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14/07/2021 - Latest News

'Love is when one follows the path of the heart and appreciates the preciousness of life.' Universal Love Angelic Whispers, Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel.


Please feel free to share this post to all who desire a Global Consciousness Shift to happen.


Imagine if all began to recognize how connected all of humanity was within the magnetic grids of consciousness. Imagine if all knew how connected all of humanity was with their thoughts and concepts.


Would it not be nice to then also recognize that a pathway to heal planet earth and humanity could become created if enough people wanted to come into a whole new Universal Love frequency?


Welcome to the Universal Love Magnetic Frequencies of Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel who have already begun to bring people into a higher Angelic Healing Transformational Grid with Activations.


Those Activations align the electromagnetic fields of consciousness and the people who become activated by Caeayaron (through none other than his original Sovereign Universal Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel), become balanced within a whole new grid of consciousness.


At the Universal Love Activations, Caeayaron's Magnetic Frequencies reconnects the people, who are present at the Alignments, into the ancient Star Healing Transformational Grid with a whole new DNA frequency with New Creation Codes of Life sequences.


This is why many of the Universal Love People, when they connect into their Universal Love Flows daily with special exercises and frequencies, are feeling the shift happening within them. They are reconnecting into their own ancient star frequencies for the Healing Transformational Grid is connected into the original Sovereign Universal Love Grids where many of us originally came from.


The more that the Universal Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna, grows with her ancient Blue Star Archangel Channel the more the Activated can feel their own Universal Love Electromagnetic Fields increasing.


Please share this post with others who desire to understand more about consciousness shifts. We cannot wait until Suzanna Maria Emmanuel can bring the Universal Love Alignments to millions around the world.


Namaste, with love always,


The Universal Love Team of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel


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