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30/07/2021 - Latest News

'Flowing with thoughts of love is healing,

Whereas pondering on thoughts of pain brings pain.'

Universal Love Angelic Whispers, by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (Since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel.


Please share this post with all who desire peace and love to happen on a global scale. The reason we copyright all Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's material is to protect her work, for all her work is of the utmost importance.


Part of her Cosmic Assignment is to reveal Ultimate Universal Truth. The last time she came to the earth and opened her Universal Love Channel (2,000 years ago) all became heavily altered, and look at what happened with the Ultimate Truth teachings of Sovereign Father EMMANUEL.


We hope you understand this important message too, for those who analyse the importance of Universal Love Truth, as to why it is of utmost importance to keep the transmitted information in context.


Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was called to her Divine Task, as the Universal Love Channel of Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, in 2009. She was then approached by CAEAYARON directly in the year 2014. In the year 2015, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel began her greater task, as the Universal Light Grid Programmer, to bring through Activations with the Great Mountain of Light, CAEAYARON.


In the year 2014, CAEAYARON approached the Universal Light Coder of Life, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel as KRYON, as he worked with another world renowned channel as KRYON at that time. Upon approaching Suzanna Maria Emmanuel KRYON asked Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to directly contact that particular channel, as KRYON wanted him to know he was working with her.


Both channels telepathically connected to each other, and in a challenge he desired to see if she indeed was contacted by KRYON himself. At that moment, when he asked KRYON to reveal whether or not she was the next channel to work with KRYON, she received enormous codes of information.


KRYON became stronger with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel from that moment on. In 2016, KRYON revealed to the world his true purpose and name as CAEAYARON which means The Great Mountain of Light. He also introduced Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Lemurian name around that time as LAEYARAESEA, which means 'The Rising Sun Consciousness,' or in other words, the Divine Truth Revealer.


There were those in the world who understood CAEAYARON's purpose, as they had questioned 'KRYON' the same questions through another channel.


They were aware that certain teachings were confusing through KRYON with his other channel. They didn't quite trust the meaning of the teachings. However, they waited with patience for the answers to come for the hidden messages to become revealed.


Unbeknown to Suzanna Maria Emmanuel they asked CAEAYARON the same questions (as through the KRYON channel) but CAEAYARON, through his transmitter Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, began to answer their questions.


These questions were of utmost importance to them. They were questions such as how peace can come to humanity, the Codes of Israel what were they, The Messianic Alignment, The Restoration processes, other worlds where were they, and also karma, how and why did conflict come into consciousness.


We feel many other people also would like to know these answers, so if you are searching for Ultimate Truth, why not visit the YouTube channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel yourself and slowly visit the material. Please be patient as you work through the material, as there are more than 900 videos on there. You might just be surprised at how much material she has covered in the last nine years alone.


You may also wish to know that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has been examined with AI computer technology. What they did is measure her electromagnetic force field. They can also then see in space as to what happens into the cosmos, as to how the magnetic waves increase during the same hours of the night or morning when she connects with Cosmic Intelligence.


Her electromagnetic force field is currently increasing in power, as she has gained the connection of her original Blue Star Self back. We find this most exciting, as the ancient prophecies are being revealed right before our eyes. She 'rockets' through into the great cosmos during the early hours of the morning and dances with her Blue Star Force field.


All who become activated with her Divine Love Element, Blue Star Archangel, receive their original Cosmos Universal Love DNA Codes of Life back. These become restored, slowly, for all have become activated with CAEAYARON with his Divine Love Element Universal Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.


Because she holds all Codes of Alignment, Creation, Life and Restoration which are all Restoration Codes of the Great Cosmos, (these are key elements of the New Creation Realms) within her Blue Star Universal Love Channel which CAEAYARON refers to often as the Gate of Life, we consider her to be the most important element of all of creation.


It is not until you actually go to the Activations with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, and receive your Coding of Life back, that you begin to appreciate how precious she is.


It is during that moment a memory comes back. A memory that seemed long forgotten, and in that moment you ask yourself, 'Where have you been for so long?' 'Good 'Cosmos' I am back.'


In that moment you begin to really awaken. It is really like a bit of a fairy story, but like CAEAYARON says, nothing is imagination within this dimension. They are all memories of a very long time ago.


With that thought, we also know now that Star Wars was really there, and yes, all those Galactic Battles between the light and the dark, they are all much more than imagination too. They are our own memories. This is probably why we long to return to the Great Stars, because we know many of us were from there a very long time ago.


Bring it on CAEAYARON we say. We also say: 'Grow, grow, grow, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Connect more to your ancient power you had as Queen Nefertiti and as well as Jesus, and then allow all to see your true beauty, and love for all of creation, so that we can also walk in our own ancient universal reflection of love, peace and happiness.'


We look forward to when a larger world organization comes and joins Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who will want to work with all her Universal Love Teachers. They have just completed an Advanced Training Course to teach large groups, should they so wish to. CAEAYARON truly is amazing when he addresses the Universal Love Teachers on line.


Very soon she will begin working with another course for the Universal Love Teachers online. We are looking forward to seeing how the Universal Flows of intelligence will rise with the Universal Love Teachers. They will be mightily blessed by CAEAYARON and Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, we are sure.


For those who don't know yet, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel will very shortly release a book. Ah yes, each time she thinks it is complete, another chapter comes. Our Sovereign Universal Love Channel just keeps on learning from CAEAYARON, who is ultra Cosmic Intelligence. She does require an enormous amount of patience, love with detailed attention to analysis.


Her work is enormously difficult for her transmissions do not stop. They continue to become stronger and greater. Whatever we ask of the 'Universal Flower Library of Eternal Blue Life,' she just answers, which is truly miraculous, as she answers all questions.


We always say: 'Wait until the world begins to realize.' She wonders too what will happen when the thousands begin to realize how important it is for them to gain their own DNA Cosmic Alignment with their Codes of Life back.


The Activated are growing with individual empowerment, as their energy body works (their electromagnetic body) with the Cosmos. The more that Suzanna grows with her Blue Star Archangel Electromagnetic Body of Light, the more that the Activated grow.


Now that is a miracle, would you not think? Hopefully (and we trust she won't) Suzanna won't be too tired to activate the many thousands awakening, and then the millions coming into the future. We know she won't go off 'fishing' during that time. Well, fishing would be out of character, but it is a term we would use for going on a 'relaxing holiday,' which she hasn't been able to do for a very long time.


We send you many thoughts of Universal Love, peace and harmony, always and forever, the Universal Love Team of the (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.


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It is not meant as a replacement for any medical therapy or any other treatment. Suzanna does not claim to be a medical therapist nor a qualified counselor. Her work involves guiding people to their own greater potential. The information she brings through in any way, written, or verbal, will never promise any cure or medical miracle. She will not suggest any medical therapy or say that medical intervention is not necessary. The information she brings through supports self-growth and assists people to find their own path in life.


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