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5th JANUARY Cosmos Ambassador Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Is the light body manual available for study

12/01/2022 - Questions And Answers


Namaste and welcome. Thank you for your question and thank you for desiring the Great Universal Love Activations to come. Your question might sound simple, but it is not as simple as what it may first appear.

Please know, first of all, that I would love the greater Universal Love Ascension Programme to come to the whole world right now, but I cannot make that happen because it also largely depends a great deal on whether or not a larger platform of support comes. To take the Universal Love Activations worldwide would need enormous amounts of assistance.
Because people receive their DNA Cosmos Codes of Life through Universal Love Activation processes, at the LIVE events, Caeayaron has transmitted through my own Sovereign Universal Love Channel manuals to allow the healing light fields of the Universal Love Star Sacred Healers to grow larger and stronger. This is to allow the Activated people of Caeayaron to become stronger self-healers, manifestors and Universal Love Teachers if they choose to become teachers.

Caeayaron transmits the Cosmos Codes of Life through my Sovereign Universal Love Channel. Caeayaron, through my Sovereign Blue Star Coding Channel, activates their Star Cosmos Love DNA codes. The Cosmos Codes of Life, essentially, were their own concentrated power Star Light Body Codes of Life which worked with Universal Love concentrated fields of energy originally.

But once the Galactic battles began, and war and conflict suffering consciousness contaminated the original DNA Coding of the original Sovereign People, their fields of energy collapsed inward. This is why all creation fields on earth became dense, because the original Coding of the Universe believed that suffering duality conflict consciousness and viral contamination was real, and this collapsed all consciousness into fields of density where suffering and calamity became real to them.

Because Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel, as well as the Galactic Universal Love Federations have assigned me to be the Cosmos Ambassador (when I channel their frequencies, higher Cosmos Wisdom and Intelligence frequencies and flows come through, which benefits not only the people but also all animals, trees and so on, on planet earth), the Universal Cosmos Galactic Love Star Federations have assigned me to concentrate on strengthening the coding of the Universal Love Activated people.

This is because, once the people’s fields become activated, Caeayaron’s Magnetic Force (which works with Cosmos Intelligence Sovereign Universal Love Forcefields of my own Blue Star Divine Love Element ‘Emmanuel’s’ Sacred Heart of Love) helps the activated Cosmos Codes of Life (star DNA) to grow stronger.

Those Cosmos Codes of Life can only grow stronger if the Universal Love Activated of Caeayaron have assistance with my own Blue Star Cosmos Intelligence Angel. This is why I work hard to help them grow stronger on a spiritual level, as they collectively have their Collective Galactic Universal Love Cosmos Codes of Life back. They are slowly realigning back to star creation fields.

Once their Codes of Life are activated, their Universal Love Cosmos Codes of Life begin to expand with greater fields of knowledge and intelligence. They gain stronger spiritual awareness. I have transmitted specific manuals with special codes that work only for the Universal Love Activated people, who were activated with Caeayaron’s ‘Blue Star’ Frequencies of Love. No one else can benefit from those manuals to grow their light fields, apart from the Universal Love Activated People, for the coding specifically works with my Great Blue Star Angel Coding of Life.

At the Universal Love Activations, the people who receive Caeayaron’s Cosmos Star Codes of Life (transmitted through my Sovereign Universal Love Channel), also receive a Light Body Manual which I have transmitted through. This also has special coding to help their own light bodies to experience growth to hold greater light flows for themselves, mankind and earth.

This is why Caeayaron transmits through me manuals and books specifically for the Universal Love Activated people of Caeayaron. This is because those who come to the Universal Love Activations become part of the Sovereign Galaxies, and their whole light field will need to reconnect back to their original power of their star fields. This all follows the Universal Love Activation Events.

The Universal Love Activations are the start of their journey back to the Cosmos. This realignment needs to happen while the Cosmos Gateway is open. This Cosmos Gateway of energy began to open in the year 2015, in October. The Cosmos Sovereign Alignment began during June 2020 onwards. This gateway closes some time between April 2032 – October 2032.

After that time, no reconnection back to Cosmos Codes of Life is possible. The only way for people to re-establish their original Star Cosmos Codes of Life back to the original Star Love Universes, is on this earth, at this time, while the Cosmos Alignment Gateway back to Blue Star is open.

Universal Love Cosmos Codes of Life Activations can only happen on this planet, as it was on the original Blue Star Creation Planet where all life originally lived with Cosmos Codes of Life (when our earth was held in Universal Love Consciousness outside of dense conflict consciousness. Back then, the magnetic fields were enormously large because this is how the original Coding of Cosmos Life Codes worked. Once those fields fell into density, all creation and people’s magnetic fields shrunk which caused a large hole in the universe to happen as it misaligned all creation).

So, once the people are reunited with their original Universal Love Star Cosmos Coding, they rise out of the hollow field as their own energy field slowly rises to become stronger. All other unactivated fields cannot rise out of the density of the earth’s magnetic fields. They remain part of the sucked-in hollow energy fields which collapsed all original frequencies down.

**This is why the Universal Love Activation Events are enormously important during this time of the Cosmos Alignment.**

Because the Universal Love Activated become ‘One’ field of Collective Oneness, they energetically grow together and support each other energetically, as well as spiritually. This is why Caeayaron grows my own Sovereign Channel stronger, like a mountain, to slowly build and strengthen the flows for the Universal Love Activated Star Sacred World Healers.
Caeayaron can do this for the Universal Love Activated, as they have their original Lemurian DNA Cosmos Life Coding back again, because of the Universal Love Activation Events.
At this time, I, as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, have been asked to work on several fields of energy with various platforms, which is enormously difficult. I am fully aware that my own Blue Star Channel is growing stronger each moment, day and night. What I am being asked to do is almost impossible because my own Sovereign Channel is being asked to protect all the magnetic fields of earth and fields surrounding the Milky Way, at this time, as clusters of dense magnetic fields are threatening the planets within the Milky Way system. Those fields are what caused enormous damage to all of life, originally, when all the Universal Love Fields collapsed.

Because we are now approaching a time when our past becomes our present and future fields, my Blue Star Angel has to grow enormously large to allow mankind and earth to ‘slip’ through the ‘hold’ that forced all original Universal Love Expansion Energy Forcefields down to become a dense, flat spiral energy field (as a result of large thermonuclear star wars in past universes which densified all original Sovereign Love Cosmos Blue Sun Star people and all their own creation). This is why the original Cosmos Universal Love people’s fields of Large Expanded Fields (which were originally filled with Star Universal Love Fields of concentrated creation fields of energy) collapsed into small dense concentrated fields, filled with decayed dark matter, which caused all to collapse into the black dense hollow field of earth where we fell into.

Apart from my own Universal Love Field growing for earth, I have been asked to carry out several other assignments.

1) To carry on building a Cosmos Library of Ultimate Truth, to allow many people to discover the purpose of original creation and another perspective of life.

2) To constantly work with my own Universal Love Team who are the Universal Love Star Sacred World Healers. Currently, I have been working hard to put together a large video library filled with specialized meditations, transmitted through from the Sovereign and Galactic Universes. These specifically work with the Cosmos Codes of Life for the Universal Love Activated people. Already, there is quite a large library building. This is all part of allowing millions to reconnect back to Universal Love in the future, should millions want to come to the Cosmos Love Universal Love Activations.

3) To consistently work with Caeayaron’s activated Universal Love Teachers. I have already transmitted and designed (with Universal Love Assistance) several courses for the Universal Love Teachers (which I mainly teach online once they have been Activated with Caeayaron’s Magnetic Force Energies at the Universal Love Activation LIVE Events). At this moment in time, I am working on transmitting (and creating with Universal Love guidance) a new 7 Fundamental Light Concept course, which is a second layer to the first.

4) I have also been asked to step up as the Coder of Life with several new assignments. One of them is by being asked to step up as Cosmos Ambassador, with various articles and videos on Facebook and YouTube. I have been designated to speak for Earth’s higher consciousness, as well as for Universal Cosmos Love.

5) Currently, I am also guided to work on several other projects, but I cannot reveal too much about that just yet.

So please know that, yes, there is a Light Body Manual but at this time I have been asked by Divine Sovereign Love to only work with the Universal Love Activated Star Sacred World Healers, to concentrate on their growth, in particular. This also allows others around them to observe their growth.

I send you many flows of Universal Love always and forever, and I hope to see you soon at the Universal Love Activations where we can grow in collective love together. Heart Star Universal Love Hugs always, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Galactic Star Cosmos Ambassador, Divine Love Element.

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Please feel free to share this information of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to other people. It would be good if many began to understand how important this information is during this time. We could only imagine what the earth could become like if many joined in the love. Then we would finally be able to rid the violence and the hypocrisy and judgment from the world. 

Imagine if many scientists began to see the possibilities that we originated from the star dimensions and not from earth. Then the awakening would certainly occur on earth world wide. We could then begin to see why many animals are suffering for they are trying to awaken our own biology to help us analyze how to come into peace. They are simply mimicking our own suffering consciousness.

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