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29/12/2022 - Cosmos Ambassador

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel & Sovereign Love: November 2022 Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events
Namaste and welcome to the Time of the Great Sovereign Cosmos Alignment.  Suzanna Maria Emmanuel transmitted through the Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life at the Sovereign Universal Love Activations Event of November 2022, England, 4 – 14 November 2022, by connecting into the frequencies of Sovereign Magnetic and Universal Love Creation Fields of Caeayaron, and Sovereign Father Emmanuel. 
For more than 62 hours, in deep states of concentrated focus, within a deep conscious awareness state, Suzanna stood on stage transmitting through the messages directly from the Sovereign Cosmos Universe.  Cosmos Intelligence, Caeayaron, came through several times each day while Suzanna Maria Emmanuel connected deep into the Cosmos Sovereign Streams of Universal Love and Magnetic Forces.  

Caeayaron, with Suzanna’s Blue Star DNA and her unique Universal Love Electromagnetic Field, which connects into Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s Blue Star DNA, can bring all earth’s vibrational frequencies up higher to bring her into greater fields of Cosmos Codes of Star Knowledge.

Not many people on earth know about Cosmos Universal Love Frequencies and that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is a unique individual who still has her original Blue Star DNA Cosmos Codes.  Currently, Suzanna’s own Blue Star Cosmos DNA connects into greater Sovereign Universes which is evidence for all people, at this time, that people once were connected into the Cosmos Star Realms.

This was also the reason why Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, as the Cosmos Messenger, was sent to earth to bring her original Blue Star DNA to earth for all original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life were destroyed a long time ago in a large Galactic War.  

Now, by being with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, at the Sovereign Universal Love Activations Event, Caeayaron explains through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel how the first Primary Galactic Cosmos Star DNA forces were made, and how all in the Great Universe interacted with a special Cosmos Star DNA Code of Life to harmonize all of creation with.

It is those same frequencies which Suzanna Maria Emmanuel can transmit through today, but only for those who come to Caeayaron’s Cosmos University of Light.  Caeayaron explains step by step how the original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life functioned in original creation, and how the original planets of creation operated with Sovereign Cosmos DNA Alignments.  
Caeayaron also explains why only the original Blue Star Cosmos Messenger, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, can bring in those same original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life for she always was the original Cosmos Messenger.  Caeayaron has explained that all original Blue Star Cosmos Creation Blueprints originally connected into the Sovereign Universal Love Channel of the Blue Star Angel, who always held the highest Sovereign Universal Love vibrations within her Sacred Blue Star Heart.  

The original Blue Star Angel connected into a woman to bring Sovereign Universal Love and Truths through to the original Sovereign Star Cosmos People, who lived on the planets of the original Sovereign Universal Love Star Realms.  Within her Blue Star Heart, she had a Cosmos Star DNA Code of Universal Love, which was her Blue Star DNA of all of Creation. 

In all original Cosmos Creation, Caeayaron, and Sovereign Father Emmanuel, brought through Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life with New Creation Frequencies through Blue Star, who in those days was Cosmos Queen Laeayaraesea.  Those original Blue Star Cosmos Creation Star DNA Codes, with Cosmos Queen Laeayaraesea’s original Blue Star Cosmos DNA, align today to the spiritual and energy vibrational field of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s Blue Star Angel Divine Love Element Heart.

The original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life were lost in a large Galactic war, which is why Sovereign Father Emmanuel asked his Cosmos Messenger, Cosmos Queen Laeayaraesea to come to Lemuria, to try and restructure the original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life. 

Unfortunately, the great majority, during the Great Cosmos Alignment did not desire Caeayaron, nor Sovereign Father Emmanuel, nor Suzanna Maria Emmanuel as Cosmos Queen Laeayaraesea, Blue Star Divine Love Element in those days, and so all the original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life of the Lemurians, and the Atlanteans, fell into the quantum human duality dense-suffering consciousness.  

This meant that no one could reconnect again to the original Sovereign Cosmos Universes.  No more could they be part of the original Blue Star Golden Sun Consciousness of the original Sovereign Emmanuel Universes, unless Suzanna Maria Emmanuel could realign back to all original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life with Caeayaron’s full and original Sovereign Cosmos Frequencies.

The way to do that was to always hold her spiritual heart with her Blue Star DNA Codes intact in millions of her own earth lifetimes.  As long as she herself had hope within her heart for a better pathway to come, and if she could reveal truth to people of the knowledge that was deep inside of her, could she realign to Caeayaron’s original Cosmos Love frequencies. 

This is why Caeayaron invites people to come to the Sovereign Universal Cosmos Alignments, to hear Caeayaron speak and receive back their original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life.  Caeayaron can only transmit those exact same original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life and Creation, through his original Everlasting Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel, who today has been publicly identified by Caeayaron as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.  Suzanna has never lost her original Blue Star DNA Codes, which are held within her Universal Love Electromagnetic Fields of Light. 

These are some testimonies of people who attended the Sovereign Universal Love Activations Event in November 2022, England.  The entire Sovereign Cosmos Event was transmitted in by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.  She stood on stage the whole time, to hold the Cosmos Fields for all the people who were there with her own Universal Love Electromagnetic Field. You are most welcome to read through them. 

Universal Love Testimony 1: 
There is nowhere else in the world to discover our true spiritual history but here. Suzanna transmitted through beautiful science that has been hidden, as well as truths of the life of Jesus and what truly happened in his lifetime. This all resonated with me deeply. Some of it was uncomfortable to hear. But at last, the truth, and a way for humanity to heal the earth and have peace and love on our planet.

Nothing is hidden here. It’s all revealed. The process of creation. Earth’s place in the Universe. What our planet’s original purpose was. I loved every second of it. I loved Caeayaron’s masterful way of teaching. From the young ones in the room who had beautiful visions and experiences, to the adults from all walks of life and all countries. Thank you, Suzanna, you worked so hard. I’ll be coming back again and again to learn more from the Divine Masters and Star beings of love. I am eternally grateful.
G, R. – New Zealand 
8 November 2022

Universal Love Testimony 2: 
What really resonated with me, while attending the Sovereign Universal Love Activation was the clarity, inner knowledge that I had to be here. The call and the wait was for this lifetime. The logic of all the information given was so clear. I feel gratitude to be here at this time! It’s humongous. My heart beats with so much strength in confirmation. So much enlightenment!!
Save our beautiful Earth!! Grow into beautiful star beings and learn to create on a higher pathway in the love and the peace in the New Creation. Receiving the love from Divine.
F, G. – Switzerland
8 November 2022

Universal Love Testimony 3: 
I absolutely loved the teachings on harmony and how it allows us to stand in the oneness of all Creation.
It is true that you connect to your ancient codes to help you to grow to higher intelligence to allow you to grow into love and peace and joy that was part of original creation. With a lot of work on Suzanna’s part, mankind can experience this again. We learned about the way we lived in the time of Lemuria. 
The messages that come through are teachings to help you to grow in your own beautiful life. You receive spiritual tools and gifts that you cannot receive in any other way, other than by coming to the activations. When you receive the great mantle, you feel the beautiful love flows growing within you. This is a beautiful gift that will be with you forever and ever. 
I will eternally be grateful to Suzanna for all she does. The activations are an amazing experience. All you feel is great profound love.
B, H. – New Zealand
8 November 2022

Universal Love Testimony 4: 
The activations were powerful in so many ways. The knowledge that was channelled was truly informative. I felt divine love and protection throughout the entire course as well. Suzanna has worked very hard channeling and creating new books behind the scenes. Much gratitude to her. I experienced several energies, visions, and insights during this course. Much love gratitude and flowers.
The powerful codes that came in were unbelievable. People need to experience it in person with Suzanna to understand.
J, E. – Canada
8 November 2022

Universal Love Testimony 5: 
The whole thing was beautiful, I felt like all the problems I have been struggling with were addressed and I was given solutions, tips, and exercises to resolve them. I felt like my creator was directly teaching and holding me lovingly/gently.
Divine explained the only way to global peace is individual peace and to achieve individual peace you need the codes which are received by coming to the Sovereign Universal Love Activations.
A, K. - Greece 
8 November 2022

Universal Love Testimony 6: 
I loved the whole program, and I felt the flows of love coming in greatly. Before I attended the activations, I asked Caeayaron to help me with my heart flows, manifestation and how I can understand more as to how I can work with them. I have felt very stuck in these areas. 
Right from the very first day, information came through that helped me in all areas of my life. I was so amazed at how everything I needed to know was answered. My healing throughout the activations has been huge. I felt my codes coming in and my heart open greater, and my understanding and knowledge has become so much greater. I was able to manifest and fulfill my desire to attend program 2 and 3. So eternally grateful.
For me it is the only way we can find love, joy, and peace on earth. My way back home is to the Love Universes. I feel more alive with so much love within. Since my first activation in 2019, my healing has been enormous, and my pain (physical) is nearly all gone.  I am eternally grateful to Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for all her love for us.
A, D. - England 
8 November 2022

Universal Love Testimony 7: 
The channeling of manifestation really resonated with me. It’s a guide to how to live our life. Being aware of all thoughts, feelings and actions will pave the path we prefer for our lives. The blackboard/whiteboard meditation to communicate with my guides is beautiful and I will use it often.  
The energy on the planet is rising. The only way to connect into the codes is with the activations. You can then be removed from the Merkabah split system. Connect into codes of life!!
S, D. – U.S.A.
8 November 2022

Universal Love Testimony 8: 
So many wonderful teachings from Caeayaron. The gift of harmony allows you to stand in the oneness of all creation.  Energies and belief systems feed into pain so it’s important not to be pulled into those energies. We have received so many codes back, star codes and star DNA codes.   The New Earth grid is forming.  The Blue Star prophecy is being fulfilled.               
A whole new Earth dimension has shifted in. When people start remembering and reexperiencing, that is when the butterflies and whales will also remember how to connect into love. We are on a pathway of unlimited star potential.
Divine Masters through Suzanna give you hope and a knowing that earth will survive.
Much gratitude to Suzanna, Caeayaron, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel and all who came through in the channellings.
C, H. – New Zealand
8 November 2022

Universal Love Testimony 9: 
It is possible to save our planet, to be able to work collectively with the star beings to do this.       We heard transmissions as to how life began. Learning to evolve is a gift and we received spiritual tools to be able to achieve our desires.
Please get activated, it’s the only way we can collectively work to save our planet and then we can live in peace and love. No more wars!!
A, W. – New Zealand
8 November 2022

Universal Love Testimony 10: 
I greatly enjoyed these Love Activations. I have learnt so much and gained so much love and peace. The talk from Caeayaron about the beginning of time on earth was my absolute favourite and blew my mind!! The frequencies and flows were beautiful, and I could feel them wrap themselves around me and take me up, up, up ….
If you want REAL unconditional love and want to feel REAL peace, come get activated.
N, M. – New Zealand
8 November 2022

Universal Love Testimony 11: 
The power of collective love can heal all problems if we follow the one path of Love and Peace. The principles channeled by Suzanna will change my life and allow me to be part of the Universal Love collective.
The journey to the activations has been long for me. There have been many times that I struggled with some of the principles.  Within an hour of the start all my reservations were gone, and I was filled with desire to learn more and grow in the Universal Love Collective. 
“I thank you, Suzanna, with all my Heart”. 
R, B. – New Zealand
8 November 2022

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Imagine if many scientists began to see the possibilities that we originated from the star dimensions and not from earth. Then the awakening would certainly occur on earth world wide. We could then begin to see why many animals are suffering for they are trying to awaken our own biology to help us analyse how to come into peace. They are simply mimicking our own suffering consciousness.

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About The Cosmos Messenger Suzanna Maria Emmanuel: Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the original Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel. She was called by SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL in September 2009.

Soon after the Divine Call, Suzanna began to transmit through Divine Universal Love Cosmos messages in front of groups (beginning in April 2010). She also brought through personalized channelled messages for individual people (beginning in November 2009).

All her transmissions are for the highest Universal Love Purposes to give people who listen to the transmissions greater understanding and purpose for their own life, as well as greater understanding of the world we live in. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was called by CAEAYARON directly in late April 2014.

In April 2015, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel began the Universal Love Pineal Gland Activations to activate the Cosmos Codes of Life with CAEAYARON.
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has transmitted through hundreds of transmissions which are posted on YouTube, and many more hundreds of written transmissions which are posted on Suzanna's Facebook page.

All is there for the people to watch and understand what the Great Divine Ascension Plan is for mankind and how it could bring peace, love and joy to the world if many would begin to understand Ultimate Universal Truth.
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