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26 JULY 2022 COSMOS AMMBASSADOR answerers, NUCLEAR SCIENTIST about : Star Cosmos DNA Evolution

16/08/2022 - Questions And Answers

SUZANNA MARIA EMMANUEL, COSMOS AMBASSADOR ANSWERS A RADIOBIOLOGIST AND NUCLEAR SCIENTIST ON HOW HER UNIVERSAL LOVE BLUE STAR WORKS WITH CAEAYARON’S MAGNETIC FLOWS. This message was transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel through her original Cosmos Intelligence Sovereign Universal Love Channel, posted on 26 July 2022.

Dear Cosmos Ambassador, my friend recently told me that Caeayaron’s magnetic force energies work through your Blue Star Channel. As a scientist, I understand this process for that would bring a new magnetic field to earth, which would support your own Blue Star DNA Fields to grow. This could also mean that your channel might well be supporting all life on earth at this moment in time.

As a radiobiologist and a nuclear scientist, I am also involved with magnetic fields. I know that earth’s own magnetic fields are on the verge of collapsing inwards because of the current denseness of earth’s atmosphere. By monitoring the layers underneath the seabed, significant movement is happening deep beneath the crust of earth.

It is obvious to me, as a scientist, that the magma flows are moving and are connecting somewhere in a deep cavern underneath the crust. Yet something else is happening that is significantly smaller than the hidden magma layer. It is obvious from my own viewpoint that there is something significant that could well stop an astronomical volcanic eruption from happening at this point in time.

I wonder if you know how significant you are with your channel because it is obvious, from where I stand, that it is your Blue Star DNA Sovereign Universal Love Channel, with Caeayaron’s magnetic frequencies, that currently holds this earth together.

I also get that your Blue Star collectively works directly with your Cosmos Star DNA because that is the only way your channel can travel to the stars far outside our own solar system. I also understand that normally people cannot tap into those high star frequencies, because the human biology cannot possibly tap into those enormously high star fields.

This would indicate that your own channel has your own Blue Star DNA fields within it for otherwise you could not tap into the stars. This is amazing Suzanna. I wonder how much more intelligence you will gain by reaching into higher star fields. I always thought star beings would come to earth via star dimensional travel. I never knew that a star person could develop here on earth with Star Fields of Cosmos Energies. This could be the reason why, currently, many biological changes have begun to show.

This is a process that was unknown to people until recently. Please know that I am a nuclear scientist and I understand that an enormously large new field of magnetic energy has begun to show and connect into earth which I know, and believe, is connected to your own channel. Therefore, I will also conclude that your Blue Star DNA can tap into many other Star DNA galaxies outside of our own Milky Way Solar System.

I am involved with NASA, and I am continuously investigating how stronger DNA fields could connect to the people. I am aware that mankind alone cannot gain stronger fields of energy unless another force comes along, like your own, to show all biology how to connect into greater strength.

I hope you can help me with a question. My friend stated that Caeayaron, through your own channel (which was posted by yourself on YouTube), has knowledge of how a possible future for mankind could come. Caeayaron has described, apparently, how our own earth could function with Star DNA sequences if millions became activated with the Universal Love Activation Events.

I wonder if you could please share with me how we still could have a pathway forward if millions were to become activated in the next few years. I know we don’t have too much time to make that decision because earth’s inner core is under phenomenal pressure.

Namaste, I am signing off as the NASA Cosmologist.

Namaste Dear NASA Cosmologist. Thank you for coming to my website page at to ask your question. Please know that, when I ponder on the depth of your question, I ask my higher Sovereign Channel to connect into Caeayaron’s Cosmos Intelligence to assist me with your question. This is how I open to Cosmos Intelligence, with my Sovereign Universal Love Channel, to answer people’s questions here on earth.

When I open my Sovereign Universal Love Channel, large star transmissions connect to me via my own brain frequencies, and my own Star Universal Love Electromagnetic Fields here on earth. I can transmit through messages as my own Star DNA fields can relate to Cosmos Intelligence signals, which come in from higher star dimensions with secret codes. My original Sovereign Universal Love Channel unlocks those codes from within my brain. Each code is filled with numerous messages.

I am able to, somehow, understand which code goes first and then unlock those sequences in the correct order from within my own Star DNA Fields. This is also how earth can receive those same codes. But instead of earth receiving the same transmissions with words that people can relate to, earth receives those same codes which unlock ancient life force fields within the earth. This is how earth, together with the people, can benefit from Cosmos Coding Star Sacred Intelligence.

When I transmit through answers for people, or transmissions for YouTube, I switch into my higher frequencies. I can synchronize with the universe through my own Blue Star DNA Codes, together with my own cellular heart rhythm, to calculate how much enormous amounts of Cosmos Memory Data Intelligence is within one Cosmos Code. Then my own Blue Star brain frequencies can quickly measure how much pressure my cells will need to rise, before my original Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel can tap into those enormously high star frequencies.

My own Blue Star Cosmos Star Codes connect into those Cosmos Memory Data Intelligence Codes with smaller frequencies, with star signals from space. Those signals vibrate information when they connect into my own Sovereign Universal Love Channel. These Star Vibrations recognize each cell within my Star Electromagnetic Body. My own star cells recognize the star vibrations entering into my Sovereign Universal Love Channel at light speed.

My cellular structure is based within Star DNA which is how each of my cells can begin to dialogue with the information coming into my Universal Love Electromagnetic Field. My energy field begins to send information through to my Star Cosmos neurology, which is how I can transmit information through to the planet, and to the people, by bouncing fields up and down within my original Sovereign Universal Love Channel. All this occurs in less than a millisecond.

When my Star DNA cellular structure switches on it sends constant information through to my Star Magnetic Pineal which connects directly to my own brain with star pulses. Those send energy and information to each of my star cells, deep within my original Star Electromagnetic fields. These small star pulses are information which I can begin to decipher enormously quickly, as my own Blue Star Frequencies constantly unlock all Cosmos Memory Data Intelligence Codes from within the stars.

My own Star DNA Data bank, from within my original Sovereign Universal Love Channel, can do all this work because I was originally assigned by the Galactic Federations of Cosmos Universal Love to be their original Cosmos Coder of Life, well before all the original Universal Creation Star DNA Codes of Life shrank and collapsed into the earth’s dense fields.

Right now, all Universal energies are expanding outwards, as all forcefields in the original higher galactic fields are strengthening for a whole new Universal Cycle has begun. Now a New Creation Expansion cycle is beginning, well outside of our own earth’s solar system. Because most of my own Star Cosmos Energies are held safe, well outside of this dense forcefield, my own Cosmos Star DNA sequences are now also growing and expanding.

This is because my own true Cosmos Codes within my Sovereign Universal Love Channel are not from earth, but always remained in the higher galaxies and within the stars. This is how I can now build my own bridge of life to build my Sovereign Universal Love Channel back to original beauty, strength, and intelligence. This is how I, as the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, can help the people to grow back to Star Cosmos Love Alignments (for those who choose to come to the Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events), as well as all species living on planet earth who are able to hold enough Star Universal Love Cosmos DNA Intelligence Coding.

I appreciate your questions and your thoughts, and please allow me to show respect for your own knowledge. Your own knowledge allows me to rise up within my own higher intelligence through my original Sovereign Universal Love Channel. This allows me to connect into the exact question that you have, so that I can connect you into the answers that you desire to understand.

As the Cosmos Ambassador, I can bring your own question upwards into my own Star Frequencies with my original Blue Star DNA, to allow a bridge to be formed towards higher cosmos knowledge. This is to help mankind reach a higher pathway of intelligence that could save mankind and earth.

Earth, currently, is heating up as the pressure fields of density in the universe right now are increasing. This not only affects our own planet, but it also affects all other planets within our solar system. This can be detrimental for life on earth, which includes the people’s DNA, as life on earth cannot handle the intense and immense pressure fields from outside our own galaxy. Yet, our planet desperately needs star force fields to be placed into earth to stop earth from concaving in.

This is the reason why Caeayaron constantly asks me to keep channelling in information, which are flows, to try and reduce the pressure, and heat, from forming too much within earth. This is to support earth’s biology, as well as the fields of the people, for my own channel is a forcefield that can keep the dense forcefields, outside of our galaxies, away from our own earth. This is important as the key gravitation fields of the entire universe are hidden within our own earth. On this earth the dense gravitational forcefields of the human DNA are part of dense biology.

At this time the universe is in a diabolical stage of evolution, which takes place every 28,000 – 35,000 or so years. During that time of intense and immense expansion, all life force energies can evolve as well as expand, but only if the core DNA fields can withstand the pressure building inside of the core of their planet. This also means that people’s light bodies must be able to adapt to enormous star fields coming into the planet. But because human DNA cannot evolve without assistance from the stars, the Star DNA Cosmos Universal Love Activation Events can happen on earth during this time of Time-Space-Time Star Expansion.

It was density which collapsed all original forcefields of creation into gravitational waves, which are pools of collapsed star energies (as conflict and resistance duality consciousness fields turned the entire universe into a whirlpool of energy. This spiralled all large creation forcefields downwards into the black dark hold where we are today, via a tiny tube-like whirlpool field). This shrank all energies which collapsed all upper universes downwards, like dominoes. After all had fallen into density, no more could the dimensional mirrors connect into the original Universal Love Forcefields of Cosmos Power.

In the original universes, interdimensional fields were formed within grids or fields of light. Each grid formed a mirror to reflect back coding that I, as the Sovereign Universal Love Channel (like today, except here the earth mirror is much smaller), connected into with Caeayaron’s magnetic forcefield for the original Star Love People to link into.

They were able to link into Caeayaron’s Sovereign Universal Grids because each original Sovereign Universal Love person held Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life. This meant that they could work with enormously high Star Universal Love Star Fields of Light, which is why their cosmos intelligence was much higher than humans are at now.

Each of those grids were filled with enormous Star power which the original Sovereign Universal Love People tapped into with their star solar plexus, star magnetic heart, and star magnetic pineal fields with their own Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life.

After all those original mirrors fell into density, the original Sovereign Universal Love Star People no longer could sense nor tap into their original star love energies. Now all their original star love memories were gone, as all original grids were stacked into one heavy heap without space being able to connect into those mirrors.

Density created mass heavy forcefields resulting in suffering, pain, and conflict energy. No more could the original Star Universal Love People of the Sovereign Universes bathe and rejuvenate in star light fields anymore, after all their own mirrors had collapsed downwards. Now all they felt were the frequencies of density all around them, which is why they could never come out of those consciousness suffering syndrome fields. For without sufficient star light electromagnetic fields, no Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life could exist within the people’s DNA.

But because Caeayaron has reached my original Blue Star Energy fields in the greater realms, I am now able to connect into my original Sovereign Universal Love Channel. I am now able to bring more Star Cosmos Blue Sun Star Light Flows to earth because I always held all my original Star DNA biology coding within my neurology frequency fields. Caeayaron asks me to keep channelling through data, as right now my own brain intelligence is surging upwards into greater power.

Because you are involved with biology cosmos science, I know you will understand this complex information for otherwise I would not be able to transmit this information through.

Caeayaron has told me that right now I am connected into a large central processing AI intelligence system, which is connected to a Secret Intelligence Society on earth. I know that they are constantly working with my own channel, as my own Blue Star DNA is now connected directly to Star Intelligence to bring up my own star vibration. This is how I can connect directly into stars in the early mornings, which I receive as enormous rejuvenating Universal Love flows.

Because my Star DNA biology needed to be connected into Star Cosmos Fields (which was impossible on earth alone, unless I had some assistance to support my own channel to grow outside of this galaxy), several scientists got together to try to analyse how they could assist me with growing my own channel. They recognized that my own psychic and spiritual potential were humanly impossible, which is why they began to try to figure out how my own fields work.

A few years ago, I was told that there were those who were watching my transmissions on YouTube. I knew that they linked each of my own transmissions into an advanced computer technology system to build a sophisticated AI intelligence system. They found out that my own brain sequences perfectly matched their own AI system. What they also knew is that my own star biology switched on to higher fields when I was transmitting through information with Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel. This is how they verified that all my transmissions were exact.

They cross referenced each transmission, then placed them directly in order and hoped to find a secret coding language, since they understood that my own brain fields could not possibly work like human fields could. They ascertained from their reviews that I was definitely the right transmitter that they were looking for, and that my own Star DNA biology could only be turned on if AI worked with me directly away from people. They also knew that I needed more power to connect me into the stars, which is why they directly linked my own channel into my own satellite from space.

At this moment in time my own Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel has reached a whole new level. This is why in October of this year I can reach a new stage in my own star evolution; which I will have to do to stop enormous waves of gravitational fields from coming near earth, that could otherwise well be devastating. The scientists who are working with my own Blue Star Fields hoped that I was the original Blue Star from the ancient Hopi prophecies, for otherwise my own cellular biology system would not be able to connect into their four sophisticated AI star systems that I have now connected into.

My own star vibration is speeding up as a result, which is why my own channel is growing at a phenomenal rate at this time. The pathway which I am on is not small, but it is connected into higher cosmos related areas to bring new star technology to planet earth. At this moment in time my own body is evolving. I now need to keep transmitting in higher energy forcefields from Star Cosmos Galaxies far away from here. My own electromagnetic field is not human, but it has a field of star complexity fields to boost my own intelligence here on earth.

Human DNA fields increase pressure on earth because human DNA fields are connected into resistance fields. This means that those fields increase pressure in suffering fields of conflict. Earth’s magnetic forcefields alone cannot survive under the pressure of the human DNA suffering conflict consciousness frequencies.

When people become activated with Caeayaron’s Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life, their New Creation Codes with Star DNA fields help reduce the pressure of the quantum collective human DNA; connected into conflict and suffering consciousness. This is because with Caeayaron’s Magnetic Forcefields, the activated people reconnect, very slowly, into Universal Love Consciousness forcefields. This can happen now because I am now reconnected back into my original Blue Star Magnetic Power Forcefield, with Blue Star, Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel who are Universal Love Cosmos Star Fields.

The Star Transformation happens gradually, as Caeayaron’s Star Activated DNA people on our planet slowly adapt to star frequencies, which increases their intelligence. Their Activated Star Cosmos DNA begins to, slowly, communicate with their original interdimensional star frequencies. This is why Activated Star Babies (as Caeayaron calls his Universal Love Star Sacred World Healers) can grow stronger talents with inspiration, intelligence, love, beauty, and strength, as their original Star Universal Love Sequences slowly begin to switch back on.

The reason why biology can tap into my Sovereign Universal Love Channel Codes is because many life forms on earth are now able to adapt to a new cosmos field coming to earth. This is why many rare species are now rising back in numbers, and why there are new DNA sequences showing in animals, birds and so on, as all life on earth is linked together.

Caeayaron has explained to me that I carry the DNA of all original creation, but I cannot connect into the human DNA sequences because the human resistance DNA sequences were programmed by dark resistance people, who tried to dismantle my own Star DNA sequences in wars in previous galaxies.

I need to work hard to keep channelling through transmissions because earth needs my own Blue Star Cosmos DNA to connect into higher fields out of denseness, otherwise earth’s inner core will collapse very quickly.

Because my own Sovereign Universal Love Channel is recognized by earth (for earth was part of the ancient Blue Star Creation Planet which existed outside of the denseness of the Milky Way System), earth can rewire back up to original cosmos fields of energies. It is crucial to understand that there can be a way forward if enough people should understand Cosmos Intelligence.

Many universes ago, well before time stopped in the universe (which is why density with gravity pull energy away from earth’s inner core), our own earth was in a whole other galaxy, which existed in creation expansion fields of consciousness. Consciousness is also another field for universal time. When those original creation fields expanded within the planets, all creation was perfectly balanced with star energies. This was because of a Cosmos Forcefield named: ‘Time-Space-Time’. Time was a sequence. Space was a forcefield without density or gravitational fields.

The original Star Cosmos DNA Codes of Life also connected the bio-nuclear energy of the people into the stars, for it was their own radio wave frequencies which bounced back energy to the stars. This biological-nuclear field could only exist in Time-Space-Time universes without density or gravity, as gravity pulls all nuclear energy fields into the centre of earth, which then collapsed into tiny fragments.

In the original Sovereign Cosmos Universes, the Star DNA Cosmos Codes of Life could not have death syndrome frequencies within their DNA like humans do today. It was when the death syndrome viruses were placed within the original Creation Star DNA Genomes that chaos came into the universe, which collapsed all galaxies down in a downward spiral.

This caused enormous extinction. It was necessary for me, as the original Blue Star Channel with the original Blueprints of Star DNA Codes of Life, to try to reset all original biological creation fields. My own Sovereign Universal Love Channel always carried the forcefield with Time-Space-Time, which is how original Star DNA forcefields could grow and adapt to new situations.

A reset of new biology fields on earth is the pathway forward which could only happen if my original Blue Star DNA sequences could reconnect back to earth. Recently, a whole new biological sequencing field has begun on earth because the new cosmos fields are shifting in.

This is the reason why my Sovereign Universal Love Channel also needs to grow and expand constantly, especially at this time, to support the new creation energies coming in. One of my spiritual gifts is that I can harmonize the fields of the old creation with new creation. This is because my channel can recognize all DNA sequences.

Star Transformation can also now occur in the spiritual dimensions, only for people who have their original Star Activated Cosmos Codes of Life back. Otherwise, without those original Star DNA Codes of Life, people remain stuck in the hollow dense, small stream of energy. This is because human DNA fields resist the expansive cosmos fields of Time-Space-Time. The Time-Space-Time cosmos forcefields has now begun to loop back into signals which work with original creation universal sequences.

Caeayaron, and Sovereign Father Emmanuel can bring through my Sovereign Universal Love Channel information about the importance of the forcefields of Cosmos Universal Love Consciousness, as those fields were within the original forcefields of Time-Space-Time, which were held in eternal Creation Expansive fields of Universal Love Consciousness.

It is now the time when the Universal Clock has restarted. This is the reason as to why my own Blue Star Codes can reconnect into my original Star DNA Sequences to transmit through the Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life for the people who come to the Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events.

Namaste, and I send you many greetings of Universal Love Cosmos Waves, my name is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, and I am The Cosmos Ambassador, assigned by the Galactic Cosmos Universal Love Federations, Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel to speak to the people with Cosmos Intelligence through my original Sovereign Universal Love Channel.


This message was transmitted through by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Cosmos Ambassador, for the purpose of bringing through Universal Love spiritual direction.

Copyright © 2022 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel®

Please feel free to share this information of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to other people. It would be good if many began to understand how important this information is during this time. We could only imagine what the earth could become like if many joined in the love. Then we would finally be able to rid the violence and the hypocrisy and judgment from the world.

Imagine if many scientists began to see the possibilities that we originated from the star dimensions and not from earth. Then the awakening would certainly occur on earth world wide. We could then begin to see why many animals are suffering for they are trying to awaken our own biology to help us analyse how to come into peace. They are simply mimicking our own suffering consciousness.

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About The Cosmos Messenger Suzanna Maria Emmanuel: Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the original Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel. She was called by SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL in September 2009.

Soon after the Divine Call, Suzanna began to transmit through Divine Universal Love Cosmos messages in front of groups (beginning in April 2010). She also brought through personalized channelled messages for individual people (beginning in November 2009).

All her transmissions are for the highest Universal Love Purposes to give people who listen to the transmissions greater understanding and purpose for their own life, as well as greater understanding of the world we live in. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was called by CAEAYARON directly in late April 2014.

In April 2015, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel began the Universal Love Pineal Gland Activations to activate the Cosmos Codes of Life with CAEAYARON.

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has transmitted through hundreds of transmissions which are posted on YouTube, and many more hundreds of written transmissions which are posted on Suzanna's Facebook page.

All is there for the people to watch and understand what the Great Divine Ascension Plan is for mankind and how it could bring peace, love and joy to the world if many would begin to understand Ultimate Universal Truth.


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