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Karma, Galactic Federations, and whether Cosmos Intelligence could bring karma to the people

29/11/2021 - Questions And Answers

Question by viewer of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's YouTube channel regarding karma, Galactic Federations, and whether Cosmos Intelligence could bring karma to the people. Transmitted by Blue Star Cosmos Intelligence, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, article posted on 25 November 2021

Namaste and thank you for coming to my YouTube Channel.

Your own question is multi-layered. Your question deals with various perspectives. In it you are asking if Caeayaron, Sovereign Father Emmanuel, or the Sovereign Galactic Cosmos Universal Love Federations could hold karma, and whether they can bring karma to the people.
To answer this question, first of all please know that karma was given by a dark ruler who did not believe that Universal Love was the pathway of ultimate freedom of creation. He challenged the Universal Love Cosmos Laws in the Great Divine Cosmos Courts, which is why all tumbled down into his own dark dense matrix. He knew that no one else had the courage to challenge the Cosmos Law of Universal Love, but because no Galactic Law existed to say that he could not take the Universal Love Forces from the universe, he began to challenge it, all to take it for himself. He knew that no judgement could exist in the original Cosmos Laws of Love Creation for all was based on unity, love, and harmony which were the original Powers of Creation Sovereign Universes. This is why he believed he could get away with syphoning all Cosmos Power from the people to strengthen his own dark consciousness self, Iaovah.
Because the Universal Love Electromagnetic Force Fields of Creation (held within the DNA of the original Cosmos People) were too strong for his own vibration, he used his dark matrix Merkabah to challenge those Universal Love Laws held within the Universal Love People. Those original laws were grids of information with DNA Memories, called Cosmos Forcefields of Life.

As long as those grids of Universal Love Cosmos Forcefields of Life were held in pure Universal Love Blue Star Violet Flame Cosmos Consciousness, nothing could tumble down, which is why he desired to ‘free’ those energies with his own Merkabah duality conflict consciousness, so that he could vacuum all star creation fields of energies into his own dark Merkabah electromagnetic field to give him enormous cosmos power. This is how he created his own Iaovah God self, because he believed he could do anything in the whole universe, without anyone being able to stop him.

This is why he, the one who called himself Iaovah, the dark consciousness who influenced millions to go against Universal Love Cosmos Intelligence, became strong and so he believed he was a God Force. With his constant challenges, people lost their own knowledge, and instead they became confused with his constant questioning about what is right and what is wrong, and what true ultimate freedom was.

The dark Iaovah being knew all along that with confusion, he would confuse the minds of the original cosmos Love People. When the cosmos people were confused, part of their own consciousness (which was their original star love power) left them which he then sucked into his Merkabah Reduced Field Consciousness Machine. This is how all the cosmos Love People were reduced to nearly nothing, after the dark consciousness Merkabah dark channel aligned himself to his Iavoah self, with the constant pressure of questions.
Today, all can be seen as to whether the dark Iaovah God was able to bring freedom with his dark Merkabah thoughts of conflict duality consciousness. Were the people able to uphold all his own knowledge and power? This constant conflict within the Merkabah left millions of questions unanswered. Who was God? What was the original purpose of life and creation? Many millions went to war over those questions; questions that were given by a very simple star being who turned dark in Thoth’s dimensions.

Only the Universal Love Activations are able to truly free the consciousness of the people, which is why I, as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, was called to work with Kryon in the year 2014, and Sovereign Father Emmanuel in the year 2009. However, those two Creation Forcefields of Consciousness were unable to bring love to the people, unless I, as the Divine Love Element, was able to superbly transmit their original Forcefields of Creation to the people through my original Blue Sun Consciousness, my original Blue Star Angel Field.
Please know that I was directly approached by Kryon during the year 2014. Kryon asked me to work with him as his channel. Kryon said to me that the future of humanity would depend on whether I chose to work with Kryon’s Universal Magnetic fields. During that time, I did not want to work with Kryon because another world-famous channel worked with Kryon’s energies.

To this day, many people do not want to listen to my own transmissions of Caeayaron, Sovereign Father Emmanuel and myself. Many thousands would prefer if I did not carry on. But because I have a direct Universal Love connection with my own Sovereign Beings: Caeayaron, Sovereign Father Emmanuel, Halisarius, Ammorah, Archangels, other Divine Masters and my own Blue Star, I have much Divine Support. I do not listen to the rejection of the people, but I know that my own Sovereign Blue Star Alignment is here to assist those who do desire support and assistance, to find the pathway back to the original Cosmos Universal Love Star Dimensions.

Kryon, during the year 2016, began to reveal (in public through my own transmissions as his Sovereign Universal Love Channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel) that he no longer worked with the older famous world-renowned channel. During that year also, Kryon revealed that Kryon’s name was always Caeayaron not Kryon. Because the older well-known channel was not able to connect to Caeayaron directly himself, he heard the name through another person, and this is why the spelling and mispronunciation may have happened.

This was why I, as Cosmos Queen Laeayaraesea (in the original Sovereign Universes), was sent to earth by the Galactic Cosmos Universal Love Federations, as their Galactic Cosmos Ambassador, to bring to humanity a pathway of hope and answers, as to how and why Cosmos Intelligence does have all answers humanity is seeking. Once enough people can understand that this is the pathway of Ultimate Truth then millions can awaken, and then a pathway to help assist millions to come to the Universal Love Activations might be able to happen.

As for your question of whether it is possible that the Galactic Universal Cosmos Love Federations, Caeayaron, and Sovereign Father Emmanuel could place more karma on those choosing not to become activated, please know that Caeayaron and Sovereign Emmanuel are actual Universal Love Creation Forces, which is how all original Divine Love Creation Forcefields were created through the Blue Star Consciousness Sovereign Channel. Caeayaron is Magnetic Power and Sovereign Father Emmanuel is Divine Universal Love. Both are Creation Universal Love Forces (like was expressed before) and therefore cannot place any karmic imbalance duality conflict consciousness fields in anyone, as it is impossible to hold any conflict consciousness in the Sovereign Universes held within the Blue Star Angel Violet Flame Divine Love Element Rays of Universal Love Creation Universes, which is why people need to become Activated with Universal Love, so that they can connect to their original Universal Love Star Forces.

The Great Sovereign Galactic Universal Love Cosmos Federations remained in their own Great Sovereign Universes and so never were caught in the Merkabah Energies of duality consciousness. This is why they can give power to my own Sovereign Channel at this time with Universal Power and Strength. This is why I was sent to planet earth at this time, as this is the strength that is needed to help all of creation and mankind. As the Cosmos Ambassador it is my responsibility to allow the High Cosmos Forces of Divine Sovereign Love to be able to speak to mankind, to allow the people to hear how Divine Intelligence can remove the Merkabah from earth. This would allow the pathway forward to happen, if the right people were open to hear the Great Cosmos of Universal Love Intelligence speak.

The dark being took much of Caeayaron’s pure magnetic forcefields down, which is why I, as the Blue Star Cosmos Ambassador, was sent by the Galactic Cosmos Love Federations to earth, to try and win the Codes of ‘Kryon’ back. Only if my own love stayed strong until this time of the Cosmos Time of Alignment, would my own Blue Star Emmanuel Forcefield begin to open to become strong enough to open the prism ‘Kryon’ was held into, and then ‘Kryon’ could reconnect to his original Sovereign Magnetic Forcefield through my own Blue Star Universal Love Channel Force which is an Angel Force of Universal Love.

Karma took all original Universal Love Forcefields away with DNA transfer signals with Merkabah energies. Because the two consciousness fields (i.e. Universal Love Creation Laws of eternal star cosmos expansion, compared to restricted duality conflict consciousness laws with Merkabah reduced energy consciousness fields) are entire opposite states of consciousness, the higher Universal Love Cosmos Fields of Life were reduced by the power of the Merkabah. Once the dark Iaovah Merkabah field of Metatron (that Iaovah took from Thoth’s original red star universes) had taken all souls away from the original star cosmos people, no more could the original cosmos people connect into life force energy.

This was because all their original life force energy was gone. As a result, the original cosmos people fell into the pit of the dark matrix underworld, without even understanding where they were. This led to further confusion. Because the dark matrix was a prison held in a dark Merkabah Mirror of Consciousness, the original cosmos people no longer could go back home to their original Blue Star Emmanuel Universal Love Realms. This is why I, as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, was sent to earth with part of my own Blue Star Violet Flame Cosmos Rays, to try and search for those who still wanted to become freed, so that they could find their way back home through the Sovereign Alignment Activation Processes of Blue Star, Sovereign Father Emmanuel and Caeayaron. This was always the original pathway of creation.

Because the two consciousness fields are completely opposite, the Sovereign Field of Universal Love crashed down in Merkabah Duality Consciousness when the dark Merkabah channel began to teach his own knowledge, in the original Sovereign Universal Love dimensions.

Once he had aligned his own duality dark consciousness into the thoughts of the great majority of the original Cosmos People, all that people could recognize was another pathway other than their own original pathway. Now all their own original memories were lost in spaces of dark time and space dimensions. This is how all eventually landed in the DNA of human Merkabah conflict.

All that the dark aligner needed to do to attain ultimate confusion, to align the original cosmos people with his own thoughts of lower dense consciousness fields, was to pose various questions with his own darkened Merkabah field of energy frequencies. As soon as the original cosmos people felt those frequencies coming into their hearts, their power fields could no longer hold on to their own greater star cosmos power. This is why it is now important to understand Ultimate Truth Consciousness of how all originally was created in enormous high Universal Love Forcefields, and why all original creation caved into the Merkabah dark matrix consciousness field.

The purpose of my own Sovereign Love Channel, Divine Love Element, is to establish the pathway of Ultimate Truth, to allow the people to see another pathway forward, so that the Universal Love Activations can become an important aspect of creation on the planet.

So, thank you very much for your question, as your question allowed many to see why Sovereign Love Energies could never bring karma to the original people of the universes, or to anyone because those forces were the ultimate creation love forcefields.

This also applies to the original Sovereign Galactic Forces of Ultimate Love which were held outside of duality conflict consciousness. Because they never became contaminated with Merkabah Duality Conflict Consciousness, they could never bring judgment to anyone, nor bring karma to anyone, because karma can only be passed on through DNA consciousness conflict contamination fields. Again, this is why the Universal Love Activations are enormously important for the activated (with the Magnetic Forcefield of Caeayaron and through Blue Star Universal Love Consciousness) so they can then leave the human conflict duality consciousness grids, to allow their own star transformation to restart.

So, no, the Galactic Universal Love Cosmos Federations cannot bring karma to the people who choose not to become activated, for if this were to happen it would be judgment. Rather, they offer the pathway of Freedom Consciousness from the Universal Love from their hearts together. Together they desire the people to demonstrate Galactic Collective Love by choosing to come to the Universal Love Activations, and then choose to teach (from their own hearts of love) others with the special teachings transmitted by my own Cosmos Intelligence.
As for your question of ‘Is it possible that the Galactic Universal Love Federations could ‘dump’ their karma and responsibilities for mistakes made on humans?’

As answered above, the Galactic Universal Love Federations stayed out of the dense illusion of karma frequencies, and therefore they are able to bring mankind back to the original Universal Love Dimensions with Blue Star Activation processes, and Caeayaron’s Universal Love Frequencies.

Do please understand that there are also dark Galactic Federations who did not want me to free the Cosmos Codes of ‘Kryon’. They were on the side of the dark Merkabah channel. The dark Iaovah self-aligned channel was the main leader of the dark Galactic Federations, so your question does apply to them. Please note the large difference here.

Only Universal Love would want to reconnect the original Cosmos People back to the love, whereas the dark federations would want the original Cosmos People to stay in the dark dense Merkabah matrix forever and ever with karma, so that the people can never escape their dark dense hold. This was always the way since the large Galactic Consciousness Falls began.
The reason why all can now connect back up is because I, as Cosmos Ambassador, Cosmos Queen, Divine Love Element Laeayaraesea, of Lemuria and the ancient Sovereign Universes, was required to prove that my own Universal Love stayed strong within my own heart in all my own millions of lifetimes on earth. Each lifetime my own truth of what I believed to be the pathway of Ultimate Truth was tested. If I remained strong enough within my own love for the Great Universe, and if I was able to show people that another pathway to a better future was possible, then I could keep coming back to humanity.

If I proved to fulfil all my own Galactic Missions, which was to open up new possibilities with new time-dimensions for humanity (for in the dark matrix there are many gates of time which were locked until I, the Cosmos Messenger, came with the Key of Life to unlock those gates), then my own heart would open stronger to allow my own Blue Star Galactic Angel Force Channel to connect to me. Recently, I gained another Universal Light Field in my own Blue Star Angel Channel which is why a whole new coding for the universe has now begun.
In each lifetime I was asked by the Galactic Universal Love Federations, as the Cosmos Ambassador and Life Coder, to bring messages of hope to the people when all seemed without hope at all, to try and bring another pathway to the world. If I succeeded, mankind could continue as all on earth is locked in interdimensional pathways of time and illusion. A pathway for humanity cannot possibly open unless, first, the pathway forward has received codes to allow that pathway to open.

Now that my own Blue Star Angel Forcefield has connected back to me, another pathway can open, to allow the people to understand that the Cosmos has Divine Universal Love Intelligence to bring the earth back into magnetic fields of balance. But the question is now, does mankind want to see that time coming? If enough people would like to see a whole other pathway opening and learn from the Cosmos how technology could be built stronger with enormous high Cosmos Intelligence, then it could happen. But for that to occur, first a whole organization of people will need to want to support me as the Cosmos Ambassador for that to be made possible.

For the Sovereign Universes to allow a pathway to connect back up to become created, that allows the people to go back to the eternal Universal Love dimensions (provided they become Activated back in their original Universal Love Forcefields DNA Cosmos Codes of Life, and provided they desire to remain in the Universal Cosmos Love) is the great gift from Cosmos Intelligence.

This is how grateful the people on earth should be to Divine Universal Love so that the Universal Love Activations can continue. It is with true gratitude the pathway of Universal Love can shine forward. It is when the hearts of love consciousness desire the higher pathway to happen, that is when the pathway of Universal Love can allow humanity to see that there is a pathway out of conflict duality consciousness, and that there is a universe where True Freedom Forces can be found.

Namaste and I send you eternal flows of enormous Universal Love Healings. My name is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, and I was assigned to be the Cosmos Messenger and Ambassador by Sovereign Father Emmanuel in the year 2009, and Caeayaron during the year 2014. My Divine Assignment is enormous which is to grow my own Sovereign Alignment here on this planet to reveal all Cosmos Ultimate Truth through Cosmos Transmissions, to allow my own Blue Star Angel’s Forcefield to grow, and to allow those who do choose for LIFE to assist them back to star transformation processes, so that they can eternally become free in the higher Sovereign Cosmos Universes, and forever live in forces of Universal Love, Joy, Peace, Creation and Freedom.

Transmitted through by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel from Cosmos Intelligence, Caeayaron and the Galactic Universal Love Cosmos Federations.
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