Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

⭐Message 3 of 3: Awakening to the Great Alignment Time. Crop circle discovered at Langdean Bottom Wiltshire, UK, 26 June 2017 ⭐ Translated by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel   with the guidance of CAEAYARON (KRYON) and HALISARIUS, Chief Leader of the Galactic Federation of Light Society Council.

Namaste, I always send much love to you. This is message 3 of the theme of awakening. In this message it shows the choice more greatly and also as to why awakening and learning to understand spiritual collective love consciousness is so very important.

For the very first time we are understanding now more about collective love consciousness. Once we become activated with the GREAT CAEAYARON, we come into a collective healing grid, which is a quantum collective love consciousness. It is then we can learn to access the higher love consciousness coming to our plane.

This is a place of healing and we feel the healing flows strongly. We learn that place of love within our hearts. The healing flows from CAEAYARON change our thought systems. We begin to understand a pathway away from the fear. We begin to become greater forgivers, and learn to work with Divine Flows of Love with other activated people, working with great flows, as shown here in the image, to help change consciousness on our plane, and help more people awaken to the fear illusion, so that they too may awaken to the love.

Why are we now opening to this vital knowledge? Because as CAEAYARON teaches in his teachings, we have stepped into 'phase 2' of our spiritual awakening phase. This phase is helping us to 'step into our greater spiritual abilities,' to hold higher flows for healing. This is why the Divine Pineal Gland Activations began in 2015, to bring us into a new frequency of love and help us to return to the Star Love Dimensions.

We are now in a time when we can greatly explore our collective power consciousness with which we create ‘reality’ collectively. Depending on whether our collective consciousness is high or low, depends on our reality creation collectively on our plane; as all is co-created.

If you desire to understand more about the Lemurian Light Codes and how important they are, please watch the teachings of CAEAYARON.

Here in this image it shows how important it is to become activated collectively; as then greater streams can be brought down to our earth to awaken our race, so that collectively we can learn love and peace for each other.

With our activations, reconnecting back into our sacred light codes, we hold that power together, and here it shows the power of light. The question is, do we desire that change to happen? Do we want to follow higher guidance? Do we desire our personal healing to happen?

⭐Theme of this crop circle: Shows the choice between the two realms of dimensional spaces. These two realms are the higher and lower dimensions. This image helps us to examine the gateway of image 2 more closely.

⭐Blue circle in the centre: The blue realm is where we are, the ‘in-between’ plane, or the ‘void’ as it is also called.

⭐The 'in-between' plane means that we are neither here nor there, but here we learn both sides. We can learn the love and healing path, or the pain and suffering path. We have learned plenty about the pain and suffering path since the great fall of consciousness of Lemuria and afterwards when we 'fell' into the human consciousness path dimension.

⭐The lines of the pathway around both dimensions of light and denseness and us in the middle: Shows the ‘bridge’ as CAEAYARON discusses in his teachings.

⭐The yellow enlightened circle: This shows the enlightened choice. It shows powerful energy to shift consciousness with healing, ‘solidness,’ whole, filled with light.

The light codes from CAEAYARON during the sacred healings (Divine Pineal Gland Activations) to receive our Light Codes back can help us to become of love so that we can evolve towards the higher love dimensional path.

Once people become activated (and this gateway opened for us in 2015) we receive greater flows of healing which brings greater awakening to all of mankind. It is solid, fullness, rich, loving, forgiving.

We are learning the lesson of ‘Collective Love Consciousness’ here, at ‘earth school,’ to work together collectively with the love from the higher love and the higher Galactic dimensions. This is a ‘new’ consciousness for us as we have been working with ‘Collective Pain Consciousness,’ and created pain, disease, suffering, food-shortages and war on our earth with our consciousness.

⭐The red circle: Shows the consciousness of pain and suffering, which we, in the ‘in-between’ realm, can choose to tap into very greatly which the great collective balance does. This is why fear and pain is in our ‘reality.’

We have been drawing energy from the red circle, which helps us to believe that pain and suffering is ‘normal’ in our reality and thus we accept it which means we create it together.

⭐ It is shown with a hole in the middle, showing it is limited, dense, filled with ‘holes.’

⭐ The open pathway also shows how everyone who believes in limitation, fear, carries anger has been feeding into this dimension to help create 'reality,' of those very things we believe in collectively.

⭐ Depending on the collective consciousness once the sacred gateway (in image two) closes, depends on whether mankind will shift towards the higher or lower as a collective.

⭐ The pathways:

⭐ The yellow lines: Shows pathway of consciousness.

⭐ The circle around our in-between realm, the blue circle: Shows we have both to choose for now. We can 'taste' the bitter from the lower dimensions, or we can 'taste' the sweet from the higher love dimensions.

Once we become activated, we can really taste the 'sweetness,' and the greater the number who become activated the greater our 'sweetness' becomes to help mankind to awaken to the love.

⭐ Semicircles: Showing our choice. We are not destined to go anywhere. We are still in the choosing position. Once the semi-circles become full circles, it is then that mankind will either go up, or down, depending on the collective choice of the Lemurians; whether they will choose to become activated in the greater number.

⭐ Empty semicircles and pathways; Shows that we are free to move to any direction. The more we move to one direction, the greater that path becomes for us.

⭐ This also shows our DNA programming. Our DNA allows us to try both sides. The higher path will strengthen our DNA path to allow us to heal. The other lower path will create the path of fear and sickness within us, because our DNA will allow us to experience this. So it is that we are able to choose more freely for ourselves and others.

⭐ The semicircle around the enlightenment path: Shows an open path to us and yet closed underneath the circle.

This shows that it isn't open to everyone. Only if we have the right frequencies (which CAEAYARON gives to us at the Divine Pineal Gland Activations) can we reach within it.

Sending you love, light, healing flows, enlightenment, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel  

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