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11/07/2021 - Questions And Answers

Question analysed on YouTube Channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, 8 January 2021


Answer transmitted through by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, from the Universal Galactic Love Team who desire millions to become Aligned to Universal Love Consciousness. 


Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was publicly identified by CAEAYARON, Divine Cosmic Judge, in June 2020, to be the Ultimate Sovereign Messianic Channel which means she can begin to transform the earth to love and peace, provided many desire it to happen by receiving their own Codes of Life back at the Universal Love Activations.


The following answer, relating to the question of the YouTube viewer, was transmitted to Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, 8 January 2021 


Namaste and welcome to Universal Cosmic Intelligence. 

In regards to this question: If many awoke to the mirrors of the locked abyss state humanity fell into, after the many spiritual battles in the Universe and also in Lemuria and Atlantis, then peace and love could finally happen. However, this would take a global effort. It would take many people to recognize that all is about gaining back Ultimate Truth and Universal Love which can then bring back the desired balance.


Your thoughts regarding the consciousness ‘neutralizing’ work of the Universal Love People, Star Sacred World Healers, after they have received their Codes of Life back is correct. Once they have their Codes of Life back, they no longer carry a Merkabah electromagnetic body. Thus, they cannot add to human consciousness suffering any longer because now they are connecting into a healing magnetic grid, rather than being part of the human consciousness conflict grid.


Originally many people, living today, aligned to Sovereign Universal Love before the darkness took over the consciousness of the people, and placed the people into karmic mirrors. 

In Lemuria and Atlantis, the great majority of the Sovereign Universal Love People who originally were taken into the karmic mirrors, came to Lemuria. There, The Divine Love Element realigned all people back to the Sovereign Alignment with their Codes of Life.

However, the people willingly turned against Sovereign Love, and then 'sacrificed' their Codes of Life to the Dark Lord, the same one who originally brought in enslavement consciousness in the original Sovereign Universe. The same being desired the 'test' to take place to see if people 'willingly' would come to him. Sadly, many went with him as he promised all power and the choice of 'freedom' in his own 'kingdom'. 

Upon the great balance choosing for the Dark Lord once again, they fell deeper into the Matrix. Now the Dark Lord owned their memories, and so no longer could the people come into freedom of the love universes.


Because there were those who stayed faithful to the Universal Love, the 'Woman' entered the matrix and rebuilt the living bridge, to allow those who chose to realign back to the Universal Love (happening at this time) to realign back to their original Cosmic Universal Love. 

Upon the Activated receiving their Coding of Life back, their DNA coding remembers their original memory systems of the Cosmos which are given back at the Universal Love Alignments, through the Sovereign Pathway of CAEAYARON, Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, and The (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. 


In the greater illusion, there are two main Magnetic Frequency Universes we can play in. 

1) There is METATRON's Magnetic Light Body (which Thoth and Yahweh wanted to play their own resistance games in), 

2) and there is CAEAYARON's Magnetic Light Body (which is how the Blue Star Divine Love Element gained her Cosmic Intelligence, because CAEAYARON is part of her great Cosmic Intelligence).


Originally, METATRON did not work in opposition to the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Blue Star Archangel, but worked with Divine Purpose. Originally, METATRON’s purpose was to bring further creation into 'motion'.


Upon dark minds rising, who desired to 'own' METATRON for their own resistance purposes, METATRON began to fight against 'The Woman, Divine Love Element’ and so all human consciousness conflict grids fell into the mirror METATRON created with Yahweh and Thoth's consciousness. 


The dark war lords did not want the people to awaken to her Universal Love. They knew she was the 'Divine Love Element' and would do all she could to help them become freed from the 'karmic mirrors.'


Because Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (who was always the ‘One’ Messenger for Divine Universal Love) won the Great Consciousness Conflict Tests (the dark lords challenged her with), due to her courage to stay aligned with Cosmic Universal Love, she has now realigned with her own Sovereign Alignment, which is why her original Blue Star Archangel is now reconnecting within her Sovereign Universal Love Body. 


**The Challenge they gave the original Sovereign Universal Love Channel, the Woman was: 'If they were unable to bring her own consciousness into conflict and if she carried on working with her own people, then the dark lords would need to resign and then she could re-establish her own Ultimate Universal Love Covenant. 


Upon the dark lords losing their own challenge, she would have proven her own love was stronger and that she remained pure in her own Universal Cosmic Love. Then she could bring true freedom to all who desired the Universal Love Activations.

However, if she turned against her own people by darkness persuading her (or by giving her so much ridicule that she could not carry on ) she was not strong enough to carry her own mission through by convincing her she was too weak, or saying to her that she was not working with enough love from her heart and she believed it, or saying to her that she was not realigning to Universal Ultimate Truth and she quit her own mission, then the darkness would gain all the Messianic Sovereign Alignment. Then she could never gain True Alignment.


If this had happened then the whole Sovereign Cosmos forever would be owned by the darkness, and that no one would ever be able to establish peace and love consciousness ever again. This was how important it was for Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to continue on with CAEAYARON, and to continue, despite all rejection and ridicule in all her lifetimes on earth, and in this lifetime, to establish Ultimate Truth. For if she could transmit Ultimate Truth through and establish Ultimate Truth, and bring the path to release pain consciousness, then she would win the Ultimate Alignment. However, it still would be up to the collective of people, whether or not this path could be established, as it would be their own 'choice.'


-- In other words if she stopped with her own mission, or if she began to doubt the teachings of CAEAYARON, or if fear or sadness was too strong within herself to continue then she could never realign back to her own Sovereign Universal Love Self, and she would never know Ultimate Truth, nor would she have been able to continue with her own assigned Universal Love mission.


Only if Suzanna remained with her mission, and continued to remain in the Universal Love herself, would she gain her full understanding back as then she would have all 'Cosmic Alignments Codes' back. 

Until then, she would not understand Ultimate Truth until the Great Messianic Alignment had begun to take place. Until then, she herself remained 'trapped' into lost memories, in the illusion that she would never remember 'all'. 


Currently, in January 2021, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is gaining back her Sovereign Power and is becoming consciously aware of all Ultimate Truth. This conscious 'awakening' of the 'woman' who came with her heart of love to the abyss, to try and reconnect the people back to Ultimate Universal Love, is what the dark lords feared most of all. All because she remained in her own Cosmic Love, and because she kept forgiving all, and because she kept trusting in CAEAYARON to keep going, did she win ALL Codes of Cosmic Alignment back. --


CAEAYARON, Cosmic Judge, revealed the challenge and Ultimate Truth through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Because she stayed faithful to her own Sovereign Universal Cosmic Law of Love, people who become Activated with CAEAYARON, through her Sovereign Channel, join the Covenant of Love. 


This Covenant is a Spiritual Agreement between the people who gain their Codes of Life back, and the Sovereign Channel, and the already Established Galactic Universal Love Foundations of Ultimate Truth, that the Activated can return to the Freedom Grids of the Sovereign Blue Star 'EMMANUEL' self, so that never again will the people ever suffer again.

This is why Jesus constantly brought in the teachings with 'EMMANUEL' because he too spoke about this Sacred Messianic Covenant. 


This is why the people consciously must come to the Great Universal Love Alignments to align up, as then the darkness can never say 'again' that the people, somehow, were 'persuaded' to return to the Universal Love. **


** In November 2020, Suzanna's Universal Love Channel reconnected to her EMMANUEL Grid Self. At that time, her Universal Love Electromagnetic Field grew extensively, and she began to connect to her own 'Earth Consciousness' magnetic field to protect the earth from destruction.

Late December 2020 - early January 2021, her own Blue Star Archangel connected to Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Universal Light Body with large magnetic waves. Her Sovereign Universal Love Channel reconnected back to her interdimensional sun consciousness, and therefore she can bring in stronger Universal Love Frequencies. Her own interstellar cosmic DNA Coding is constantly connecting into her physical body, so that the Activated can realign to their own DNA Cosmic Star Pathway. ** 


Now, METATRON is working for CAEAYARON because the dark alignment has fallen. 

This is why all powers are shifting, slowly, and are being reversed because METATRON has resigned from working for the ‘War Lords’. 


This is why when people, who realign back to their Codes of Life, with the ‘One’ (who has been publicly identified by CAEAYARON Cosmic Judge, to be the Messianic Sovereign Aligner, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel), METATRON needs to reverse their Merkabah coding system to align to the Blue Sovereign Universal Love Channel’s Love Body, so that the Activated of CAEAYARON can grow into their New Star Cosmic Creation Self again. 


Thus, spiritually, the alignments unlock the activated from the dark matrix abyss to return back to their original purpose to become shining stars in eternal freedom to the original Creation Sovereign Realms of 'EMMANUEL' where no suffering consciousness exists.

Now that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has been fully aligned to her original Messianic Alignment, METATRON needs to work for her, to free the people who become aligned back to CAEAYARON's Magnetic Universe. 


**This is why the Activations are so important, as the Activations transform first the electromagnetic body, which change the brain frequencies (back to Cosmic original alignment of Universal Love balancing frequencies) and enhances their DNA fields.**


The Codes of Life restore the DNA pathway very gradually. Slowly the activated change their consciousness frequencies which is called 'Star Transformation.' 


The activated of CAEAYARON are freed from karma conflict and placed in a karmically free mirror, which is enhanced with their own Universal Love for all Cosmic Good. This means that they are karmically freed forever. No more will then enter the conflict zone in all lifetimes coming. 


This is because CAEAYARON is the Balancing Cosmos Judge. CAEAYARON aligns Suzanna's Blue Star Violet Flame with all who become activated, because she has proven her own Ultimate Cosmic Love to be true. Thus, the activated become 'balanced' and set free spiritually. 

When they work with Universal Love Flows, they feel Suzanna's Light Body grow, which has now fully aligned to her Blue Star Sovereign Self. This is a beautiful tingly Divine Universal Love warmth. 


These flows enhance their personalities, intelligence and healing abilities, especially when they continue to work with Suzanna's Divine Intelligence. 


The Advanced Universal Teachers for instance, constantly receive activations from Suzanna, as they bless the earth and all the people. Their own consciousness flows are far greater than they can accept at this time, for how could they define their own growth? Their own growth happens gradually, at a pace they can work with both consciously and unconsciously.

Their Universal Love Flows reach out to all who desire the love to happen. When the Advanced Teachers work with their students in the 7 Fundamental of Light Concept workshops, their own Universal Love Teacher flows grow, as they are enhancing with their own love. This connects into the students, though the students cannot be activated through the Universal Love Teachers. 


Activation processes can only happen with CAEAYARON directly, which can only happen when CAEAYARON directs the flows through the Blue Star Gate of Life, the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.


The Universal Love Teachers advance more quickly with their hearts of love when they work with the processes of the flows of CAEAYARON, and the Blue Star Channel, because this is what Divine Manifestation wants; to bring love and peace to planet earth. 


Their consciousness is far greater than any human consciousness because they are now connected into the Sovereign Universal Love Grids. Therefore, when they desire love and peace to happen, they shine like 'stars' to the world, and neutralize all that they don't want to see happening in their 'New World'. 


Constantly, they process how they can enhance themselves, and by focusing on this their DNA with the Living Codes the Universal Love Activated can process what it is they themselves desire to happen. This brings true empowerment to themselves.


Awakening for the Universal Love Star Sacred World Healers, happens both consciously and unconsciously. Once they work with Universal Love Activated Flows (because their own life perspective changes once they are out of the human conflict mirrors, because their DNA is transforming back into higher cosmic flows of love) they begin to see what human consciousness is, because they are no longer part of METATRON's old grid. Now they have been 'transported' to CAEAYARON's New Creation Grid.


In that grid, CAEAYARON brings in life giving frequencies through the Sovereign Universal Love Channel as that is where her own Universal Love Body connects in. 


The Universal Love People are a true blessing to the earth and work both consciously and unconsciously at manifesting 'good will' across the world, with their Everlasting Codes of Life held within their New Cosmic DNA and their Universal Love Energy Body.

Always in the love, the Universal Love Team for the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (8 January 2020)


Answer to question transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, from the Universal Love Galactic Federation Society, who work with Suzanna's Universal Love Channel to bring through Codes of Cosmic Alignment and Ultimate Truth to the planet, so that many may recognize Ultimate Universal Truth, for the purpose to bring love and peace to planet earth. 8 January 2021.



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