper guidance and illustration?

Who better to explain it to us but the Star Beings, who have always guided us and parented us so much in our past human history.

Here we see a crop circle with a most magnificent flower, and the flower is us. We are that magnificent.

We are constantly connected to that magnificence, as demonstrated by the stem, grounding us deep into the earth.

We, in our lives, are able to nourish our beings by going deeper into the earth flows and deeper into our energy flows. The more we are grounded with our stem, the more power we can become.

CAEAYARON teaches us, especially in the Pineal Gland Activation workshops, that what you see in the mirror is less than 0.01% of what you truly are. The rest of us is outside of what we see in the mirror.

The area of the stem represents the 0.01% compared to the rest of the area of the crop circle.

We need to realize we are highly energetic beings. We all have lessons and those lessons are deeply spiritual. Every lesson creates a new energy band, or energetic range, to reach new understandings.

We are able to tap into that energy to create higher spiritual growth for ourselves. Higher spiritual growth for ourselves means to grasp us deeper on higher angles and it is at this level that we begin to understand ourselves on a deeper multidimensional level.

We are here to wake up and awaken to who we are to claim our power back to create and transform ourselves, to bring love and peace to our being, since all that happens on the outside is a reflection of who we are on the inside.

On the greater realms, we are large energetic beings. Constantly we create for ourselves and with each other constantly. The higher we grow, the more power we have access to and the more we can also work with on the lower dimensions, especially so once we become aware of our energy structure.

This crop circle shows our beauty and it is breathtaking. It is asking us to stop for a moment and to look in the energetic reflection of who you are. Are you really only physical? Do you have a limited self? Or are you much greater than you think you are?

For all is a matter of understanding and awareness. All is a matter of learning and learning to become a deeper person.

Here, it is shown how much energy we are.

We work in layers. We have layers that we can tap into in our lives, and also in our spiritual realms. The more evolved we are, the greater we can reach the power on the greater soul light planes, which is demonstrated by the yellow petals.

The blue petals are fed by the higher petals, and showing these levels, shows us clearly that we have no limitation, and we are truly 'God Self' beings on the higher levels. Ascension is climbing upwards to the higher energetic levels.

Constantly, on our journey, we are being asked to go deeper within ourselves, demonstrated by our inner light, our inner power, the inner circle. It is then we are able to discover how to tap deeper into our greater light.

Our soul light, the yellow petals, is connected to greater petals of light, and constantly supports our growth, shown by the constant direction of movement and connection. Nothing is unsupported on our journey of growth, and we are able to go deeper within when we are ready to connect deeper to the sun, our deeper power flows, within ourselves.

It is then we realize that we are power. Once we learn to tap into our power we can learn to work with greater power.

You are here in this most beautiful game, to see if you can grasp it. The crop circles are giving you clues all the way, but can you grasp it? Can you see it? All of nature gives you clues all the way too. Can you see the truth in a flower, in your water how it changes frequencies when you bring love into it?

For you are the frequency changers once you understand the power within you.

However, for you to reach the deeper power, you first of all need to understand what it is, why it is there and be able to understand how to unlock your vital energies.

This is why such great healings are happening with CAEAYARON and also the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT SOCIETY, because it is time to link people back into that deeper power.

The eye of the flower, coloured in purple, shows how important our pineal glands are to the deeper connection of our greater power. The stronger our pineal gland becomes healed and linked into our deeper selves, the greater our inner power becomes to become greater healers of our lives and our earth plane.

You are like energy circuits, except if you could see the human as the energy structure, it would be much more complex than an energy circuit creating electricity for your electrical needs upon the earth. For they are very simple, compared to the large energetic structures that you are.

Physical humans under appreciate the beauty of who they are. The understanding of how complex a human is, on the physical level and the energetic level, is far from what we believe it to be at this time in our time dimension.

All things are linked to each other. Upon this earth, we only need a small amount of our energetic structure to live, to move, to eat, to think.

Really, we are far greater on higher levels, and on our multidimensional levels, we move much greater, we think much greater, we are much greater because of the higher flows of power we have access to, which is linked into a larger power supply, so we never run out of power.

Constantly power is being generated.

Our lower dimensional life experiences, also creates power. We create power and flows to climb up higher, which is what ascension is all about. It requires more power to climb up higher. The greater our life experiences are, the greater we can reach the higher levels of power.

It is all like a stepping game upwards.

When the human awakens, that human will have access to higher knowledge and higher power flows. That person will be able to grasp higher ideas and higher information for it is always in reach through higher understanding.

Thus it is important to understand how beautiful we are in our energetic structure and how we are truly unlimited beings, with the greatest potential to reach higher levels.

Nothing is what it seems, and nothing is what we think it is, for all is energy including us.

Namaste, I send you love and light, and eternal healings, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤

Crop circle keys:

Crop circle here shows how beautiful we are as an energy structure.

The stem shows how we are constantly connected to the flower.

The pineal eye (purple) is shown and connects to our higher energies of power, especially so when we are conscious of it.

The inner circle shows our inner power, which we can access greater by conscious understanding, through the pineal gland, the solar plexus and the spiritual heart, which are the three main spiritual power centres.

Star Beings and CAEAYARON teach that the Solar Plexus is our centre point and our strongest area to work on, as it is the most important chakra, linking into the greater spiritual sun where all our deeper gifts are.

The blue petals show our energy we tap into on a day to day level and the energies becomes greater when we spiritually become enlightened as we work through our greater lessons, creating greater energetic bands of healing to climb into greater power.

The power speeds up and the joy becomes greater as we can use this power to manifest our lives with and gain greater understanding of our deeper life purpose.

The yellow petals show our divine power at a soul light level.

It shows how grand we are, how beautiful we are.

Once we ascend upwards, stage by stage, it will allow us to tap greater into our Divine Power.

Once you have ascended to a greater stage of spiritual growth, you reach Divine levels of deeper purpose which is why your soul created you. You will be affecting many, many people at this level, coming into the deeper light flows.