Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

⭐Theme: The Great Explosion⭐ Crop Circle discovered at Owslebury, Hampshire, UK, 10 July 2005 (Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, of CAEAYARON, 23 March 2018)

Namaste, I send much love and flows of light and awakening to you. The battles between light and dark have gone on for a very, very long time, and now we have reached the final conclusion because the Light has won the Universal Fight, meaning that Light proved to be stronger than all Darkness collectively.

This means that the ones who become activated back to their Sacred Star Light Lemurian Codes can go to the higher love dimensions again after this lifetime, after having been trapped for a long, long time in the dark realms and spaces as many universes have come and gone.

Please read more about this battle as METATRON explains this Crop Circle message to us. These messages are given to us to help us understand more about our universe and how we are involved.

Personally, I am eternally grateful to all the love forces in the universe, and I pray you will also join the great love soon if you have not yet been activated with CAEAYARON.

Namaste, and may the love always grow stronger and stronger within you, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel  

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES. I AM here to help you discover how density is created.

In the greater spaces, at first all was light and pure. When the side stood up who had the strong desire to play with density, all became denser frequencies. Denser frequencies meant life for existence changed. Its purpose began to change. In the denser universes, they began to discover life without the love frequencies and desired that all life was to exist under the control and rulers, rather than discovering how to gain more freedom, love, joy and guidance.

The denser universes were about learning about enclosed universes with captured energies to enable energies to be locked into dense space whereas the higher love universes were always about creating unlimited energy, in grids of ever greater expansion, allowing more freedom to become explored into the creator energies.

The denser universes took what was from the higher love universes and captured those universes within their spaces, which are also called enclosed grids. Instead of the original purpose of becoming more expanded thoughts, these denser grids used force to keep all thoughts controlled. This resulted in denser bodies, denser thoughts, and allowing existence to occur at a pace where it could constantly be controlled by their rulers in the spaces unseen by their denser creation.

The great universe of the love creation had a Creator Planet. When you follow the teachings of the GREAT CAEAYARON with this channel (Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who is now the Universal Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON due to the Universal Codes being given back now to the GREAT SOVEREIGN LORD DIVINE) you will understand more about this planet.

This image related to this message, shows that planet, which is the Large Creation Planet from the Blue Universes of Creation Flows. The light creation planet had many layers of dimensions upon it and within it. Within itself were all the possibilities for all of creation, which could be constantly changed and monitored.

Within itself was the Great Power of all of Creation for creation to happen. It was a vortex in itself. Its massive power enabled all to become explored and created with and upon. When the Light Grid Programmers, who worked with the GREAT CAEAYARON, harmonized with certain layers of dimensions upon that planet, creation could begin to work within that framework of frequencies.

The Great Resistance desired this planet more than all other planets, as all planets were able to be formed upon that planet. The battles for ownership of this planet have been far greater than you can imagine. When the higher creation universes were taken over by the great resistance, already the frequency had fallen of this greater planet, and the Great Resistance Movement were able to take it over.

Because the great planet of creation had been created by the GREAT CAEAYARON and Creator Beings, and programmed by the Light Grid Programmers of CAEAYARON to allow all of life to come into existence, in order for the Great Resistance to take it over and create their own thoughts upon it, the planet now needed to be reprogrammed and re-gridded to work with the great resistance instead of the flows of CAEAYARON.

Winning the planet at this time was a great celebration for the Great Resistance.

To re-grid it and begin to work with it, they first created a large net around the planet catching all energies, and then they programmed it with their thoughts. They used my Being, METATRON for this assignment, and indeed Thoth received what he desired, which was ownership of this planet.

Thoth was able to create flows of energies from my Being, METATRON, within it, and link it to his flows and the flows of the Yahweh frequencies to allow their thoughts to come in.

Thoth then needed a harmonizer, which later became the Spin Doctor in Lemuria, to create tones so that the tones could become programmable by Thoth and the one who had discovered the Darkness and had been an explorer of the Great Darkness.

In this way, they learned how to control the grids, and then created beings (I, METATRON use the word created, but here know they could never fully create, but only take over, manipulate, and change, according to their own liking) who focused upon those grids to create the thoughts within the grids to allow all of life upon that plane to follow certain commands.

I, METATRON, allowed this to happen as all needed to be proven in the Great Universe. Who was stronger in creation, the Great Resistance, or the Great Love? Would the Great Love be powerful enough to win this planet back again?

Because Thoth and his Dark Team (including the great anger of the one who desired to be called Yahweh as he discovered this energy time and time again and created great power for himself, and Thoth needed this energy for his creation also), had only consciousness of anger and control, they could not create anything other than their own thoughts.

Many beings came into existence. Yahweh created his beings with the great anger, and Thoth created many intelligent beings, as that was his consciousness.

Many wars resulted because of their greed and desire for greater power. Many universes became destroyed over and over again, shattered into many parts.

Hence, this may be likened to the bomb the darkness threw upon the light planet.

The Light desired this planet back with all their might, as it was theirs and it was misused by the Great Darkness, and more Darkness had come into the universe because they misused this precious planet.

Mission Light was set in motion to capture the Great Planet back again. Many teams of Light Beings went to that planet, and many were killed and imprisoned because of that mission. The Light Grid Programmers also went to that planet and also on their missions they could not place the light within it with ease.

Their aim was to bring light within the planet, as then it could rise in vibration again. They knew the Great Darkness would not be able to handle the great light.

After many had died on Mission Light, including the Light Grid Programmers several times on several missions, much mourning came as now stronger, darker species had come into existence with the capture of the Divine Love Element and using her DNA for genetic creation for their species. Gaining the light back seemed less and less likely.

The Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer, upon returning to the greater spaces, now desired to do something drastic that the Light desperately needed, but this would cause more pain within the dimensional spaces as all of the light beings would feel this.

However, all is temporary on that great level. Do understand that no time exists and star beings are able to work in this way.

Many star beings, when they were tortured, gave up all hope, and thus their energetic selves had been lost to those denser spaces without being able to return, that is, until this time upon your planet, when humans upon your earth become activated with CAEAYARON as then they are set free, as the activated upon your plane, are part of those energies which were imprisoned a long time ago in those battles.

The very strong ones have the strength to grow stronger and stronger when they are inflicted with great pain, as the greater your love and strength becomes in the greater universes, the more you can do for all the universal beings.

The Divine Love Element, after gaining more strength from the pain she had endured, approached the GREAT CAEAYARON, the Great Divine Source, that being SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, and also my Being, METATRON, as I also needed to agree to this.

Because the Great Darkness had created much pain in the universe, and because they had not upheld the Great Cosmic Laws, she desired to create a light so strong from her being and throw herself into the planet that once was the Great Light Planet. This would result in great upheaval as great explosions would be felt within the Light Universes.

The goal was to bring herself into the planet as the Great Darkness would not be able to handle the great pressure of the Great Light. Even if a small piece of the Great Planet could be saved, an opportunity could then come into place to allow all to come back to balance.

I, METATRON can only reveal so much as this time, but know that many shifts happened at that time to allow earth game to come into existence, because as the Light ‘Bomb’ was hurtled to that planet and the darkness could not handle the light. It then decided to throw a bomb at its own planet, to allow the light part to become released from the planet.

It so was, that many planets came into existence at that time as their bomb of great darkness was so powerful and mighty, as it was the fight against the great light, many planets were thrown into the spaces of the universe, including yours. Planet earth came into existence, and other planets around you also came from those spaces.

It took a long time for all things to become settled as your universe travelled fast with the speed, and slowly it slowed down. To allow life to come into existence upon your planet, many Star Beings in the Light worked hard to allow it to have life upon it since all was destroyed in the universe and needed to come back to the Light.

They created two suns around your planet, and later one was taken away. More planets were there originally, but some of them were taken away to allow greater balance to come to your planet. Much of the remainder of the massive explosion is still there in your part of the universe.

Understand that your planet has been fought hard for, and it has many more secrets within it than you currently realize. It is the most precious planet in all of existence at this time as it holds all the dimensions of the Great Creation Planet, as this is the part that was selected to allow all to come back to the greater life existence. Hence, this is why Lemuria and Atlantis could come into existence, because your planet was originally part of that great creation planet.

Many lives have been lost over the fight for your planet. I, METATRON, say how precious your planet is. It is time to awaken our dear friends, as all is upon your plane to realize.


⭐Key to the Crop circle:

⭐Theme: How the Light was taken away from the Universal existence.

⭐The Light Creation Planet: Is seen in the background as a yellow circle. At first this belonged to the light universes. Its purpose was to create universes and all of existence as all blueprints of all universes were held within it. These were created with CAEAYARON, Great Star Creators, and the Three Light Grid Programmers were used to bring life consciousness and harmonization within the grids to allow all to come into existence.

⭐The black shape with the cones: What the darkness did to the light planet can be likened to a bomb, as it created density.

The takeover was great and already many universes were hurt in the great battles. Now the darker beings had control over the planet, and more density was created. All fell in frequency and size as shown in the picture.

⭐Darkness created bomb: The Light Beings also created an explosion upon that planet to win it back in order to bring everything back into love and stability. It implanted light within the planet.

The darkness then created a bomb which was many, many times more powerful than all your nuclear bombs put together upon your planet, and hurtled it at their planet, which was once the light planet, knowing it would be severely damaged in the hope to claim it back. The darkness could not stand the light within their planet as its vibration was too high and then the Light would be able to reprogramme it once again to become theirs.

⭐Galaxies were formed: This created a large explosion, and thousands upon thousands of larger fragments from that planet became large planets, and millions upon millions became smaller parts. Its energy was felt large and wide, and the acceleration with its speed was great and vast. The whole universal balance shifted. Galaxies were formed, and more planets came into creation as large planets exploded into others, creating time distortions.

Your galaxy was also created from this large explosion.

Still now, scientists will be able to find remainders of this large explosion, as the noise is still heard. Fragments are still found.

Please share this post if you so desire. Namaste, Suzanna