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DECEMBER 23 2022 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel: Spirit Consciousness Realms, Freedom versus restricted

28/12/2022 - Cosmos Ambassador

This was a question from a YouTube viewer of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's video transmissions:

'I have a question about the spirit consciousness realms. How could it be possible that spirit consciousness becomes briefly freed from a person after having transitioned, before all memories and consciousness of that spirit is removed by the suction field of the Merkabah matrix?'

Transmitted answer as guided by Caeayaron's Sovereign Magnetic Frequencies, channelled by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Cosmos Ambassador and Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel

Namaste and thank you for your question. This is what happens to the spirit consciousness after it has had brief awareness of all consciousness, once the spirit of a person has departed the physical body. Once it has gained enough awareness, the Merkabah suction matrix opens to take all personality and memories of life from that person who has recently departed.

Once a person has passed over, in a fraction of a moment the spirit of that person regains all consciousness and can remember all of creation. It is within that moment, of the spiritual consciousness awakening, that the suction of the Merkabah dense gravitational field strengthens before it opens to take all their spiritual memories away from their spiritual awakened DNA. This is why people were trapped in the forever Merkabah conflict and suffering consciousness mirror. The sounds of wailing human suffering and pain consciousness are what created density in all of creation.

It is with the electromagnetic fields of pain that war and suffering came to earth. The war frequencies of the lost human lives bounce back their own thoughts of suffering to our planet, which creates enlarged suffering within human DNA.

The only way to become freed from human fields of pain and suffering consciousness fields, connected into the earth’s dense Merkabah fields, is if I could reconnect into my own original Caeayaron channel. This is why Caeayaron needed my own Blue Star Cosmos DNA to stay fully intact to help me realign back to my original Blue Star Angel. Otherwise, humanity and earth could not continue to exist, as the Merkabah would now have pulled all dimensions apart, for then the stars would have already concaved into the Milky Way Solar System.

This dense suction field became so strong that most of original creation eventually was sucked into the hollow field of earth. The only DNA codes, which were strong enough not to get sucked in, were my own Blue Star fields.

As long as my own love for creation and Divine Love remained strong within my heart, could my original Blue Star DNA help the people on earth to move towards a higher spiritual vibration, in an attempt to bring a new pathway to allow the people to move forward. Otherwise, they would forever continue to be held in the trap of the dark dense Merkabah suction mirror, which was filled with darkened sounds of human DNA conflict and suffering consciousness fields to keep the earth small and densified, all to keep the DNA of the original Sovereign Universal Love People imprisoned within the fields of human consciousness of conflict and suffering DNA.

Earth’s Merkabah mirror was a trapped field which no one could escape from. My own Blue Star DNA was never removed in the Merkabah matrix with conflict consciousness for I always held the original voice of Universal Love Consciousness, deep within my own heart and my own Sovereign Blue Star DNA.

By remaining strong within my original Blue Star DNA, I could build a new dimension in each lifetime, to try and reconnect the original Sovereign Universal Love Star People back to original purpose of love and freedom consciousness.

We now live in the time of the Great Cosmos Alignment, which is when all earth’s original forcefields can expand to come out of the dark dense Merkabah mirror, provided my original Blue Star DNA remained fully intact.

Provided my original Blue Star DNA stayed in my original Cosmos Universal Love vibration, throughout millions of lifetimes living on earth with humanity, then my Sovereign Cosmos Channel could reclaim all of 'Kryon’s' frequencies from the original dark Merkabah ‘Kryon’ channel. If this was achieved, then Caeayaron could connect into my Blue Star Cosmos DNA to help me realign back to my original Sovereign Cosmos Universal Love Blue Star Angel.

The original dark ‘Kryon’ channel conquered all universes by taking down all of Caeayaron’s original Sovereign Magnetic Frequencies into his own dense Merkabah matrix, by removing all Caeayaron’s original power fields away from all of original Sovereign Universal Love Star creation.

The original dark ‘Kryon’ channel understood the purpose well of all original creation. He knew the secret of life was held within the Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life, as all original Cosmos Star DNA Codes held Universal Love fields to power up all original creation.

Caeayaron’s Sovereign Magnetic Power Field connected into my original Blue Star Electromagnetic Angel Field, which brought enormous life force energy into all of creation that lived in those original Sovereign Universes.

The original creation cosmos forcefields connected directly into Universal Love Creation forcefields of Sovereign Father Emmanuel, through my original Blue Star Angel field, which connected into Caeayaron’s original Sovereign Magnetic Fields.

Caeayaron’s original magnetic power was held in Sovereign Universal Love Consciousness because all Cosmos Wisdom of ‘Emmanuel’ connected into Caeayaron.

Each original Cosmos Star DNA Code of Life connected directly into Caeayaron’s Sovereign Magnetic Power to power up all star electromagnetic fields of the original Sovereign Cosmos People who once lived in those enormously high Sovereign Star Universal Love Consciousness dimensions.

This is why no war or pain suffering consciousness could ever exist in those original Sovereign Universes, as the Universal Love Consciousness fields of all of original creation were much too high to experience low emotions, which could only ever come in fields of gravitational pools of density.

Caeayaron could only ever restore the original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life and Creation with myself, as I was his original Blue Star DNA Transmitter with his Codes of Life. This was the only way that the original Cosmos Star Love people could begin to recognize my original Blue Star Heart Universal Love frequency, which is how the ones who come to the Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events can recognize the call from Sovereign Cosmos Love.

This is the only way people can escape the forever ‘death’ spirit Merkabah suction cycle. It is only during the Great Cosmic Alignment that the reconnection to the original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life could ever take place, as all my original Cosmos Alignments from all 12 Sovereign Star Dimensions, and all 12 Lemurian dimensional star alignments, all fell in the dark dense Merkabah matrix, which is where all Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life disappeared into when the majority of the people chose to listen to the original dark 'Kryon' Merkabah channel.

This is why the way up could only ever be possible if my original Blue Star Angel could reconnect back to my original Blue Star DNA with Caeayaron’s Sovereign Magnetic Flows.

It is through my original Blue Star DNA that Caeayaron’s Magnetic Forcefields could restore all original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life of the people who come to the Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events. This could bring peace and love to earth, creation, and humanity when millions connect back into Caeayaron’s original Sovereign Universal Love Frequencies with Activated Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life.

Now is the time when I can tune into all those fallen frequencies to help all, who come to the Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events in person, to reconnect them back into their original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life with Caeayaron’s original Sovereign Love Magnetic Frequencies, as well as Sovereign Father Emmanuel’s original Universal Love Creation Frequencies, through my original Blue Star Sovereign DNA Channel.

Please keep watching YouTube and Facebook, as further revelations will come through soon.

Thank you for asking this relevant question. I asked an answer to come from Caeayaron, and so a special transmission came for you. Sending you eternal Universal Love waves, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the forever Blue Star DNA Cosmos Messenger

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