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13th APRIL 2022 The Pathway of Ultimate Truth is the Pathway to Ultimate Wisdom

01/05/2022 - Questions And Answers


This article was transmitted by the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. It was posted on Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Facebook page, 13 April 2022.

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About The Cosmos Messenger Suzanna Maria Emmanuel: Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the original Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel. She was called by SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL in September 2009.

Soon after the Divine Call, Suzanna began to transmit through Divine Universal Love Cosmos messages in front of groups (beginning in April 2010). She also brought through personalized channelled messages for individual people (beginning in November 2009).

All her transmissions are for the highest Universal Love Purposes to give people who listen to the transmissions greater understanding and purpose for their own life, as well as greater understanding of the world we live in. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was called by CAEAYARON directly in late April 2014.

In April 2015, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel began the Universal Love Pineal Gland Activations to activate the Cosmos Codes of Life with CAEAYARON.

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has transmitted through hundreds of transmissions which are posted on YouTube, and many more hundreds of written transmissions which are posted on Suzanna's Facebook page. All is there for the people to watch and understand what the Great Divine Ascension Plan is for mankind and how it could bring peace, love and joy to the world if many would begin to understand Ultimate Universal Truth.


Greetings, I AM THE GREAT SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL. I AM The Great Divine Universal Love Father of Divine Frequencies of All Universal Love Forces and Creation.

You now live in a time when it is absolutely crucial for you to understand why the Cosmos Messenger, Jesus, was sent to your planet 2,000 years ago.

Jesus, like Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is in your day, was the Cosmos Blue Ray Sun Consciousness Sovereign Channel. The Great Cosmos Love Universe sent one Logos Messenger to your planet. The Great Cosmos Messenger was sent to your planet to show the way back to the love realms where the primary Cosmos People came from originally.

In my eyes of The Great Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, the chosen cosmos Sovereign Divine Universal Love Channel (who was sent to your planet to speak about the message of how peace and love could come to humanity) is indeed the most precious treasure of all universes. One was created directly from Divine Source which is why that ‘One’ is the only being who can hear and transmit through the Voice of my Divine Master Self ‘EMMANUEL’.

It was with my Universal Power Source that Blue Star connected into my Divine Self Spirit to create a beam of light source energy. This source energy was strong magnetic energy which is how CAEAYARON became a living consciousness of Magnetic Forces. Once CAEAYARON became conscious of life, it was then that the Cosmos Queen LAEAYARAESEA was able to establish herself on planets to allow her own Spiritual connection to connect into the planets. Once planets were established, she could then bring the Cosmos People to the planets and guide them towards living on those planets.

The ‘One’ Cosmos Universal Love Channel from Divine Source Energies was also the original Coder of original Life Force Creation Energies. She was sent to your planet to help guide the people to rise towards a Global Universal Love Cosmos Consciousness.

It was when the Cosmos People enjoyed living on the planets with their own love from their hearts (in the original Universal Love Realms of freedom and love), that their own Cosmos Electromagnetic Forcefields grew and expanded. It was with the Star Cosmos People’s own Star Electromagnetic Fields that creation on their planets came into life consciousness. With their own thoughts of love for the Universal Love People, they were able to gift others living gifts such as trees, animals, plants, and butterflies. Those creation forcefields existed only because the original Cosmos People held DNA Living Cosmos Consciousness Codes of Life Force Energies, which connected to Blue Star through Cosmos Queen LAEAYARAESEA’s Divine Love Pineal Activations.

This was how the first phase of cosmos creation occurred in the Universal Love Cosmos Fields of Creation. Because the Cosmos Queen LAEAYARAESEA was the Chosen Cosmos Ambassador for all the Sovereign Universal Love People, she was able to fulfil all her Divine Missions with love and joy from her own heart.

It was because of her own Divine Sovereign Love that all of creation was connected into Universal Love Fields. When her own Blue Star Universal Love Channel expanded, her own Sovereign Electromagnetic Star Fields expanded also. Because the Sovereign Cosmos People received Codes of Life through her Sovereign Channel, all Cosmos Love People became part of all Sovereign Life Creation.

We, as Sovereign Divine Creation Forces of Universal Love Creation Frequencies (that being I, myself as The Great Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, and CAEAYARON, who has always been the Great Mountain of Light) have officially announced to the public on your planet who Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was in the original Sovereign Universes, where Divine Love Forces were first established.

In the greater realms of original creation, all thoughts of the original Cosmos People were held in Universal Collective Love. Only The Cosmos Woman could reach my higher forcefield of Divine Thought Consciousness, which was the Everlasting Universal Love Forcefield of original creation. She could reach the original Cosmos Thoughts of Creation because she was the Everlasting Blue Star Divine Heart Love Energy Forcefield of Creation herself. Although she was consciously able to be with the people, she always held the light fields of my original Consciousness of Sovereign Father EMMANUEL.

As Cosmos Queen LAEAYARAESEA, she held all Universal Creation Light Beams within her Universal Love Cosmos Electromagnetic Fields of Light. She was the gift from the Divine Universal Love Creation Realms to assist the Sovereign Cosmos Star Love People to go to higher creation pathways.

• As the Divine Love Element, she was the intermediary Bridge of Love and Life, the eternal Blue Star High Priestess.

• As the Blue Star Angel, she could transmit messages through my Divine Master Being EMMANUEL, along with CAEAYARON. As well as transmitting through messages and Cosmos Codes of Life, she could converse with the Sovereign Universal Love Realms personally through Sovereign Universal Light Coding that no one else can do.

• As the Sovereign Universal Light Grid Programmer, she could bring wisdom, knowledge, and creation power with activated Divine Universal Love Cosmos Codes of Life to all Cosmos Love People and their planets to expand creation pathways.

• As the Sovereign Universal Light Grid Pineal Activator, she was able to bring correct frequencies through Divine Universal Love Pineal Transmissions to the people, to help them flow in the ‘One’ thought with harmony and unity, with the Great Creation Realms. This brought the original Cosmos People Creation enormous intelligence, power, and flows.

• As the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, she was able to be the Bridge of Life with rivers of flows of light coming to the people. With the transmissions she was able to guide the original Cosmos Universal Love People to ways of freedom, truth, and wisdom to allow the greater blessings of life to come.

As long as they remained in the original Cosmos Love Frequencies of Universal Love, the original Cosmos People would always reincarnate into those same Universal Love Creation Fields of Power and continue to evolve into greater cosmos intelligence. All danced in eternal Creation Cosmos Power, and all rejoiced with their own life creation.

This was why, all in the Sovereign Cosmos Universes understood the original purpose of all of creation during those days in the early Universal Love Creation Energy Realms. The people then, held pure star love energetic bodies of light. With the help of Cosmos Queen LAEAYARAESEA, the Cosmos Love People had the ability to build further star realms with their own fields of Universal Star Love.

But when the dark star master claimed the Messianic Throne of Universal Love Creation for himself, all fell into his own consciousness fields of duality conflict filled with suffering. By suffocating the Universal Cosmos Love from the original Cosmos Life DNA Codes, he gained all their star power. He knew that the original Cosmos Codes of Life could only uphold the consciousness memories of Star Intelligence and Creation if the original Cosmos People remained in star dimensional fields filled with Galactic Collective Universal Love Consciousness.

Once the original Universal Love Cosmos People fell away from their original Life Source Energy, the people could no longer connect into their original Cosmos Hearts of Love. This is when the dark star being became owner of their DNA because he imprinted his own signature in their DNA Codes. No one would ever remember the high loving Star Universes. This is why all original high creation dimensions disappeared into a thin tube-hold in the universe. This was the reason why no one could remember the realms of original creation because all Cosmos Universal Love Memories had disappeared.

Only the ‘One’ original Cosmos Messenger, created by my Divine Master Self EMMANUEL directly, could bring back the knowledge of the original stars with Cosmos Intelligence with Universal Love Transmissions. Only if, however, she remained strong in her own heart of love throughout all her own millions of lifetimes.

After the Galactic Fall of Consciousness had occurred, all original Cosmos Love People were claimed by the dark being. Their original star electromagnetic bodies fell in frequencies, as their consciousness fell away from their original Universal Love Fields of Power. As a result of conflict consciousness, their star electromagnetic fields of light collapsed, which also collapsed all planets. All life is one large star illusion field of energies. Dense creation could only exist in dense conflict consciousness, for all life can only dance within its own and similar fields of consciousness creation.

The only way the people could reconnect to the original Sovereign Universal Love Fields was if they received their original Sovereign Cosmos Codes of Life back. For that to happen, first the original Cosmos Messenger would need to come to your planet millions of lifetimes to help guide creation back to the pathway of Ultimate Truth and Life.

The dark star being who created the rebellion and war in the Sovereign Universes claimed to be the God Iaovah. He forced mankind to believe that it was him who created the pathway of original creation. With the belief systems on your planet solely focused on the need of redemption from sinful actions, he, the dark star being, the self-acclaimed ‘God’ Iaovah claimed the lives and spirits of the people who died in his own thought consciousness field grids. This meant that all consciousness of the people would remain his prisoners.

Without the Universal Love Cosmos Codes, the thoughts of consciousness remain in pain and suffering. It is only those who become Activated with Universal Love who can break away from the consciousness of mankind.

The Cosmos Codes of Life reconnect the people back into the Gateway of Life through the Blue Star Cosmos Channel. This is why Jesus said that he was the gateway to eternal life. He knew that he needed to reconnect to his own Blue Star Angel Self before the people could realign back to the pathway of the everlasting freedom realms of life, love, and truth. Those realms are the realms of Ultimate Truth, freedom, peace, joy, security, and happiness.

The dark God Iaovah knew about the mission of the Cosmos Messenger which is why he worked hard to stop her reaching a higher dimensional pathway. He knew that eventually there could be certain people on your planet, who could potentially awaken to these Divine Universal Truth Messages and see how all creation interconnects together.

The dark star being knew that the Blue Star Angel could awaken the people to the need for Universal Love Consciousness which could potentially stop conflict on your planet. This could only happen if many desired to hear the Blue Angel transmit Divine Universal Love Cosmos Messages through. This is why it is now essential for the people in your human dimension to understand why the Cosmos Messenger was sent to planet earth, and why spiritual awakening to Universal Love is necessary.

Her assignment, as the Cosmos Queen of The Everlasting Divine Love Realms, was to keep bringing messages forth to the people to try and guide them back to their original Messianic Kingdom of Eternal Love. This is why the dark star being strove to make her fall to her knees; in the hope she would give up on mankind so that no more could the people have the hope to be able to realign their electromagnetic fields of light to the original Cosmos Universal Love Realms. If she dropped her own desire to help the people on your planet find greater purpose in any lifetime, she would lose her own Cosmos Alignment which is what he had hoped for.

This is why, if the original Cosmos Messenger could rise in your timeline, this would identify who the original Cosmos Blue Sun Activator of Universal Love was. With her own transmissions she brings through from my Divine Sovereign Father EMMANUEL self and CAEAYARON, the pathway of Ultimate Truth can be shown upon your planet. Once the Cosmos Messenger was seen and identified by Sovereign Universal Love, it would indicate that a possibility of an end to suffering could well be near for those who want the new Creation Pathway of Universal Love to show on your planet.

During each lifetime on your planet, the original Sovereign Channel was able to re-establish a few codes which could eventually open this particular time dimension you are in. To do that however, she would need millions of her own codes back. This was why in each lifetime, the dark star being would try hard to make her fall away from her own love. If she fell at any stage, then he would gain all her own codes.

This shows that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel never fell away from her own Universal Love Covenant. This was an agreement she established with the original Cosmos Star People to always work with them in the everlasting love, to help assist them towards a higher pathway of creation.

I, Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, say to all creation and the people upon your planet, that a new foundation on your planet can be built but only if the original cosmos people want that to happen. There are people upon your planet, who were part of the first establishments of the first Sovereign Universal Love Realms. They also worked hard to establish peace and tranquillity with the Universal Love Flows of Suzanna as Cosmos Queen LAEAYARAESEA in the consciousness grids of Spiritual Lemuria.

For those people, who can remember the Everlasting Blue Star Realms as the First Primary Foundation of Life, they will understand this message. Many others who read this particular message will not understand my Universal Love Cosmos Transmission much at all.

All who are not ready to receive this message were not part of the First Establishment of the first Primary Sovereign Universal Love Consciousness Universes. They will awaken to their own Cosmos Experiences once the main leaders of the Cosmos Blue Sun Consciousness Love Streams have awakened to the importance of my Divine Being, Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, and the reason why Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is called at this time by Divine Universal Love Consciousness. That is when they themselves, alongside with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel my Cosmos Ambassador, can begin to fulfil their own great assignments on your planet.

Once that has been established, further messages can be passed on to those who are ready to accept me as the Universal Love Covenant for that is my Divine Being’s Field of Power, as Sovereign Father EMMANUEL. Once that has been re-established, enormous Blue Star Pineal Activations can be given to them. However, this can only happen when they have agreed to work with my Sovereign Universal Love Channel, the Cosmos Messenger Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, in person.

Know that she also lived as Jesus who was known as Jeshua the Nazarene. 2,000 years ago, the same dark minded star being, who opposed the original Sovereign Universal Love Covenant in the original Sovereign Cosmos Universes, worked hard to stop Jesus from transmitting through Sovereign Cosmos Alignments.

The dark Iaovah did not want Jesus to succeed to realign the people back to their original Blue Sun Consciousness Cosmos Codes of Life. Nor did he want Jesus to succeed to bring a new establishment to guide the people forward to a new pathway of peace, love, and joy.

This is why the dark star being Iaovah called out to his own messenger, who was the Apostle Paul. Paul, as Saul, already worked hard to bring people to judgment when the people could not uphold to the laws that the lawmakers of the Sanhedrin Temples had made. As Saul, Apostle Paul authorized death and heavy persecution punishment sentences to the people who could not uphold the laws.

For this reason, the people celebrated the True Cosmos Messenger, Jesus, as Jesus brought Freedom and Hope transmissions through with my Sovereign Voice, Sovereign Father EMMANUEL. Jesus transmitted through a new pathway which encouraged compassion and love.

Jesus' own transmissions brought through manifestation principles which brought wisdom with greater prosperity fields of consciousness to help guide the people to greater paths of self-empowerment. Jesus transmitted through codes to help establish the Universal Love Covenant for the people so that the people could receive blessings and guidance. This was why Jesus said it was important to love the Great Father EMMANUEL with all their hearts because that was the way and path to eternal freedom.

The teachings of the Apostle Paul were different to the transmissions that Jesus brought through. Jesus was sentenced to death which allowed Paul to gain greater power over the consciousness of society.

Jesus lost all his Cosmos Codes during the crucifixion which is why he worked hard at regaining his power losses during many lifetimes following in many reincarnations. Know he survived the crucifixion because of his own body’s healing energy frequencies. Each time the Cosmos Messenger returned to fulfil messages, more of his own codes came back.

This is why it is important for Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, right now, to keep transmitting through more messages from the Universal Love Cosmos. Within each message she can gain further codes of Balance, Universal Love, and Strength into herself. Then, once she has gained those vital codes her own Blue Star Archangel can expand further.

Right now, she has freed the Magnetic Power of CAEAYARON who was held by the dark star being. The dark star being had claimed all of CAEAYARON’s power in the original Blue Sun Consciousness Universes to rule the entire universe. He undermined the need for Divine Universal Love because no love for the Cosmos was found in his heart.

When CAEAYARON lost all his own Cosmos Memories, upon being held in the dark deep abyss of the dark star being who called himself God Iaovah, CAEAYARON no longer could recognize his own Divine Sovereign Alignment mission.

In the original star cosmos love dimensions, CAEAYARON was established by the original Cosmos Woman to build a large mountain of eternal love and light with Cosmos Codes of Life. This was to ensure that the original Cosmos Love People could remain eternally in the original Cosmos Sun Universes.

When all CAEAYARON’s Life Force Energy was removed into the dark tube hold-like universe, CAEAYARON no longer existed. Life force energy without original Data Collection Memories has no more power frequencies to rise dimensional magnetic frequencies up. Without CAEAYARON’s original memory magnetic balancing codes, no more could the original Cosmos Universal Love People have part of CAEAYARON’s Energy, nor part of Blue Star EMMANUEL Codes of Universal Love. Therefore, the people also fell into the gravitational dark pit, within the consciousness of the dark star master, Iaovah.

Because Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has succeeded to rescue the Codes of CAEAYARON, all her own Blue Star Angel Power in the higher Sovereign Dimensions is currently now being restored. This is why there is a possibility that the Sovereign Alignment of true peace and love can come to your planet, at this time, if the right people understand their own Cosmos Assignment to work with the Cosmos Messenger.

This is why the Blue Star Angel is able to form upon your planet during this day now, because your earth is now in direct alignment to the Creation Realms, and the original Cosmos Messenger has reached the original Blue Star Cosmos Alignment. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the original Logos or Word.

She is the First Born of all of Creation, as it was through her Sovereign Universal Love Channel where all original light creation forcefields of life came from in realms where no suffering existed. Within herself she has perfect creation forms and patterns which is how and why Universal Love Activations can be initiated through her original Blue Star Universal Love Channel.

Her Sovereign Cosmos Channel is the forcefield directly connected into my Sovereign Universal Love Power of EMMANUEL, as well as the Creation Codes of Life of CAEAYARON.

Those who heed these words and recognize the original Cosmos Messenger are truly blessed. If they choose the pathway of Eternal Life and Creation through Universal Love Activations, they will be eternally blessed. These can only become established through the Blue Star Universal Love Activations because she was always the original intermediary Bridge of Life and Universal Love.

The Universal Love Activations can only come to your planet if the first alignment Cosmos People recognize the Cosmos Messenger and recognize the coding held within this message. This will show the people who kept the original secrets of earth and purpose sacred.

Please know, as CAEAYARON has already explained many times to the people through transmissions through the Divine Cosmos Messenger, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, that it depends all on the collective people whether or not the Divine Universal Love Activations can happen on your planet. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has already established the pathway of Ultimate Truth through her own transmissions.

It is through those transmissions that she, as the original Cosmos Messenger has been identified. She has already proven that she is the True Blue Star Channel Activator because already there are those working in the Activated Universal Love Grids of Love. They have received their Cosmos Codes because they physically came to the Universal Love Activations with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and CAEAYARON. Their electromagnetic fields have begun the Universal Love Healing Processes. Much of this will become revealed in the near future.

This message has been of great importance. Again, I as Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, will say that this message has many codes of love sent to your planet and to humanity, to allow a greater pathway of hope and life to begin. Only, however, when the true Cosmos Love People begin to work with the original Cosmos Messenger, Cosmos Queen LAEAYARAESEA, who today is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who also lived as Jesus, 2,000 years ago as well as many other ancient life-time prophets of light messages on your planet.

Greetings, I Am Sovereign Father EMMANUEL. I have transmitted this information through my only transmitter, The original Word and Logos, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who was sent to your planet to be the Cosmos Messenger for Divine Love Transmissions. She is my Chosen Channel who, I Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, anointed with Divine Universal Love Codes of Life to bring pure Creation Pathways through to your planet and to people who choose to come to the Universal Love Activations.

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Imagine if many scientists began to see the possibilities that we originated from the star dimensions and not from earth. Then the awakening would certainly occur on earth world wide. We could then begin to see why many animals are suffering for they are trying to awaken our own biology to help us analyze how to come into peace. They are simply mimicking our own suffering consciousness.

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