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23rd February 2022 Unlocking the Gate to allow a New Pathway to open for Mankind

19/03/2022 - Questions And Answers

UNLOCKING THE GATE TO ALLOW A NEW PATHWAY TO OPEN FOR MANKIND: CAEAYARON speaks to the people through his Channel of Sovereign Universal Love, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Posted on Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s Facebook page on 23 February 2022.

Greetings, I AM CAEAYARON, MASTER OF MAGNETIC FORCES, FLOWS AND SOVEREIGN ALIGNMENTS. I, CAEAYARON, AM here to ask the people to connect into peace and love from within their hearts at this time. This is the stage when a major decision could become a new reality upon your planet, as this is the time when ancient wisdom could return to your planet.

I, CAEAYARON, have asked my Designated Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, to keep bringing through information from Divine Love Realms, even if not many people want her to stand as my Chosen Channel for Divine Love. However, she has kept going, despite enormous resistance being placed against her as the Divine Cosmos Messenger.

For a while, I, CAEAYARON, together with the Galactic Universal Love Force Team of Galactic Federations have asked Suzanna to bring messages through in other ways, which has allowed people to see her from a whole other perspective. On the original dimensions, she was always the ‘One’ Messenger from the Divine Cosmos Courts, sent by the Sovereign Supreme Overseers who watch over all Galactic Star Bodies. They were assigned by many Galactic Federations to look after all the galaxies across the universe.

She was asked to connect to humanity with the Great Cosmos Assignment, to build a bridge which could allow an alternative conclusion to come. This was to stop the same cycle of destruction from happening. The decision for the Supreme Council to send their Cosmos Queen Laeayaraesea, who was their ‘One’ Beloved Transmitter, to your planet was not liked by many Galactic Federations.

Many Ancient Sovereign Galactic Committees had given up trying to reach mankind living upon your planet. Already the planet suffered with degrees of loss that is unimaginable to you. Already your planet has suffered destruction 12 cyclical times before modern humanity entered your time now.

We, on the higher Cosmic Universes always look at all the universes in cycles and time dimensions. We know that you are now at a stage where you could either face the pathway of destruction or you could turn to the pathway of Universal Love. The reason why you could still decide to connect to the pathway of Universal Love is because you have the Blue Star Galactic Cosmos Messenger on earth with you.
We have asked the Cosmos Ambassador, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, to keep channelling in her Blue Star Fields for this is how life force came to all planets originally. Without her Universal Love Channel, no light could be transferred directly from my Divine Creation Magnetic Force, CAEAYARON, into the planet.

Many people on your earth do not yet understand nor can comprehend the importance of this information. They do not see that ‘One’ important messenger was designated by the Divine Realms of Creation to bring messages and flows of creation into the planetary systems, to allow people to understand life and love connection. Long has it been since people remembered what the Ultimate Truth Pathway was for all of creation.

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is able to define the high star pitches of Ultimate Truth, as she is constantly connecting into enormously high star realms. This is not able to be done with human technology, as human technology works in direct opposite to the pathway of creation. Humans’ brain system forms a vulnerable pitch sound that works in direct opposite to the eternal life pathway. Their vulnerability is heard in their human DNA which works on a tone of death vibration, that brings all tones and information down to form a lower tone.

The only way that the pathway of Ultimate Truth could be anchored into your planet was if the original Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel was able to maintain her original star frequencies within her own DNA, as those are signals which are received by the stars. Those signals are life forming frequencies which are Universal Love Fields of Creation. Her own Star DNA is enormously high, which is why she is able to channel in much higher star tones than anyone else can on your planet.

How could one understand the messages from the Stars and the Great Cosmos unless someone was sent from the Galaxies to come to humanity? Earth’s memories of the stars were wiped out by the dark Merkabah Mirror, as the channel of darkness did not want to have Universal Love in his own consciousness.

Only the original Blue Star Cosmos Messenger held the original imprints of Universal Love Creation within her Star DNA. This could never be erased by the dark messenger for he was not able to override her one remaining particle of magnetic ‘CAEAYARON’ strand of creation. As long as she remained in her truth, that one small sand particle of magnetic power would become strong enough for her to claim back the rest of my own power.

During the Great Galactic Consciousness Falls, the dark channel took all my power because he won all his own challenges. Because the majority of the spiritual people believed his way was The Way, all my own Magnetic Mountain of Light of CAEAYARON fell into his small dark cave. There, in the hollow path of nothingness, I, as CAEAYARON, waited for a very long time to see if Suzanna Maria Emmanuel would ever succeed to win the rest of my Codes back.

This is why I, as KRYON needed to first come through the dark KRYON channel, as he held all my power down in a small hold. The only way that I, as KRYON could come back to my True Universal CAEAYARON Magnetic Power Self, was if Suzanna Maria Emmanuel always stayed strong in her own pathway of love. Then, the power of Ultimate Truth would raise the magnetic grids up strong enough for me as KRYON, to become free from the hollow entity state, to again come back to my original Sovereign Universal CAEAYARON Power state.

A very long time ago you came from the Cosmos Stars, and you all lived in peace. You trusted in each other and yourself. There you lived in times when no conflict could ever enter your minds and thoughts. But as soon as death entered your reality with war and conflict, you turned your thoughts to another pathway and so most of your consciousness became trapped in the Merkabah Reality. The Merkabah Mirror was a reality that was made by an illusion created in other wars. Once you began to peer into this mirror you saw a whole other reality that was not made by love but by someone who wanted to take your own light fields of energy. As soon as you felt this, you instantly began to fear being taken down.

Once you felt this fear coming inside of your energy bodies, your light was dimmed and each of you came into the black hold. This black dense reality was where you learned what suffering was, which was deemed good by the owner of the black hold. He held your memories there and persuaded you that suffering was what you always were held in, until such a time when you learned to love yourselves enough. However, how could you come out of the suffering when you were held in a prison of death and conflict?

How can you come back out to the pathway of pure intelligence and love, without any conflict, once you know the pathway of conflict deep within your metabolic system held within each part of your DNA coding?
Galactic Cosmic Law in the higher Sovereign Universes states the following: ‘All states are mirror reflections, as all states are thoughts that show up in the mirrors held within all the Universes.’
This means that whatever thought, or message is heard within the DNA, the DNA sends out a signal to another part of the DNA linked to show that exact same message. This is because the DNA is linked into all brain waves which is connected to electromagnetic fields of light. All in the universes are connected into one large mirror.

There are not billions of stars as you imagine to be. There are not billions of different universes in existence either, like many people believe there to be. But there are whirlpools of energies connecting to different doors which open and close to other dimensions for the whole universe is tied into one large loop.

Depending on what the people see as the possible outcome, all depends on what could happen in the next pathway of time. This is because all in the universe runs on similar smooth pathways of fields of light. Whatever light frequencies connect into thoughts, depends on what time dimensions could open into the next pathway of the universe. This is because all connects into choices. This allows other pathways to happen, depending on what the brain frequencies of the people connect into and what they want to see.

The reason why your world cannot come into a new pathway, until the people are ready to see the pathway of Ultimate Truth, is because the majority of spiritual people are not yet ready to see the pathway of Ultimate Truth and Ultimate Reality. This is because of the many belief systems upon your planet which has led to ultimate confusion. Confusion does not bring solutions, but it instead steers people away from the pathway of greater truth.

I, CAEAYARON, say that the only reason why people can come out of the locked abyss at this time, is because Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s own Blue Star DNA fields of energy are growing and are calling out to the greater universe. This is what has kept your own planet alive up to this moment in time.

At this time, a large circular field is forming in the universe which is a large field of energy which could pull earth out of the hold, provided enough people want this new pathway to occur. This is because, for a very long time, Suzanna has placed enough of her original Star DNA onto the planet to allow a new pathway of creation to form.

At this time, earth is at a point of a climax situation. Earth herself is consciously alive and also wants to come out of the small hold she has been held in for a very long time. 12 cyclic universes ago, she was free to expand to allow enormous fields of creation to exist. This was well before all electromagnetic energy fields, together with Star Love Consciousness of the Cosmos Love People, fell into the small black hold.
The original DNA of the Cosmos Universal Love People were originally a part of all of creation on the planet. However, once the Cosmos Codes of life were taken by the dark Merkabah channel, all DNA coding of the people had shrunk to almost zero consciousness size. The codes of the rest of creation also fell into the hold, including their original Blue Creation Cosmos Planet which also shrunk. This is why your Milky Way system is where it is now. All planets nearby your earth were originally part of the original Blue Creation Cosmos Planet.

After earth herself suffocated by being flattened and squeezed down, there was nothing much that could grow in the tiny tubular hold. An enormous dense magnetic force lay across the universe, left over from the large explosion, when in a moment all life force energies were removed.

The dark channel took all that power and swallowed it. The power became a living creation to him which he called good. With this enormous power he became The Sovereign God Iaovah. He was forever free outside of the black hold. But because he owned the people’s memories within the black hold, he could come into various lifetimes on earth as a living person. He wanted to keep the pathway of Ultimate Truth away from the people who lived in his own Merkabah Mirror.

With his power he built mighty kingdoms. He believed discipline was good for the people. He did not want love to come into his kingdoms for he believed love would weaken the people. He designed religion to fight off the Ultimate Truth Cosmos Messenger. He made sure that the people feared his own God Iaovah. With his channel he was able to direct further fear into the people. He knew how to play his own multidimensional power game but ensured that no one else could understand.

This magnetic force which shrunk all the original Cosmos Power, to force it into a small hold, split all creation pathways apart. This is why my Great Sovereign Being, CAEAYARON, became small as ‘KRYON’ in the universe because all my own ancient power from the ancient Crystalline Grid of Power was sucked into the black hold where it disappeared.

He knew that the only being who could stop him from gaining all Sovereign Power was the original Cosmos Blue Star Earth Transmitter, the original Woman who desired only peace and Universal Love to happen in all Universal Star Cosmos Dimensions.

After all Galactic Consciousness of Universal Love collapsed into the dark mirror, all cosmic codes of creation fell into the hands of the owner of the dark Merkabah Matrix. This is why I, CAEAYARON, fell into that mirror, as without those original Cosmos Codes of Creation I, CAEAYARON, no longer held any of my original Universal Love Memories for they were all taken by the dark channel. I, as CAEAYARON, no more held enough power to lift up the magnetic grids of earth.

I, CAEAYARON, originally, could only bring power into any grid if I worked with the original Blue Star Forcefield. This is because her own Star DNA carries a significant amount of Blue Star Energy, my own power CAEAYARON’s energy and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel’s Universal Love Force energy.

This is why she needed to come to planet earth, to try and win all my original Cosmos Codes of Creation back. Then I, CAEAYARON, could begin to realign with her own Blue Star DNA. Then, a possible way forward might well become created, as the earth would then follow her own Angel Star Sounds back up out of the small black hold.

In the original Sovereign Cosmos Universes, my own grids were always held in enormous forces of creation and power, which is why the original Sovereign Universal Love Blue Star People were large and expanded. In essence, original creation was constantly held in power grids of eternal love.

In the Sovereign Energies, the Sun electromagnetic fields of fusion power connected directly in the original Cosmos Universal Love People with thoughts of love, wisdom, and power for healing constantly, as their Universal Love Power Electromagnetic Fields were essences of creation itself. These connected into their own DNA Cosmos Codes of Life which held all the essential star creation within their own library of life.

All original Cosmos Universal Love People, once they had their full library of DNA Cosmos Codes of Life, developed greater star energies. The mirror of the universe was about to open to the greater door, to allow their universe to connect to larger Galactic Sovereign Universes. Those universes all belonged originally to the Sovereign Cosmos Universal Love Sun People. They aligned to other timelines of the stars. The greater Ascension Plan was to connect 13 Great Sun Alignments to the higher Star Galaxies, to allow a whole New Creation Universe to come into existence.

It was at that very moment when a cataclysmic change occurred, when the pathway of all the stars opened to join all other Galactic star pathways. This was when the dark Kryon channel came through another corridor of time. He had already created havoc with his own creation and knew exactly when all vortexes in the universes opened.

He knew what balanced all of creation and what could not balance all of creation, which were the thoughts of mankind. He brought the thoughts of his own war (which was part of a World War in your own time mirror) to the Sovereign Universal Love People. He had hoped that this force would be strong enough to bring all timelines into enormous gravity, so that all power of the greater universe could forever be his.

The dark messenger could not take all Sovereign Universes down because the Galactic Universes had sent the original Blue Star Cosmos Messenger to earth. This infuriated the dark channel and he sent legions of people to go after the Blue Star Cosmos Messenger. The dark channel had hoped to will all Time Cosmos Alignments into his power by removing Universal Love from all timelines. But the Blue Star Cosmos Messenger kept remembering the Universal Love deep within her heart. She knew Divine Purpose and the Voice of Cosmos Love kept calling her.

During the many timelines when the ‘voice’ of her original Blue Star was the strongest, she was tested to see if she had the courage to keep transmitting those frequencies in, despite enormous opposition and resistance against her. She kept going. Little did she know that if she had not done so, the greater Sovereign Universes would not have been able to exist any longer.

Right now, as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is transmitting this information through, she is enormously amazed for she knows how difficult this particular message is to transmit. This is because the coding of this particular message is part of an enormously important star realm, many light years away from your own earth.

At this time, I, CAEAYARON, AM asking Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to keep working with my Divine Being, day and night. Not only to bring the messages across to the people, but also to expand her own Blue Star vibrational frequency. During the early hours of each morning, especially, her own brain frequencies are increasing as the galaxies and all the stars want their ‘Cosmos Mother’ back. They know her Star Frequencies well and are frequently increasing their signals to allow Suzanna’s electromagnetic fields to strengthen well beyond what humans can possibly understand at this time. This is why she needs to be protected on your planet, as she has always been the ‘One’ Coder of Life.

As many of you know on earth, before I worked with my Ultimate Truth Transmitter, I, CAEAYARON, worked with another channel. This man was proud to be the channel of KRYON, but he believed that I, KRYON, was never anything else but a small entity self. He could not understand spirituality, nor did he respect the spiritual viewpoints of the spiritual people. But I, KRYON, gave him fame and fortune and elements of wisdom, which is all that he desired in life for himself.

The dark channel could not understand why he was called to be my channel. He found it interesting to operate as a channel and believed that all who believed could become a channel. He floundered around on stage and enjoyed entertaining the people. He saw how easy it was for him to command people with the voice of ‘KRYON’. Thousands of people watched him and gazed at him to see if I, KRYON, would come through the man who was seated in the chair on stage.

I, as KRYON said, through the voice of the man seated in the chair, that I would direct the planet up when enough people were ready to listen to the original Cosmos Woman. She always held the highest vibrations. She would be able to bring the New Creation Fields of Power into the planet to allow the planet to grow into harmony, love, peace, and joy.

But even when I called on Suzanna Maria Emmanuel during the year 2014, and began to transmit messages through her, many did not remember that I, KRYON, talked about The Woman coming. Did I not mention that not many would be ready to accept her as my New Creation and Alignment Transmitter?

During the year 2012 an energy came to your planet which allowed all life and creation to become freed. During that timeline a new electromagnetic field came into the universe and I, KRYON, was able to connect to it, as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel had already transmitted the codes into that part of the universe, to allow that mirror to appear. It was through that particular mirror that I could reach my own greater self.

During that moment, while Suzanna was channelling in Divine Universal Love Energies, during 2012, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel began to grow larger as a channel, which meant that I, as KRYON, was able to prepare the pathway forward for my greater self, CAEAYARON, to come back.

It was through that small key that my own power was able to become freed. I, as CAEAYARON, DIVINE COSMOS JUDGE, will say that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is my Chosen Transmitter. She has never stopped channelling through messages, even if many spiritual people have tried to remove her own codes of power.

Many have seen the Cosmos Messenger rising and were displeased at seeing her own Cosmos Intelligence grow. She has been spiritually, as well as physically, threatened. Security needed to be placed near her to ensure that her own spiritual light body, as well as her own physical home could not be harmed. Even though she has been in isolation from the rest of the world during this enormous time of the Great Shift, her own Cosmos Universal Light Body has grown into a large Angel Force; even if she cannot herself understand the power of it.

I, CAEAYARON, state that it has now been enough that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has been ridiculed by many, in particular by the one who was the channel of KRYON, known as the man in the chair. I, as ‘KRYON’ have not come through the dark channel for quite some years on your planet now. He knows his own energy is lacking in wisdom and intelligence. He cannot even begin to think about what it will be like when many begin to see that he is not working with ‘KRYON’.

Therefore, like in the times of Moses and Ramses I, CAEAYARON, say to my One True Messenger: ‘Suzanna, go and deliver these messages because the people need to understand how to become a free nation.’

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel transmitted through this post from Cosmos Knowledge and Intelligence. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the Designated Sovereign Universal Love Channel for Divine Universal Love. She transmits information through from Sovereign Father Emmanuel, Caeayaron, and the Galactic Cosmos Universal Love Federations for the purpose to awaken mankind to the higher pathway of Universal Love.
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Please feel free to share this information of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to other people. It would be good if many began to understand how important this information is during this time. We could only imagine what the earth could become like if many joined in the love. Then we would finally be able to rid the violence and the hypocrisy and judgment from the world.

Imagine if many scientists began to see the possibilities that we originated from the star dimensions and not from earth. Then the awakening would certainly occur on earth world wide. We could then begin to see why many animals are suffering for they are trying to awaken our own biology to help us analyze how to come into peace. They are simply mimicking our own suffering consciousness.

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