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14/07/2021 - Questions And Answers




Answered by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (Since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, referring to a teaching from CAEAYARON on Youtube (from 22/2/15), answered 13 January 2021.


Thank you for viewing these Universal Love Teachings. They are from Divine Truth and CAEAYARON is the Sovereign Aligner of Magnetic Forces. He aligns all frequencies with Magnetic Force through my Blue Creation Star Sun, which also aligns to the Universal Love Power of Sovereign Father EMMANUEL.


These frequencies, are frequencies of magnetic forces which are transmitted through my Pineal Eye. These frequencies align the electromagnetic body of the people who come to the Universal Love Alignments into another grid which is called the Grid of Life. This is a grid where all gifts of the Activated can multiply and enhance. This grid enhances when I am in alignment with my Blue Star, especially during activations which then brings all Activated Codes of Life up higher. 


Thus, in short, all who become activated with CAEAYARON are placed in a 'grid' which is constantly aligning up to higher Star Grids of Life. 


These Codes of Life grow and enhance the Activated own Universal Love Electromagnetic Bodies, which slowly increase to become more 'power'. This is what being activated does; it aligns to higher consciousness and the Codes of Life constantly work with enormous Universal Love Flows. 


The Activated, steadily, all grow as a collective union to support each other spiritually individually. This means that all (spiritually and energetically) motivate and encourage each other to grow into higher love consciousness.


In short, the tones which are brought through my electromagnetic frequencies, by CAEAYARON, enhances spiritual love consciousness. It brings people into strength, love, and harmony. The tones open the hearts of people, as well as their pineal eyes which balances their neurological pathways to bring in loving healing flows, which feel very beautiful for the activated when they nurture their own hearts with Universal Love. 


These Codes of Life help the Activated to remember (consciously and unconsciously) their Universal Love Lifetimes in Lemuria and also in the Sovereign Universal Love Universes. This brings them into a personal self empowerment, because the journey of being Activated in Universal Love is their own Universal Love New Creation Story. They experience New Creation within themselves. This is what the Codes of Life do, it aligns them back up to their own original Star Universal Love Foundations. 


When I am in higher meditation states, CAEAYARON brings Universal Light healing frequencies through my brain frequencies. My own DNA is in line with the frequencies of Cosmic Intelligence. These frequencies are transmitted through my Pineal Eye which was always my greatest gift for the people. These frequencies are Star DNA frequencies to awaken people to come to the Activations, where they can receive their Star Codes of Life back. 


In Lemuria, I also was asked, by Divine Love, to work with these same frequencies to build the Rejuvenation Temple after all had fallen into the suffering mirrors. There I was asked to tone in the right frequencies, to allow the people who had lost their Life Codes to have another opportunity to come back to 'Star Living DNA Frequencies,' to allow their 'Souls' to align back to the Highest Sovereign Universal Love Dimensions. 


Without these Star Codes of Life, they could not possibly align up. 

The Rejuvenation Temple established the way to come from the conflict DNA into higher DNA frequencies, which also built up the light grids in Lemuria. Each time the light grids built higher, the Codes of Life were able to reconnect to the people with the correct sequences in frequencies.


After a very long time, finally, the people had reconnected to their original Star Coding of Life, and then the consciousness test came. The Sovereign Alignment was there but the great majority of Lemurians, as well as Atlanteans, chose to listen to the dark channel with his persuasive ways. They no longer wanted to work with the Universal Love and Ultimate Truth of CAEAYARON, and Sovereign Father EMMANUEL who brought the transmissions through me. 

Instead of wanting to work in the Universal Love collectively, they chose to work against Universal Love. They wanted to work with selfish desires. Many chose to willingly ‘sacrifice’ their Codes of Life which dropped all frequencies within the grids of Lemuria. This eventually dropped the power within the Lemurian Grids which dropped the consciousness frequencies. 

When consciousness frequencies drop, the DNA frequencies drop and then slowly all began to align with conflict and suffering. Once that happened, the rage happened in Lemuria and Atlantis, and the people began to war and rebel. No longer could they align to Universal Truth because Universal Love became a forgotten story. 


Once that happened, all fell away from Lemuria for no longer could they align to Universal Love. Now they fell into the same vibration as what they previously suffered with, as star beings, before they came to Lemuria. Now again they had fallen back into the dense mirrors. No longer were they able to return to Universal Love because now their memories were filled (once again) with conflict and grief.


This time we are living in currently, is placed in a very similar position and frequency when Lemuria also tried to align back up. In this frequency the Lemurians were able to choose which path they wanted to be on. If they had chosen for the Universal Love Gate, collectively, they would have never caved into density and suffering. Instead, they would have had eternal freedom. Unfortunately, they did not choose Universal Love.


This is why people are now asked to attend the Universal Love Alignments, physically, to realign to their Codes of Life. CAEAYARON awakens them through YouTube teachings (as well as teachings on facebook transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel). Constantly, he creates awareness that it is now that the people can choose, to either choose for Universal Love and Ultimate Universal Truth or go the other pathway. 


Sending you eternal Universal Love, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel



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