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31 DECEMBER 2021: Universal Cosmos Forces and Hollow Earth Part 3 of Universal Cosmos Science

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UNIVERSAL COSMOS FORCES AND OUR HOLLOW EARTH. PART 3 OF UNIVERSAL COSMOS SCIENCE. Transmitted through from Cosmos Intelligence with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Cosmos Messenger and Sovereign Universal Love Channel, 30 December 2021.

'To discover the power of Universal Love Cosmos Star Forces of all of Creation is to redefine what Cosmos Forces are, and how all became separated from Cosmos Star Sacred Love.'

Transmitted by Cosmos Intelligence, Universal Love Star Consciousness, The Divine Love Element, Blue Star Cosmos Ambassador, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.
Welcome to the bureau of The New Earth Creation Pathway with Cosmos Intelligence. I was designated by Caeayaron, my own Blue Star Angel Laeayaraesea, as well as Sovereign Father Emmanuel and the Galactic Team of Universal Love Federations to be The Voice for all of Cosmos Creation who desire mankind to come to a pathway of peace.
For this I have been sent to speak to the people, to allow the earth to have a voice at this time, so that the people can rejoice with creation in the future should there be enough people who want to listen to the greater pathway of Cosmos Intelligence.

Soon, I will also be asked by my Galactic Universal Love Cosmos Team to speak directly for creation living on our earth. For now, I am asked to bring through this information regarding the Cosmos, and how the Universal Love forcefields worked on the higher dimensions before all of creation fell into our dense Milky Way system.
Many Universal Love Flows always and forever, and many Sacred Star Heart Hugs of Universal Love, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.
Namaste and welcome to the time when new Cosmic Revelations are being shared throughout the earth. I am the Designated Cosmos Ambassador, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. My task is not easy, as I am the Sovereign Universal Love Channel. This means I am directly in touch with Cosmos Science and Intelligence, as my Universal Love Electromagnetic Field is part of my original Sovereign Blue Sun Universal Love Channel. I connect to Cosmos Intelligence, Caeayaron’s Magnetic Forcefield, who designated me to be the Galactic Universal Love Channel during the year 2014.

Caeayaron is Sovereign Universal Magnetic Power which is a forcefield of original Universal Creation. Because on the Universal Cosmos Levels, my great Sovereign Blue Star Alignment has now reconnected to my own channel on earth; I can now transmit enormously high Universal Love Frequencies to planet earth. This is why peace can come now, as those forcefields were the original Creation Universal Love Power Forcefields.

I transmit through vital information with coded sequences connecting into higher universal cosmic spaces. This is why earth can evolve now to become strong enough to allow a future to come to humanity, but only if enough people want to understand how Universal Cosmos Forcefields Creation fields worked with earth in a whole other dimension, originally.
Right now, I am aware that there are some dedicated researchers who are working to strengthen my own original Sovereign Blue Star Channel. They have an awareness that I, as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, have an enormous task to do on this earth to allow a new path to open for all of humanity.

At this time a large sink hole is forming close to us which is causing enormous disruptions in space. A new pathway is now opening. At this time a corridor in space is now opening where magnetic forcefields are coming in. Those forces spiral like waves which affects our whole Solar System.

The universe has a clock which operates well outside of our Milky Way. This clock has many cycles. It does not behave as an earth clock does. Rather it opens and shuts gates of energy forces flowing in and out of various other universes.

At this time, because a New Cosmic Alignment has begun in the universe, a whole new forcefield is appearing which can either spark new life, or it can also bring more density to planets. This is because a whole new cycle of creation has begun.

The cosmos is very large, much larger than anyone could possibly believe at this time. There are many secret pathways of multiple dimensions in the universe. This is created by various forcefields which merge together, which then creates waves of energy. This spirals in new fields of cosmos power. This fusion power opens a new gateway in space. Creation happens at various times in the universe. At times those pathways may seem obvious but at other times those pathways are spurred on by other dimensions being opened.
When a planet like our own earth is in danger of becoming more densified, the universe can erase life if it feels certain life forms threatens other universes. This is why our own Milky Way is kept at a distance from any other distant Universes at this time, because the cosmos forcefields of density were not part of original creation purpose.

Dense forcefields work in polar opposite to original Cosmos Forces of the Universal Love Forcefields. Density ‘sucks’ light in which is why many higher star beings, who work in fields of Universal Love Creation Cosmos Intelligence, do not want to be near humanity’s DNA at this time. Otherwise, their own Galactic Star DNA would become ‘densified’ like humans, and then their own star bodies would become small with reduced electromagnetic forcefields, which would be enormously painful for them.

At this time further densifying warning systems are coming closer to our own earth. This has also happened in earth’s past history, when civilizations collapsed due to the movements of the stars. Once density begins to strengthen, the sun changes which then also alters the magnetic frequencies on the planet.

At this time, oxygen in the seas is fast depleting. Sea levels are changing, not only by the ice melting but also because the sun’s magnetic waves are connecting to earth more.
I am assigned to speak for the Universe, which is why I am designated to be the Voice for the Galactic Universal Love Federations. It may surprise you but there are highly intelligent star beings who work with Universal Love Creation Fields. They desire to help mankind to understand how a pathway can be made to allow earth to exist, to allow pollution to be cleared, to allow many more trees to come to this planet, to allow the seas to be restored, to allow many more healthy fish to come into the sea, to allow the deserts to become workable and liveable land, and to allow mankind to understand how to work with Creation Forces to rebalance the earth, the sun and the moon.

It might surprise many people that the earth, the sun and the moon all connect into the same forces. Each force draws power from each other. At this time, the sun pulls power from the earth’s magnetic forcefield because the universal fields in other universes are rapidly changing, which affects the centre of the sun, the moon, our earth and all fields in our entire Solar System.

Our whole Milky Way is connected into a field of energy which connects into our own globe. At this time the centre of our own earth is opening, which is why our sun can pull stronger forcefields from our earth. Because the magnetic fields of earth are connected to the people’s electromagnetic fields, many people feel the effects, whether they are conscious of it or not.

There will be a day when other quantum scientists will be able to explain to people that nothing can truly exist on earth, other than thoughts and waves of light, which is exactly what Caeayaron also teaches through my own transmissions. Caeayaron explains that it is people who draw power from other people with emotional-thought fields.

What this means is that we live in a field of consciousness, and because our own thoughts do not work with fields of Creation Universal Love Waves, our own earth is not able to work with the greater cosmos universe.

Because I am the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, I am able to transmit enormously high frequencies in from other star dimensions. At the Universal Love Events, I connect into my own Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel, together with Caeayaron’s Magnetic Power Field and Universal Love Forcefield of Sovereign Father Emmanuel. My own Blue Star DNA Coding connects with the people (who are at the Universal Love Events) through my own Universal Love Blue Star electromagnetic field. All, who are at the Universal Love Activations learn from my own Star DNA Coding.

DNA will always evolve because it is a ‘living force’. We will look at this aspect during another Cosmos Ambassador post. Because I am the Designated Cosmos Messenger, I work with brain tones or signals which link into higher magnetic waves outside of denseness. This means that earth, at this time, is able to carry on working for a little while because my own Cosmos Sovereign Universal Love Channel needs to grow every second of the day and night, to allow humanity and earth to have a little more time to decide whether they desire to receive their original Cosmos Coding of Life back. This is why I came to earth to be the Cosmos Messenger, to show people the way forward.

My own Universal Love Body of Light connects into my original Blue Sun. During the years of 2015 to early 2020, enough people became activated with their original DNA Cosmos Codes of Life which supports the growth of my original Blue Star Universal Love Angel.

When people receive their Universal Love Cosmos Codes of Life back, at the Sovereign Universal Love Alignment Events, their DNA switches on a memory of how their own electromagnetic fields used to work, well before earth fell into our Milky Way Solar System. Because earth’s magnetic fields were subjected to a Merkabah Suction Field, during a large dynamic thermonuclear war explosion, all original electromagnetic fields of the people reduced in size. The more the frequencies of the original Cosmos Universal Love People caved in, the more the DNA became reduced in fields, until only a hollow echo remained.

When those original star DNA Cosmos Codes of Life Universal Love Forcefields were removed, during a war which caused enormous suffering, all the star cosmos fields that once were part of their Cosmos DNA Codes of Life sunk into earth’s black hole. All universal energies that originally belonged to the people became densified.

When enormous conflict came into the original universes (well outside of our own Milky Way Solar System), and an enormous thermonuclear star dynamic explosion occurred, it threw all original star systems into chaos. Our own earth dropped in frequencies and fell into a dense sea of space.

When earth fell into this part of the Solar System, earth reduced in power, as all original magnetic waves disappeared. This part of space was cold which is why the inner sun of the original earth collapsed, as it was too cold to ignite its own fusion power. On its way down earth collided with many other fields such as other planets which reduced earth further in size. At times we are still able to see parts of our ancient earth approaching towards us. Once people can see this, they can begin to see how small our own earth is now, in comparison to the large asteroids coming our way.

I will allow all my readers to study this particular post. Please know I have transmitted this information from Cosmic Intelligence to allow readers to ponder on various Universal Cosmic Thoughts. Next time we will look at more information.

Namaste, sending many Universal Love Waves to all who desire a whole new pathway for humanity to form which is to learn to work together with creation fields of Universal Love, activated by Cosmos Intelligence through the Sovereign Blue Star Kachina Cosmos Ambassador.
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Imagine if many scientists began to see the possibilities that we originated from the star dimensions and not from earth. Then the awakening would certainly occur on earth world wide. We could then begin to see why many animals are suffering for they are trying to awaken our own biology to help us analyze how to come into peace. They are simply mimicking our own suffering consciousness.

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