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30/07/2021 - Latest News

"When you work with sincere love from your heart,

Then greater treasures will open before you."

Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who is (since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel of CAEAYARON and Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, 13 February 2021


Please share this post with as many as possible. All the work of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is copyright protected to protect the information from being altered. Because this information is of utmost importance to allow all truth to become revealed, please share these posts with as many as possible.


Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was always the Messenger from Divine Love sent to the planet, to bring the promise of peace and love to the people. When the people desire to hear Divine Truth being spoken and desire to open their heart to Cosmic Intelligence, directly through their 'Truth Cosmic Channel', then on that day the world will begin to heal.


Cosmic Intelligence always worked with 'One' Logos. The original Universal Love Logos was the original Divine Transmitter with knowledge of Life and Truth. She was sent from Divine Realms to bring the people into higher understanding and knowledge of what Divine Purpose was. The Logos also could reveal how all the people living on the earth came into the abyss. This was why Divine sent their Logos to the earth for she was always held in Cosmos Love Grids. Therefore, she never was truly part of mankind’s grids, though she came to the people to reveal how the people can rise back to the Eternal Love.


Many people are currently asking if it is possible a future with peace could one day happen. Looking at the current world situation, one might not think so because hope for peace is looking bleak on the horizon.


Human conflict cannot be solved by world leaders because how can they solve world issues when they cannot even have peace among themselves? How can they agree on something when all peace agreements from the past have been altered? Although many desire peace, not all will desire peace to come. This is why CAEAYARON and Sovereign Father EMMANUEL are with Suzanna, to allow people to see there are solutions possible.


Many people might wonder if CAEAYARON and Sovereign Father EMMANUEL are part of another religion or if they are 'God'. But what if religion never was supposed to happen? What if originally all were created in love, freedom, beauty and true cosmic rejuvenation Universal Love flows?


Then how did condemnation, thoughts of a superior God, the need for salvation, the idea of sacrifice and the need for death and torture come into the consciousness of the people?


The question then would be: ‘Who set up a God of judgment and a God Yahweh, or also known as Jehovah?’


What if Yahweh brought conflict into the people, in the hope they would never remember their true Divine Purpose, all so that no one would rise back to true star love ever again.


What if CAEAYARON and Sovereign Father EMMANUEL were original Divine Creation Potential Forces of Universal Love, and what if Yahweh was an instigator who wanted Sovereign Father EMMANUEL and CAEAYARON to obey him? What if the great betrayer brought war and rebellion in those universes, all in an attempt to take over Divine Cosmic Power?


Could this explain why the great rebellion happened in the greater realms a very long time ago?


What if The Great CAEAYARON and Sovereign Father EMMANUEL were actual creation consciousness forces and that their Transmitter, the Blue Star Universal Love Channel was able to transmit Codes if Life through from CAEAYARON and the Great Sovereign Father EMMANUEL? What if CAEAYARON was Creation Potential Magnetic Force and what if EMMANUEL was Universal Love and Wisdom Force?


This would bring a whole other perception to how creation began, would it not? That would make the ‘Logos’ the ultimate transmitter of truth and that she always spoke Ultimate Truth with Divine Creation Forces of CAEAYARON and EMMANUEL.


Therefore, for those who see this, will comprehend that a ‘God’ was never purposed to be part of original creation. Never was a hierarchy put in place in the original universes. There were Creator Star Commanders who worked with the ‘original Life Coder’ to look after the people, but they never worked against each other. They worked with Codes of Life transmitted through from the Truth Messenger, The Sovereign Universal Love Channel. The Codes of Life were keys to allow all evolution to New Creation to exist.


One rebel who wanted to take all freedom of the people began a large rebellion. This resulted in a great war which brought great conflict within the people of the original Sovereign Love Universes.


Imagine if many living today began to remember how they were once Universal Love Star People and that their original creation purpose was to live in flows of Universal Love because they originally held the Cosmos DNA Codes of Life?


Then, certainly, this would be a time of awakening. Please know that a book is coming very soon, by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, which reasons with people as to how The Great Cosmos does have answers. The book will help assist the people to reason. It is not very far away now.


What if Suzanna was able to transmit Cosmic Intelligence through from Divine Realms? What if Divine Cosmic Universal Consciousness spoke through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, to reveal all that had happened in the past universes because it is now time to return to original truth? It is now time when the Great Sun Alignment has arrived when all comes back to the original ‘One’ path.


What if Suzanna Maria Emmanuel spoke truth about who designated her as the Sovereign Universal Love Channel? What if The Great CAEAYARON is Divine Cosmic Judge and what if HE was Cosmic Intelligence?


Please keep watching the Facebook Page and YouTube Channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Also see her website on


For those who are new to Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, please know she has detailed her entire spiritual journey on this page. To get to know her journey some investigation will be needed but it is worth the research, as you will find what exactly her journey is.


She continues to dedicate her time and effort, days and nights all for Divine Purpose to be done on planet earth. Now time is becoming more important as the Great Messianic Alignment has begun. All who come to the Sovereign Universal Love Channel at the Universal Love Alignments coming will receive their Everlasting Codes of Life, Creation and Freedom back.


We send you warm hugs, Universal Flows of warmth,


The Universal Love Team, the Galactic Foundations of Universal Love and Truth.


Please know this short message was transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, from the Galactic Federations of Universal Love.


As Suzanna's Universal Love Channel is growing quickly, her ability to diversify to many truth and love frequencies is currently expanding. This is all to assist the awakening to happen. When Suzanna is transmitting as a Life Coder, she connects into many frequencies of the people and the earth, all for the purpose to awaken them to the importance of this time.


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