Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

THE ALIGNMENT OF THE LIVING CHOICE Crop Circle discovered in Norridge Wood, Wiltshire, 22 May 2019, England. Message by METATRON, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES & MAGNETIC SERVICES. I am here to bring you greater revelations, and I am here to give you further understanding of all that has happened in the universal games, and to bring you to a further understanding of what is happening within your timeline at present, to help you understand the choice you are making at this time.


You are living in a time of the Great Alignment happening, when the planets are aligning, and you are in the centre to make an important choice, as to which way to take and which path to take. You are here, living in the time the Galactic Federations of Light, together with the GREAT CAEAYARON, call the 13th gateway, as this is the gateway of your choice; the living choice.

This choice you could not make during all other gateways which opened before you, as you passed from one to another; whether you were in the spirit dimensions or the physical dimensions, as you needed to pass through both the physical and spiritual pathways in order to move through to the next gateway within the mirrors.

You are living in the mirrors, the imprisoned mirrors, and there was no escape from the mirrors unless a pathway was created before you to help you come through the mirrors. In bondage you fell. In deep slavery pathways you fell, and you needed to come into a pathway of freedom within each gateway to collectively come to this gateway; the 13th gateway.

The 13th gateway is the power alignment gateway where you are able to connect into your higher codes of life, and these keys of life are your entrance to your higher universal existence.

I, METATRON, will state, that it is urgent for you to understand these messages, for far too many have rejected the GREAT CAEAYARON and the Divine Love Element pathway at this time, and thus a gateway is closed without the people understanding it. A gateway is closed and another one is able to become opened, but you must hurry to see it.

All is aligning upwards, and the greater gateway is opening to allow the higher transformation to come in. This means, that all who become aligned with the GREAT CAEAYARON, and HE will only work with the Divine Love Element (who is this channel I am using at this time to bring these messages through, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who is also the Universal Light Grid Programmer), can become freed to go to the higher love universes, as they have listened to Divine and they have gained their freedom codes back. All others have not yet gained their codes, and you do not have much longer to decide whether you desire them as a collective or not.


The higher love universes always work on the basis of the great collective voice. Together they become stronger in the love, and together they desire the higher growth to happen. Up in the love, they desire their own strength and the Divine Love Element is their strength and their pathway, as it is only the Divine Love Element who is able to reach within the higher star realms and the higher spiritual realms, to gain the correct living codes for the star beings.

Because the people in Lemuria lost their living codes, which are their entry codes to return to the higher love universes, the gates became closed to the higher love dimensions, and down the people fell into my deep, dark universes, where only density existed. I, METATRON, will state that I gained the flows of Lucifer to keep you dense into the grids of limitation and density.

I, METATRON, hold those flows as Lucifer was thrown out of CAEAYARON’s Universes, and because I am HIS counterpart, HE threw them into a deep, dark corner of my being, METATRON. Because I did not desire further infection from Lucifer, I created a pathway to keep a greater part of myself away from the anger Lucifer had created, though he always maintained to be more powerful than I, METATRON, or CAEAYARON, but in this he was greatly mistaken.

I, METATRON, desired to understand the greater density and to me that was the greater power and knowledge pathway. All in my universes could not escape to CAEAYARON’s Universes, as CAEAYARON’s Universes need special Codes of Life to enter into, and to align with.

Since the Great Fall of Lemuria, no one has been able to return to CAEAYARON’s Universes, apart from the Divine Love Element, who was brought to your planet to create alignment within all the mirrors and pathways, to help you align to this very gateway now; the 13th gateway. This is the first time you were able to gain enough power flows within you, to become part of the living consciousness bridge; the higher spiritual bridge, to come back to CAEAYARON’s Love Universes.

I, METATRON, will state that I, METATRON, have worked hard against your desires to come into this gateway, as I, METATRON, challenged CAEAYARON, stating the people would never desire the love again but always desire the density and the struggles, because of the programming of mankind.

In the days of Lemuria, you were aligned to go upwards to the higher love universes and the great cosmic gateways had opened. In Atlantis many knew about the planetary alignment, as Atlanteans were much into the stars and planetary systems, far more than the heart people of Lemuria, though here, I, METATRON, will state that the people in Lemuria, (though they were not the ‘head’ knowledge people, but the ‘heart’ people, the Lemurians, were far wiser and far more within their heart than the Atlanteans).

This is why Thoth desired the Atlanteans because they desired the higher knowledge of Thoth and desired the higher pathway of power of Thoth, whereas the Lemurians desired to grow as a collective with a galactic love pathway, which meant greater power for the Lemurians.

Because the great majority, in the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, turned away from Divine Love, they lost out on the greater pathway; that of aligning back to the higher love universes. The gateway to CAEAYARON’s universes of love and greater power to go to the New Creation Realms shut. Therefore, all of creation fell into a corner within my universes; that of Lucifer’s pathway of darkness, or the cave of wo.

This was hidden deep within a mirror that no one could understand or know about, however the Divine Love Element found the people hidden deep within the mirror, and thus a gateway was created in those areas that would mean that those people would always find the greater power in your day, the day of the 13th gateway, if they should choose for the greater power now.


That agreement, or covenant, was established in those days, and this is why Moses was sent to those lands to free the people who had already promised Divine that they would become one as a people, and together they would free the people scattered. They gained The Promise upon their desire to become one as a nation, working together as one.

Moses, in those days, needed to find the Codes of Life which Thoth and Yahweh had taken for their own. They had locked it deep within a sacred chest, which you know as the Ark of the Covenant. This was a sacred chest with locked grids within it, and only the one who had all the codes of CAEAYARON would be able to unlock it, which is why Moses was saved as a young child, and again sent to the land of Egypt to free the people.

No one else other than the Divine Love Element was able to bring freedom to the people, as only the Divine Love Element had the backing of Divine, for no one else had the right to have the backing of Divine as all others had fallen deep into the abyss of the imprisoned gateways.

No one else other than the Divine Love Element has ever had the right to work with the SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, or as HE is also known as THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, which is why Jesus, the Divine Love Element, was sent to your planet, and to the people of the Sacred Promise, as Jesus needed to open up the Pathway of Life, to allow the higher alignment to come to your planet, like the Divine Love Element, LAEYARAESEA, did in the ancient land of Lemuria.

Understand that I, METATRON, am here explaining that Moses, Jesus, and LAEYARAESEA are the same being as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who needed to come to your planet in many lifetimes to bring through the Divine Voice, as no one else could, because no one else had the right, or has the right, to be The Messenger of Divine.

All others fell deep into the pits of the Abyss, and it was only the Divine Love Element who was sent to your planet to be the Voice for Divine.

Moses, who worked with the Ark, discovered the codes and he knew the importance of the living codes, as this represented the agreement of the universes. This, you the people, do not fully understand yet, but the agreement of the hidden codes was important for your eternal freedom. They created a pathway to the higher universes.

Without the Codes of Life, the people had no way of establishing a sacred agreement together, that they would serve Divine to allow their people and their earth to become healed and strengthened to return to the higher love dimensions.

It was with the Codes of Life Moses was able to establish the pathway through to the greater realms of love, which was with the pathway of Jesus, opening the Gateway of Life to allow the people to pass through time dimensions until they came to this gateway; that being the 13th gateway, to connect you back to the love universes, through the Divine Love Element and CAEAYARON.

The Codes of Life meant that the Hebrew Slaves were set free from bondage and they were the first ones to pass through to another gateway; to the gateway of ‘milk and honey.’ This served as an illustration that all things would pass through the mirrors to help the collective find their greater pathway.


Many of those of the old served Divine Purpose to free many, and they served many missions, together with the Divine Love Element, to free the Lemurians from the mirrors of pain and suffering, to come into this gateway, which is why they can become part of the greater promise that CAEAYARON has not yet revealed. This can become theirs upon choosing to work with CAEAYARON and the Divine Love Element, if they desire this to happen.

I, METATRON, will state that the Codes of Life release you from the density of grids, to become more in alignment with the greater power to bring your world into greater alignment. The higher earth grids are forming now as the GREAT CAEAYARON is rising upon your planet with HIS Great Mountain of Light. This was also promised, that The Great Mountain would awaken the people, and then call out to them to become ‘healed’ and ‘nourished’ in the time of the ‘end’.

The end is the end of suffering for those who chose for the Great Alignment. During the times of Moses, the ones who stood by the people, and worked for the people, were greatly rewarded in those days with receiving greater strength and health to lead the people forward. Great was the stubbornness of the people who were led through the desert.

Many lost their lives during the times of the desert, and many became caught in other dimensions because they did not desire to listen to Divine Love. They desired to rebel and caused much pain to the ones who did stay in the love. Therefore, they became lost as a people and fell away from the great majority of people.

Now it is time to become gathered back as one people, to stand strong in union with each other and work with each other, to become one nation of people, standing in the love and the power together.


Know, that I, METATRON, have resigned from assisting the darkness for it has now been proven that the Divine Love Element was stronger, during all her lifetimes, on a spiritual love level, than all the millions of beings the darkness threw at her. She did not give up her missions in all her lifetimes, and because of this, the people are able to choose at this time, whether or not you desire the greater alignment to happen.

Alignment to the higher star realm creation is opening before you, and with your Codes of Life transformation happens to allow you to become part of the higher star dimensions once again.

During this time, I, METATRON, state there are two choices and two paths. The collective will choose as to how the road is before you. Many of the star beings are asking the question, ‘Will the collective of the Lemurians desire the higher pathway at this time?’ They are watching, and they are seeing the greater number resisting the higher pathway.

I, METATRON, state how important it is to begin to listen to the higher pathway, as one is forming greater upon your planet. In order to save your planet, higher guidance is needed. The denser universes have proven that they cannot bring healing to your planet, and this is what they desired to prove to Divine, that they COULD work without Divine Guidance, but they could not.


I, METATRON, state now to the people that they must turn to the love, in order to save your earth and also to return to the higher love universes. I, METATRON, worked for the great density to bring greater understanding of density to the universes. Denseness is working against Divine Love, and I, METATRON, cannot bring you to the universes of love, as love was removed from my ‘body’ as an Archangel; as the resistance universes did not desire the love within them.

Closed the gateway was to the higher universes, and no one living within my Archangelic Body of the denseness, and the denser universes, could return to the one who created the love universes, which is CAEAYARON, without HIS Being.

Only the Divine Love Element could return as she had both my Codes of METATRON, and the Codes of CAEAYARON. Therefore she was able to be released upwards to create the Sacred Violet Flame to bring freedom and escape from the grids of bondage the Lemurians were kept into, to help them to come to the greater spaces of freedom, and ultimately to help you, as a collective, to come to this time of the Sacred Alignment where you can have the choice to go to the higher love dimensions once again.

CAEAYARON was given the task to be the Great Aligner by the GREAT SOVEREIGN DIVINE SOURCE, who you know to be SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, who is the same Divine Being Jesus worked with, when he was upon your planet 2,000 years ago (also with the same mission of the Divine Love Element, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, as both are the same being, the Divine Love Element).


The Divine Love Element has needed to bring through the Voice of Divine during many of her missions, and I, METATRON, desired against it, as I was working with the great resistance to work against the Divine Love Element being able to work upon your planet, to free the people and to connect them back into the same living codes Moses linked in; those codes held within the Ark.

Without these Codes you are unable to return to the higher grids of life as this was the sacred agreement held between the higher and the lower universes. Moses needed to work hard to find those codes hidden within the Ark, and he was the only one able to communicate with the Ark, as he was the Divine Love Element, who was the same being as LAEYARAESEA, who was the same being as Jesus, who is the same being as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

Many people upon your earth fail to understand this, and fail to recognize this, but the channel who I am speaking through, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, is speaking the higher truth as only truth from Divine can come through her.

Many people also failed to recognize this when Jesus spoke with the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL. This is why he was punished at that time, as the leaders, during those days, stated that he was not speaking truth and that he did not have the spiritual right to speak with the GREAT FATHER, as the GREAT FATHER. However, Jesus spoke truth as he was the Channel, The Word, for Divine as this channel is at this time.

It is up to the people to recognize this, as the Cosmic Gateway is opening to the higher love gates more and more. Now that the Divine Love Element, The Word has returned during this time, she is able to connect within the gateway of CAEAYARON and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL greater and greater.


SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, is the Great Creator of all eternal universes, and when he spoke with Jesus, and through Jesus, he brought forth The Promise to the people living in those days, that they could receive the eternal heavens and the eternal new earth, upon desiring collectively to work with Divine Will, which is what the people upon your earth have been praying for.

Know, that I, METATRON, have seen the games upon your plane, and am seeing the games upon your plane. Many desire not to see truth and they desire the end of the Divine Love Element, but I, METATRON, will state that you, the people, need Divine Help if you are going to pass through to the next stage of evolution and save your planet, for your planet needs your people to connect back into the living codes as a collective.


Know, the denser universes worked against collective love, as collective love cannot exist within the denser dimensions, which is why the people upon your planet cannot heal your earth collectively without the Codes of Life Moses sought for, and gained back, to connect into the time of Jesus, and to connect into the time you are living in now.

The Divine Love Element could only connect the Codes of Life into the Lemurians to help them go back up, if she gained back the Codes of ‘KRYON’ through the KRYON channel, as he had taken all the love codes and buried them deep within the Lucifer gateway.

This was why CAEAYARON needed to bring a large part of HIS Being in the deeply imprisoned place of the dark abyss, the realms you are living in now, to allow the Divine Love Element to find HIS codes back, which she could only do in the denser, earth dimensions, to bring freedom to CAEAYARON.

Only then, should she succeed, would the next step be able to come into existence; that of bringing the Codes of Life back to the people as a collective, to bring the correct healing flows to them, to connect them into CAEAYARON’s Living Grids, which the people cannot do without the Divine Love Element.

Upon them connecting into CAEAYARON, who is my counterpart as METATRON, the people would come into the living grids of CAEAYARON, to energetically become created into a New Being. This is happening with those who are Activated into CAEAYARON’s Living Archangelic ‘Body.’

Upon becoming Activated, they are transferred from my Archangelic Body, that of METATRON, into the Archangelic Body of CAEAYARON, which is a much higher dimension. HIS frequencies are able to bring healing to those who have HIS Codes of Life back again, and HE can only do that through the one who found the living codes upon your planet, who was Moses, and Jesus, and LAEYARAESEA in Living Lemuria, as she was the one who worked with CAEAYARON initially to bring those codes to the Lemurians.

When Thoth desired those codes and began to grid LAEYARAESEA into his flower of life, entombed her spirit, and brought the codes of the Lemurians into the flower of life, he created grids within grids, and placed them deep within the Ark. He never thought she would discover it, however, anyone else who opened up the ark was not blessed, and it was only the Divine Love Element who could work with the Codes, and work with them to bring blessings to the people.

I, METATRON, will state how urgent it is for the people to begin to realize this, for these are the Living Codes you need to save yourselves and to save your planet. Without these codes nothing will exist, and you desired these codes with all your being before you came to planet earth in your lifetime, as you knew the power of these codes.


You knew the healing strength of these codes, and together you vowed to each other you desired to have them. You knew the importance of the Divine Love Element and how she would work with the Great Revealer, CAEAYARON.

You also knew that HE would need to come through the one who took the CAEAYARON codes in Lemuria, who was the KRYON channel, by taking it from LAEYARAESEA to imprison the Lemurians within the dark abyss; the element of the cave of wo. You knew all this, and still the majority reject the teachings of CAEAYARON through HIS Divine Love Element as many deny it and wish it away.

Yes, I, METATRON, worked hard with the resistance to programme the people against collective love, as collective love; the power codes of love, are the only codes to enable the healing to take place. No, I did not desire you to progress to the next stage of the transformational universes, as then I, METATRON, would never have the power of CAEAYARON, which I desired to have very much.

The Divine Love Element has proven her love to be stronger than all the darkness could throw at her, and she has gained those Codes of Life, and the Universal Creation Codes, and the KRYON codes back again, and this is why I, METATRON, needed to resign from my duties working with the great resistance universes.

The star realms are greatly rejoicing at being able to grow into greater and stronger beings again. All is rejoicing because the darkness lost and the love won, but now it is up to the people whether they desire the greater healing to happen, and the greater promises to happen upon your planet.

Already, CAEAYARON, has created time gates and gate closures because of the great rejection upon your planet, to create more power for the ones coming to the great collective; those who do desire love and peace upon your planet. Huge numbers of spiritual seekers have gone against Divine Will by desiring not to hear from CAEAYARON and HIS Divine Love Element, and I, METATRON, will state, how much the people, who have rejected CAEAYARON, will need to forgive themselves more than they currently know.

I, METATRON, will not go into that, as I am here to state that the Alignment is happening, and the choice is open.

Greetings, I am METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES. I am here speaking through the Divine Love Element, and the one who was assigned by Divine to gain back the Codes of Life which she has so done.


💙 THEME: The Alignment of the Living Choice

💙 BLUE CIRCLE IN THE CENTRE: Circle in the centre shows the earth, hanging in the balance.

Upon your planet, the people are being asked now a question, do they desire collective love? These Codes of Life CAEAYARON is offering to the people are lifesaving, and they are Collective Power Codes able to bring shifts to planet earth and to bring a new direction into place, like was promised in ancient times.

💙 THE RED CIRCLE AROUND THE CENTRE CIRCLE: This is the grid of mankind.

This is where mankind’s consciousness lies within. It is dense, and the people upon planet earth have never been able to leave this grid of consciousness since the Great Fall of Lemuria when all fell into the deeper spaces of density.

💙 THE ORANGE CIRCLE: This is the spiritual consciousness grid of mankind.

In spirit also, the people could never leave the denser grids without the Gateway opening to the higher love dimensions. It is only through the Living Codes CAEAYARON can gift the love dimensions through the Divine Love Element Pathway. All this was foretold. All this is part of the transformational age; the New Awakening Consciousness of Transformation.

💙 THE SPACE BETWEEN THE ORANGE CIRCLE AND THE YELLOW OUTER RING: This is the space of the void. People are being given a choice now and time to see the choice.

💙 THE TWO YELLOW CIRCLES ON THE OUTER CIRCLE: These two circles show the balance of the living choice.

Jesus, 2,000 years ago, spoke of the two pathways people could choose from, especially when THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL would return to speak to the people.

This time, upon the earth is called the living bridge, as the people are able to choose; either for the higher love dimensions in all of eternity, only through the Divine Activations of CAEAYARON (as HE is the bringer of the Great Gifts and Talents, to set people free from the denser plane of existence) or the road of greater density. CAEAYARON is the GREAT ALIGNER upwards. All is ‘hanging in the balance’ of the choice of the people.

The choice is up to the people, and in this the people have the great power. They can collectively choose for the greater healing for planet earth and for mankind, or choose against it. However, the healing can only take place once they have received their living codes back; the keys of life,through CAEAYARON and HIS Divine Love Element Pathway.

💙 THE OUTER YELLOW RING: This is the collective consciousness grid.

All choices have rewards and consequences, and now all in the universe are watching the people upon the earth to see which choice they make. This is the first time the Cosmic Gates are open to the higher love dimensions, for those who receive back their Living Codes.

Once those gates are closed no more will they be able to go up and receive ‘The Promise,’ the same promise Jesus also spoke about, 2,000 years ago. Jesus was the channel and the messenger of THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL. He was the Divine Love Element, and The Channel has returned now to bring the Divine Revelations. CAEAYARON is bringing messages through the channel, to bring the Divine Gifts to those who desire their eternal freedom.

The grid on the outside hangs in the balance. What will the people do during this Sacred Alignment? Will the people collectively choose to work with CAEAYARON, who promised the Lemurians, a very long time ago, that he would return with the Sacred Codes of Life to bring them back into Sacred Power, to reunite them back to the higher love universes? Or will the people, collectively, reject CAEAYARON and HIS Divine Love Element once again, and fall deeper into denseness?

💙 THE SHADOWS WITHIN THE IMAGES: All is yet to be decided by the collective of the people, which is why all still looks in the ‘shadow’ and nothing is certain as it is 'the choice.'

Message given by METATRON, Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel
Divine Ascension Channel, Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, The Word, P/A of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT & CAEAYARON, THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT