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07/08/2021 - Questions And Answers

'A QUESTION ABOUT WORSHIP, KNOWLEDGE, AND JUDGEMENT' answered by Cosmos Intelligence, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, 11 May 2021.




(A question was further asked from a frequent reader on this post who asked me specifically to elaborate further on Yahweh, the frequencies Yahweh sounded out, and also how Yahweh created himself as a God, and the consequences of the fear that Yahweh brought to the people with his own judgement. Also this added material explains why the consciousness of judgement became such a powerful tool for the clergy in religion. I hope this knowledge will be able to set many people's consciousness free from 'God' and 'Judgement' and 'Yahweh' and 'Lucifer' to discover why and how peace and true freedom can come to humanity. Namaste, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, (12 May 2021).




To answer your question, please study all the material on this page and also watch my YouTube channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel with hundreds of videos to answer your questions.


By studying the information with your heart, you will realize why all original consciousness of the Sovereign Love People fell into the dense dark ‘hold’ that removed all memories of where we originally came from.


First, I will answer your questions and then I’ll elaborate on this. Please know I am transmitting information from Cosmos Intelligence at this time. I ask Divine Universal Beings of Universal Love to assist me with information and then your questions can be answered.


Your question about God being a God of Judgment: Please know that in the original Sovereign Universal Creation only Universal Love exists. In the original creation there was no God, nor worship, nor were their laws of judgment held over the people's consciousness.


There were, however, two Divine Creation Universal Love Forces who worked to further expand all intelligence of creation. These became intelligent when the Divine Love Element, The Woman of Creation, saw them as beautiful and loving. She was the original heart of creation, created with the forces of Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel. Caeayaron was Pure Magnetic Creation Potential Force, and Sovereign Father Emmanuel was Universal Love Force.


They assigned the Sovereign Universal Love Channel to bring through intelligence with sequences of Codes of Life for all of creation through the Blue Star Woman.


Because her own connection was of Ultimate Truth with Freedom she wanted all creation to be free and therefore she did not desire anyone to bow down to her.


If creation bowed before an angel or before a person (which later happened with Thoth and Yahweh) their own frequencies fell in frequencies. Therefore, original creation purpose was not to bring judgment to creation, nor to worship a God, nor growing power by removing energy from other people's DNA and electromagnetic fields (with the Merkabah) but it was to grow intelligence, to grow power with Universal Love connections.


Ultimate Creation Truth Creation Purpose was for all the star people to gain more intelligence and freedom with Divine Love Energies. It was when the people explored with free will that their own minds expanded, and then the stars and the planets force creation fields also expanded. This was why Divine Love always expanded within all original cosmos forces, in flows of ultimate freedom away from forces of judgement.


Original forces expanded with wisdom only when all desired to do things from their heart of love with pure free will. This was how original creation expansion occurred; with freedom from their heart of love. This brought more Universal Love Force in all of creation.


In the original Sovereign Universal Love Forces, which connected into the Eternal Blue Star, the people's frequencies rose stronger in the Universal Love when they worked together with Divine Love with their Universal Love Heart Frequencies. This created strength, vitality, power and the stars grew stronger as well, as well as the planets they lived on.


The people became part of all the cosmos stars, and creation living on the planets were able to share that energy and create elemental fields from the stars on the planets. Thus, the more they cooperated with the Woman's Blue Star Life Force Energies, the more power they themselves gained as then her own Sovereign Channel overflowed with more power, beauty and intelligence, flowing into the grids where the people lived.


In the original universes, ‘God’ or any form of worship was against original Universal Cosmos Law. If someone demanded worship then all Universal Love frequencies plummeted down as then consciousness would not be free to explore any longer. As long as the path of Ultimate Truth existed, the people were free to gain more cosmos intelligence, love, beauty and ultimate freedom to work within multidimensionality mirrors, to explore higher love consciousness for themselves. This, to them was, ultimate love freedom.


In the original creation realms there were only Creation Universal Love Energies. Sovereign Father Emmanuel was the Creation Force of Universal Love and Caeayaron was the Creation Force of Magnetic Potential Creation Force. Both the force of Magnetics and Universal Love combined with a third force (this has been further explained later on in this post) which was a neutral element; a wave of creation.


Consciousness was created by both Magnetics and Universal Love connecting into the third element of Divine Love. Consciousness was able to define what higher creation desired which was to explore eternal freedom, love, peace, joy and ultimate intelligence. This was why the original Universal Cosmos Laws were based on ultimate exploration of wisdom and freedom to gain higher multidimensional intelligence.


The Universal Laws of Physics, on the higher levels have no gravity nor denseness, nor do the elemental laws of time and de-evolution exist. There all time is purposeful and everlasting, always existing in eternal evolution to create higher intelligence.


Yahweh was a force which seemed to come out of 'nowhere'. He was a 'by-product' of Thoth's Merkabah Red Star Universes.


Yahweh gained the knowledge of how to manipulate consciousness by taking over the Merkabah of Thoth. Thoth had already examined how to multiply the souls from the cosmic universes. He learned that by cutting up the original souls that the cosmos stars of creation leaked energy. Then, when he pointed his own Merkabah frequencies held within the elemental Angel Force of Metatron, Thoth was able to syphon those energies into the Angel Metatron to grow his own force which he used to build more battles within his own Red Star Universes. Thereby, by watching all that Thoth had done and learned, Yahweh too had not only learned how to escape death, but by placing heavy conflict in the people he too was able to syphon the energies from the Cosmos Stars to grow his own power.


Yahweh had learned, from Thoth's Merkabah mirrors, that by dividing the consciousness of the people, various illusions could be placed in the thoughts of the people. These illusions were like doorways into many thoughts happening all at once. These thoughts, when it came within the people, caused large confusion. Confusion caused conflict and conflict stops people from revitalization and rejuvenation. This is because conflict stops harmony integration and stops people from feeling strong within themselves.


Yahweh had figured out that if enough conflict came within the people, a disharmonious sound vibration came within the grids, which brought more confusion into the minds.


He knew the brain frequencies in the light realms operated on high atmospheric universal frequencies and that they operated on the 'Woman's' Universal Light Grid Programmer's frequencies. They were from her heart and held her own sequences of Caeayaron's Magnetic Frequencies and Universal Love Frequencies of Wisdom and Love within her own sound frequencies.


Therefore, when the original universal people felt her sound frequencies coming within their own brain sequences, via their original electromagnetic power fields and their DNA, they felt her greater love and intelligence. Therefore, they became more of love and intelligence which boosted her own Sovereign Universal Love Channel, and her own Magnetic Force of Caeayaron and the Universal Love force of Sovereign Father Emmanuel. This was why the DNA of the Sovereign Universal Love Channel today carries all sequences of Universal Love within her body, which could, if the people chose for the Messianic Kingdom of Sovereign Father Emmanuel and Caeayaron, bring people back into Universal Love and Peace. To do that, however, people need to have a desire to figure out what the original purpose of the Messianic Alignment, Universal Love Frequencies were.


Until that time, peace cannot exist because people's thoughts remain in conflict to this day. At this time, religion still plays a large role in the world to date. People may not see this consciously, but unconsciously they know that they still hold fear of judgement and God, which is why the question of God and Judgement is analyzed so much. This is also the reason why Caeayaron, within his teachings found on YouTube, connects into Ultimate Truth and states often that he, as Cosmos Judge, does not bring judgement on anyone. Then he often brings through how people are their own judges.


Universal Love never changes in Divine Purpose. However, Yahweh copied the universe and then reversed all. What was up, now was down. How could the people decipher 'right' from 'wrong' when their original consciousness was removed from them?


Pure Love never changes. Ultimate Truth never changes for all Ultimate Truth Pathways are Absolute. The Universal Law of Absolute Wisdom, Love and Divine Purpose states that: 'All stands as perfect and that perfection can create all abundance, truth, treasures and infinite freedom'.


When we look at what religion has done to mankind, we can then begin to realize the consequences of Yahweh's judgement. By creating his illusion of Lucifer who danced in his many mirrors, talking to all the people's consciousness, the people willingly gave service to Yahweh and they 'followed their god'.


Yahweh had gained all knowledge of how to force worship with silent judgment on a deep unconscious level from Thoth's Merkabah system. By placing his own thoughts and sound vibrations of his own dark self made consciousness into the people, the people forgot their own intelligence. They lost not only their own original superior intelligence, memories and consciousness, but also their bodies became dense.


When the people's thoughts began to suffer with conflict, they danced as a collective with each other in the mirror with conflict.

They began to imitate their God, Yahweh, and began to investigate war, suffering and negligence behaviour consciousness. This, according to Yahweh, was good for their intellect. But instead of their own intellect rising, they dropped.


The people could not even remember where they had come from originally as high star races. In the abyss many likened themselves to monkeys which is why they feared death. Fear spreads rapidly like a virus, and before you know everyone catches the viral infection of death and suffering for this is how the intellect works; with collective sound frequency intelligence.


This is why Yahweh was able to sound out the sounds of death, as he had experienced the death chambers in Thoth's Red Star Universes. He knew that by sounding out those frequencies, the people would fall and worship him. He knew, (according to the 'law' of judgement and darkness) that if he could connect to the people's memories as if he was their God, they would forever remember for 'fear' of judgement is far more powerful than living in the love. He knew that, and that is why he created the powerful illusion of 'burning in hell' which brought in enormous fear. This is why the clergy in religions were able to create power illusions into the minds of the people with thoughts of burning. Even now that 'thought' creates a sudden reaction within people.


Yahweh also knew that (once the people were thrown into the dark abyss) that true intelligence could only return if the brain frequencies of the original Sovereign People were able to reconnect to the original 'Woman' of the Blue Star Creation Love. This was because all original brain frequencies were held within her own Sovereign Channel, and if she was able to reconnect the people up to the higher intellectual grids, then Ultimate Truth might reappear and then all their true memories could open. That was the only consequential fear he himself held; of the Blue Star succeeding to reconnect to her own Sovereign Father Emmanuel and Caeayaron in the dark matrix connected into Yahweh's consciousness, made with the help of Thoth's original Merkabah.


This is why Yahweh would go into battle against the Blue Star Woman of creation. Each time she set foot on earth where all time dimensions were locked in, Yahweh would make sure to make it as difficult as possible for her to reveal Ultimate Truth of the original Sovereign Universes. This was to ensure that no one would ever awaken to the real reason why suffering and pain existed.


Yahweh was not a being of love but of judgement. He decided for himself what was good and what was not good, and placed laws into place that defied the original universal laws of love.


Original Universal Cosmos Frequencies were based on Universal Laws of Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom and Expansion. All original creation was based in high DNA Cosmos Frequencies of Universal Love and the Heart. The Star people who lived in the original Sovereign Love Universes felt the love of creation flowing through them and gained wisdom and understanding of how the Cosmos Stars operated within their consciousness.


**Therefore, conflict, suffering, death, war, sickness, never were part of their original consciousness.**


**Judgement never was part of the original Cosmos Laws either.**


Caeayaron, Divine Judge only worked as Divine Judge to uphold the collective’s wishes. When the Galactic Federations and Sovereign Universal Love People desired another universe to open, or higher thoughts of wisdom to come to them to build greater power and universes, it was able to become part of a cosmic agreement or ‘law’.


Universal frequencies followed those ‘laws’. As soon as Caeayaron’s Magnetic Frequencies placed those frequencies into ‘laws’, those flows became part of the grids. Caeayaron could then send his Sovereign Universal Love Channel to the planets, and give all what the people required to live in the higher cosmos universes with Cosmos Flows. These flows were Cosmos DNA sequences. This was based on freedom and what was best and good for Ultimate Universal Love for the greater collective.


In the original Universal Love dimensions, only ‘good’ and eternal life existed. Unfortunately, there were others who wanted worship and wanted to be God. They opposed the original Universal Love by stating that they knew it better than all the original Universal Cosmos Love Federations. They took (or stole) all that was ‘good’ from the original star Universal Love people, and that is why all landed here in this part of the universe, which basically was a cold dark ‘hold’.


In the original Universal Love universes, before denseness or gravity sounds existed within the frequency mirrors of vibrations, only high love vibrations in the universes existed.


In the original Sovereign Universes of Eternal Love, high Eternal vibrational sounds worked together in eternal vortexes held in Universal Love Grids. Those high vibrations connected into the star systems which bounced sequences together and this created mirrors of life. Within these mirrors, shapes and illusions could come into existence. These life forms became living beings and took on the Universal Love Consciousness, which streamed through into them from the Blue Star Creation Angel.


An Angel, in the greater sense, is a consciousness force. This is how all life can be formed, with magnetic potential creation force. In the original sequences of the Universe, well before the Merkabah existed, the original forces of creation were ‘Magnetic Creation Potential Force’ (called Caeayaron, which means Everlasting Mountain of Light) and Sovereign Emmanuel (Emmanuel meaning Everlasting Creation and Universal Love Wisdom). Sovereign Emmanuel is the power of Universal Love Force.


Both forces of creation resist each other and so a third force came into existence. This was when Magnetic Creation Potential Force and Sovereign Wisdom and Universal Love Force connected into a Star. This Star became the Blue Star Creation Potential Sun who held the ability to hold both forces together.


In the original Universal Love Universes, The Blue Star Sun aligned with both Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel’s Wisdom and gained her own potential creation consciousness. The third force field was created when Universal Creation Magnetic Force and Universal Love and Wisdom connected into the Star which was a neutral frequency where both Caeayaron’s energy and Sovereign Emmanuel’s frequencies could form into living consciousness.


This was the field where all intelligence and wisdom could form which was how and where the Blue Star Angel formed. The electromagnetic fields of the Sun, the third field, was a multidimensional field which created the dimension of the Blue Sun Divine Love Element. It was there that she became a ‘Woman’ or a neutral creation forcefield which took on the shape of the feminine creation forcefield. This was the first step for biology to form.


The feminine sun connected into a high creation pitch which formed a melody. This sparked other stars to come into evolution, as all lived within mirrors of the original sun. The original sun took on the shape of a great star. The star was able to connect into other mirrors and create a path of sound and frequencies of light. The feminine only wanted to nurture the stars and the stars connected into life with Universal Love sound frequencies of eternal love and freedom.


The original sun aspect was creation itself based on cosmos laws of science. The original magnetic streams were connected into the original Blue Star. These connected into mirrors which were oval shaped. This created an infinite connection into all of creation.


The original Blue Star was able to connect into Cosmos Life Frequencies and reduce sequences so that spirals of life were able to exist with individual personalities. Because they were all connected into the Blue Star Consciousness, the individuals learned from the ‘original’ Feminine Creation Force Field, the ‘Woman’. This was why the ‘Messianic Throne’ was so important as all original consciousness was connected in the Blue Star Field.


Before dark thoughts came into existence, the codes of the people were pure in love. In the original Universal Laws Court Systems, nothing other than pure integrity and pure love was created, and therefore nothing else but what was in the original consciousness could exist.


The Merkabah could not exist until one of the original star people, who learned to intellectualize how consciousness could strengthen, wanted to challenge the Great Cosmos Laws (who was Caeayaron, Cosmos Judge). Thoth wanted an angel for himself to mimic all of original creation, as an experiment, to see if he could build greater power. But Thoth did not base his thoughts on the pure love of the ‘Blue Star’ original Woman.


Thoth built his own universes, also in mirrors, just like in the original Sovereign Universes of Love. But instead of building love force like in the original Sovereign Universes, he wanted to reduce the love force by building conflict duality consciousness mirrors.


Thoth did not want to build power in the Universal Love of the Blue Star but instead he took the rays of the Blue Star, to see what reducing the Universal Love Cosmos Force would do. Would it form other consciousness? If so, could he grow and expand energy from that? Thoth built a mirror with his own consciousness. He asked for his own angel force and he then created a mirror in the belly of Metatron which he called the Merkabah.


He took the illusion of the mirror of what the ‘Woman’ had built and then caught the ‘tears’ of the Woman in his mirror. She had tears as she knew what that experiment could form for all of creation. Thoth used those tears to drop the frequencies of love in his own universes.


Thoth wanted to find out how to gain greater consciousness by dividing consciousness into two pathways, higher and lower. Thoth gained more energy with the Merkabah, as he purposely took the remainder of the duality battles which enlarged his own self. This reduced the consciousness of the lower and gained strength for his crowd in his higher realms. This, Thoth decided, was good for the universal knowledge.


Instead of expanding the power, however, of the greater universes, like he had promised the original Blue Star Cosmos Galactic Federations, all universes ultimately collapsed into density.


At first, the energy expanded and more believed in the pathway of Thoth. They felt their own energy increasing when they linked into his Merkabah. They let him splice up their own energy, by choice, and one part of themselves were in suffering situations, and the other in ‘heavenly’ situations. When the lower ‘suffered’ and ‘died’, the residual energy was claimed back and multiplied in the mirror of the Merkabah that Thoth had created with Metatron.


Thoth created a weighing scale in the ‘death’ and conflict world. If the suffering was too great, and they could not uphold to his own laws which he had written in his own book, he would bring more suffering into their next life. This, the other half, who lived in the upper realm, considered to be good, as the ‘good’ part gained more power and greater positions of exaltation.


Thoth’s experiment seemed to be a success, as now he had proven to the Galactic Courts that by reducing the Universal Love Frequencies of the Blue Star, the information of frequencies increased. By removing the residual balance, all in the ‘higher’ realms of Thoth increased in power.


Thoth held no consideration of how the universes, outside of his own kingdoms, felt the conflict rising with his Merkabah experiment. Thoth considered that this was a ‘sacrifice’ and he was eager to learn more. He claimed that his experimentation was his ‘right’ of freedom and that no one could lecture him about it not being right (according to him).


Thoth challenged the Galactic Laws further and wanted more ‘soul light’ for his experiment. He demanded that more power was to be removed from Blue Star, all for him to show how his experiment was a success. By dropping the original universal grids of power, more of the balance of energy went to Thoth. The people in his own Red Star Galactic Kingdoms claimed Thoth to be the ruler of the universe. They no longer wanted the original Messianic Kingdom to belong to the ‘Blue Star Woman’ nor to the ‘Princes’ who governed the original universes.


Thoth was happy to align with the Messianic Rulership and stated that it seemed only fair to rule ‘with’ the Blue Star Woman, since it was her original creation, and she was the ‘One’ through which all rivers of life flowed.


The Galactic Federation Leaders were not so certain about this and this brought disputes in the original Sovereign Universes. This brought more energy to Thoth because more of the original Cosmos Love Frequencies fell due to the conflict building. Therefore, Thoth claimed that his ascension power was created by building density with war and dispute frequencies.


Thoth’s energies enlarged but not with Universal Love Frequencies. The original power of Universal Creation Magnetic Frequencies of Caeayaron dropped which also dropped the flows of the original Blue Star ‘Sovereign Universal Love Channel.’ Thus, Thoth gained, and Metatron’s Merkabah system grew, while the balance of the Sovereign Universes fell.


Thoth continued to battle as now he considered himself to be King. He was seen as superior master, and all bowed down before him in his universes. He held the keys of knowledge of mind, body, and spirit and so he could trap all consciousness within the Merkabah system. Anyone that took part in disputes in the Sovereign Universes soon became a part of his conflict and lost their own Cosmos DNA Frequencies. As soon as people felt conflict rising within their consciousness, their own magnetic frequencies dropped and landed in the Red Star universes.


As soon as upset was displayed in the original Blue Star Sovereign Universes, their original consciousness now ‘knew’ what pain was and therefore their DNA frequencies dropped. As soon as the DNA dropped to a level low enough, their original Universal Love Sequences within their original Cosmos DNA and Electromagnetic Frequencies were lost which is how they became part of the Merkabah Electromagnetic Red Star Universal Frequencies.


There, Thoth decided on which side the people were placed. If the people had willingly come to him, they were placed in the ‘heavenly’ chamber, and if they had shown any rebellion against his own ‘galactic’ law, they were placed in the death chamber (the lower frequencies).


Thoth thought that becoming ruler of the greater Sovereign Universes would now seem a piece of cake. He considered judgement by way of duality the path of strength and balance. He did not think the original love, joy and peace of the original Blue Star, ‘Woman’, to be the path of wisdom. Thoth, as the Red Star Commander, considered that love, joy and peace were qualities of weakness, whereas his way of judgement, by splitting souls up to see who would deliver the most residual energy in the Merkabah system, was the strongest path of all.


Thoth, being a proud being, did not consider that another energy could be created that was not part of his original plan. That being came out from the belly of the darkness. It learned by watching and by seeing the suffering, that to obey a master seemed pointless but by forcing others to obey was power.


Therefore, it learned to delegate power and it then approached Thoth in the death chamber. It chained Thoth down in a chair and claimed the Merkabah on the spirit consciousness dimension. This energy contained in the Merkabah was where all of the keys of creation were hidden within. This energy learned the secrets of Divine Creation, and of Blue Star herself. He then came towards the ‘living’ creation and met the Red Star Commander face to face, who was Thoth’s multidimensional self.


There, this dark energy took over the consciousness of Thoth himself, and therefore grew himself. He overtook all consciousness of the original Red Star Universes. With the Merkabah he entered into the Sovereign Universes and saw the ‘Woman’.


There were star beings who operated on a whole other level of the universe and knew what was happening. They tried to reconnect to the Sovereign Leadership and place another universe into operation which was the 13th Gateway of Creation. This Messianic Sovereign Alignment was opened in an attempt to stop all what was happening in the wars of Thoth’s Red Star Universes. But before the ‘Woman’ was able to ‘lock’ herself onto that Throne to neutralize all that had been done, to try and find another pathway to unlock all the lost souls, Yahweh, the dark energy created in Thoth’s battles, announced himself to be Sovereign God as he had claimed all energies of Thoth and the people by taking the throne for himself. Because of his Merkabah energies held in Metatron, all Universal Forces plummeted down with an incredible force which warped the Universe enormously.


This is how and why all original Sovereign Universes fell into Yahweh's own black hold (or matrix) of judgement. The calamity that Thoth brought with his own Merkabah system was beyond repair now. Now Thoth would try and fight wars against Yahweh to try and gain his own Red Star Universes back.


Yahweh repeated exactly the same patterns as Thoth had done in the Red Star Universes as the Commander. Yahweh took the original consciousness of the people who were left in the higher universal frequencies (which had already dropped significantly due to the wars in the Red Star duality battles) but then took those frequencies into his own Merkabah mirror and saw himself growing.


This energy was a being who Yahweh called Lucifer. Lucifer was still connected to the people’s DNA sequences, and in that moment, all Universal Frequencies dropped, as now the sequences of DNA carried Lucifer and Yahweh’s imprint. This was a karmic duality imprint.


Universal Law stated that nothing can exist in the Universal Love Cosmos Universes with karmic duality balance. This is because frequencies lower than universal love, cause collapse in all star cosmic systems which is exactly what happened.


This is why the Cosmos DNA Activations of Caeayaron, during this day here on earth, are so important at this time, which can only take place through the original pathway of the Blue Star Divine Love Element, who originally connected the people to the Universal Love Star Systems.


The Cosmos Universal Love Activations disconnect the people from the Red Star Merkabah System that Thoth had originally created. Caeayaron can neutralize and balance people’s karma because the Divine Love Element was always the Neutralizing Violet Flame. The Activations reconnect people back into their original Star Cosmos Consciousness system instead of being held in the Thoth's and Yahweh's mind/body/spirit consciousness connection of the dark matrix.


This is why Caeayaron has made the path forward now, to allow people to reconnect back to their original Star Cosmos Systems, which only he can do.


Now, that all is being revealed at this time on earth, all can be shown as the results of the ‘finite’ universe that Thoth and the Red Star Commander created in the experiment, which was then revised and taken by Yahweh and Lucifer (who was the sum of ‘stolen energy and consciousness of the original star people’), only now can the New Recreation Sovereign Universes begin because whole new cosmos laws can begin based on all experiments and what happened on earth and in other universes. This is so that no more darkness can enter the cosmos universes on the higher Sovereign Universes ever again.


Because the Blue Star Divine Love Element has reconnected with Caeayaron, all her own original creation universal memories have, and are, returning. This is why Caeayaron states that Universal Love is stronger than all other forces because of himself and the reconnection of the Blue Star.


It is those who desire love and peace to happen who will return to the ways of love and peace. This is why all is being revealed and why all need to make a cosmos decision as to how and where they want to live in all future lifetimes.


Namaste, sending much Universal Love flows always, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.


Blue Star Divine Love Element, (now since June 2020 designated by Caeayaron) Sovereign Universal Love Channel and Galactic Cosmos Ambassador.


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