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18th February 2022 Star Amnesia and the consequences of it

19/03/2022 - Questions And Answers

STAR AMNESIA AND THE CONSEQUENCES OF IT: Question answered by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Cosmos Ambassador with Cosmos Intelligence, Caeayaron. Posted on 18 February 2022.


Please note: The original question comes from a YouTube viewer. The original question was altered a little for the purpose for Facebook readers, to allow many to identify the difference between original creation DNA coding and human dense DNA coding.

Enjoy reading, sending many Universal Love Waves always, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel


Thank you for your question. After all fell away from the higher Sovereign Universal Love Star Cosmic spaces, all the star ancient memories disappeared from the cellular memories, which is why the DNA could no longer re-establish connection back to the original planetary systems. Because all those ancient universes were gone, there was no reconnection up possible either.

This was how important it was for the Galactic Federations of Universal Love to send the Divine Love Element, Cosmos Messenger to earth to be with mankind, as the Cosmos Messenger was able to recognize the original Universal Love Signals of the Great Sovereign Father Emmanuel Codes. The only being who could recognize the original Creation Signal was the ‘One’ original Cosmos Messenger. As long as she remained in the Universal Love of her original pathway, then all ancient Star Pathways would always recognize her own Star Coding held within her own Blue Star DNA Cosmic Cellular Memory.

It was only if the original Sovereign Universal Love Channel could reconnect back to her original Sovereign Father Emmanuel, through the Blue Star Cosmos Gateway, that the original Cosmos Codes of Life could ever be transferred back to the people. This was because the original ‘Blueprint’ of the original Cosmos Codes of Life was held in the Blue Star Sun Alignment.

The only way for the original Sun Alignment to be able to occur on planet earth was if the original Cosmos Coder of Life could harmonize with all the denser DNA and hold it, before bringing in greater brain signals. This is how humanity evolved upwards, slowly. Otherwise, higher consciousness waves could never come to earth for they could only come if enough people gained back enough intelligence to understand how important it was to search for the original Keys of Creation.

For a very long time, people could not understand any thing much anymore. They wondered around from day to day without even recognizing that they had a higher purpose. Their own intelligence could only ever become switched back on if they became motivated enough to wonder and question. This is why the Cosmos Ambassador, Divine Love Element was sent to the planet, to help people to think and reason a little higher. Then, if they could hold higher reasoning, she would be able to reconnect back to mankind with higher possibilities. This is how the Waves of Light were able to increase on planet earth.

Before the Sovereign Cosmos People lost all their own Star memories from their cellular levels, they could not comprehend what war was, because war and conflict were not signals imprinted within their original Universal Love Cosmos Codes of Life DNA, and so it could not affect their original Universal Love Consciousness.

In the original Universal Love Creation, the original Cosmos Universal Love People experienced no death, violence, suffering, war, food shortages, illness or any malfunction within their original brain signals. Therefore, they were unable to show others what death dystrophy was either.

In the original Sovereign Universes, they only had enormously high intelligent sound signals within their DNA. This was because their original Cosmos Codes of Life were Ultimate Intelligence Creation Patterns.

Once the original Cosmos Love People saw the dark challenger, they began to receive another signal. This signal was connected into the dense Merkabah Mirror. This strong signal was like a virus which, once it entered the collective stream of Universal Cosmos Love People, sent chaos among the thoughts of the people.

The dark challenger stated that this was good for the evolution of the people, for the people could now see a whole other part of creation. But this was devastating for all of the Blue Sun Cosmos Universal Love People. All original Universal Love Creation Cosmos Codes of Life signals were overwritten by the signal coming from the dark challenger’s own Merkabah, which he won from Thoth’s Red Star Universes.

The only way for the original Sovereign Blue Sun Cosmos People to be able to connect to the original universes was if they became reactivated again through my own Sovereign Blue Star Channel. This is because the original Sound Frequencies and Sound Signals of Creation (which are all part of the original star memories) are held in my own Sovereign Universal Love Cosmic Channel. My own channel connects into enormously high star signals which is why I am able to channel in enormously high frequencies from Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great, as well as the Sovereign Magnetic Fields of Caeayaron through to earth. My own Sovereign Channel is a Universal Love Stream which is the original mirror field of creation.

When people gain their original Cosmos Codes of Life back through Universal Love Activation processes with Caeayaron, Sovereign Father Emmanuel and my original Blue Star Fields, their original multidimensional galactic Universal Love Cosmos Codes of Life are transferred back to their cellular memories.

This transference begins to take place during the Universal Love Activations and continues on well after their initial activations. The Cosmos Codes of Life grow within the bodies of light of the Activated Universal Love people. This is why Caeayaron always states that the way for an Activated Universal Love Person to grow, is to learn to flow in Divine Universal Love.

Once they are activated in the Universal Love my own Sovereign Blue Star Channel experiences waves. It begins to neutralize the Universal Love Activated light fields. This is so that slowly the star fields can connect back into their own light bodies to help them gain enormous new star light with new dimensional bodies of light. Some of the Codes of Life act like a security guard for the light bodies so that those Cosmos Codes cannot ever be overwritten by dark Merkabah signals ever again. This is why the Universal Love Activated continue to grow stronger within their light systems.

Those Universal Love Star Signals become a stronger DNA signature written within their own cellular structure. Those signals are memories of creation which are recognized by the stars. The stars remember the activated sounds as Signals of Wisdom which are enjoyable to the stars.

This is why, once people become Activated with Universal Love Streams of Energy, which comes in after they receive back their Cosmos Codes of Life, they are ready to go back home to the star dimensions of eternal love after this lifetime. Once they have their original DNA Cosmos Codes of Life back, they have succeeded themselves with their greatest soul purpose, which was always to seek their own treasures which would help them to return back to the original Sovereign Father Emmanuel, Blue Sun Cosmic Universes of Eternal Love; where the Blue Sun always shines with joy, love, happiness and abundance of creation manifestation fields of life.

Thank you for your question. Sending you many Universal Love Waves always, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel transmitted through this post from Cosmos Knowledge and Intelligence. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the Designated Sovereign Universal Love Channel for Divine Universal Love. She transmits information through from Sovereign Father Emmanuel, Caeayaron, and the Galactic Cosmos Universal Love Federations for the purpose to awaken mankind to the higher pathway of Universal Love.

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Imagine if many scientists began to see the possibilities that we originated from the star dimensions and not from earth. Then the awakening would certainly occur on earth world wide. We could then begin to see why many animals are suffering for they are trying to awaken our own biology to help us analyze how to come into peace. They are simply mimicking our own suffering consciousness.

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