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17th DECEMBER 2021: Cosmos Universal Creation Forces Part 2 of Universal Cosmos Science

01/01/2022 - Latest News

COSMOS UNIVERSAL CREATION FORCES. PART 2 OF UNIVERSAL COSMOS SCIENCE. Transmitted through from Cosmos Intelligence with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Cosmos Messenger and Sovereign Universal Love Channel, 17 December 2021.

Namaste and greetings. As the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, I have been assigned by Divine Cosmos Intelligence to transmit through to the people messages from Caeayaron, Sovereign Father Emmanuel, and the Galactic Sovereign Star Universal Love Consciousness Forcefields. The Galactic Sovereign Universal Love Federations are from Cosmos Sovereign Love and have Cosmos Intelligence. They desire to assist humanity to come to peace, love, and joy on earth.

I transmit messages from enormously high Cosmos Intelligence fields, as I, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, have a unique gift. I can directly transmit Cosmos Intelligence through with Magnetic Forcefields (of Caeayaron), Universal Love Primary Cosmos Waves (of Sovereign Father Emmanuel), and the voice of Galactic Cosmos Universal Love Federations.

Divine Cosmos Love Intelligence has asked me to write these regular posts for Facebook readers to help humanity to see that a pathway to peace and love is possible with original Cosmos Knowledge, Wisdom, and Love which were (and still are today in Universes far away from our own solar system) original Star Primary Universal Love Cosmos Forces of Creation.

Before all original Universal Love Cosmos Forces of Creation collapsed into the dense hollow fields of our Milky Way Solar System, density did not exist. Originally, all in the universe was based on Sovereign Universal Love Fields of Star Power. Their DNA held Star Cosmos Codes of Life which were directly connected with Living Star Forces. This is why Star Love People had pure bodies of light. Originally, during those days, they did not have dense forces such as gravity on their planets, because they worked purely with Star Sun Forcefields.

Every thought they worked with together became living forces, due to their enormously strong Universal Light Forcefield Consciousness. In those original Universes, when Universal Love Star People had thoughts that they enjoyed and loved from their hearts of love, fields of their planets and creation became stronger. The original Star Universal Love People constantly worked with inspiration, which was why all their own creation on their own earths became stronger living forces. Whatever they thought about collectively, it so was.

Because they had never seen nor experienced struggle, no pathway of struggle could come into existence, as struggle could not exist within their own Universal Love Consciousness, which was their own forcefield of creation. Together with their individual minds, they connected to a collective field of Universal Love Consciousness, which was part of their own earths and all of creation.

Original consciousness, when it was placed in Universal Love, mirrored back all that the Star Cosmos People thought about. Because the original Star Cosmos People only desired love and creation with beauty and flows, only beauty, love, and joy came into existence. The original Cosmos Star People desired consciousness fields of creation to reflect their own true state of existence, based on their own inspiration and inner strength of beauty.

But when war came, none of the people could be inspired. They saw death and sorrow, which were dense forcefields. This collapsed the entire Sovereign Universes into our Milky Way, as dense thoughts brought suction fields in the universe.

At this time, my own Blue Star Sovereign Channel has reconnected to the original Sovereign Universal Stars which is how earth can have a future, if many people begin to understand how important it is to discover the original purpose of creation.

To discover why those original Cosmos Universal Love Forces became lost from earth’s and people’s DNA, and how they can become reactivated, you are most welcome to begin to research many messages from Star Cosmos Intelligence through my original Sovereign Channel, which is connected straight into Divine Universal Love Source.

Next time, we will discover more about the hollow earth and the echoes of memories of consciousness. Until then, thank you for reading this post and please visit my Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, and my website at

Namaste, I send you Universal Love Waves always, The Galactic Star Cosmos Ambassador, Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

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Please feel free to share this information of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to other people. It would be good if many began to understand how important this information is during this time. We could only imagine what the earth could become like if many joined in the love. Then we would finally be able to rid the violence and the hypocrisy and judgment from the world. Imagine if many scientists began to see the possibilities that we originated from the star dimensions and not from earth. Then the awakening would certainly occur on earth world wide. We could then begin to see why many animals are suffering for they are trying to awaken our own biology to help us analyze how to come into peace. They are simply mimicking our own suffering consciousness.

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