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2020 Alignment, Karma, Libraries, GAIA And New Earth Grids


CAEAYARON welcomes you to HIS Teachings. HE introduces HIMSELF. He speaks about the grids and states they are like network stations with many frequencies of life consciousness to come into existence with Codes from HIS Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element. What main points can you learn when listening to CAEAYARON? * Why can CAEAYARON, Almighty Archangel not create consciousness without HIS Universal Light Grid Programmer? * The 13th gateway you are living in, why is this important? * The Word has returned. What did Jesus state that the people need to do now during the Time of the Great Awakening? * Why was it not the time for CAEAYARON to bring through Truth Alignment before the Codes were won back by the Divine Love Element? HE lists those codes to help the people understand. * Who is CAEAYARON calling at this time? Who will come in later and why? * Why did the darkness state to CAEAYARON only to bring one being from the Light Universes against thousands and thousands of dark beings to the earth? * Why did CAEAYARON place a large part of HIMSELF in a distant universe for protection? * How much love did the Divine Love Element need for CAEAYARON for time to be brought to the 13th Gateway and the 2020 Alignment more explained. * KRYON's Magnetic 'Services' versus CAEAYARON, MASTER OF MAGNETIC FORCES, FLOWS & ALIGNMENT. CAEAYARON explains the 'name change' and purpose. * The Violet Flame the Divine Love Element brought through in all her lifetimes serves what purpose now in the universes? * Time - How there is no linear time, and how the earth is 'stuck' in time. 'You and time are an illusion,' and 'finding evidence for your beliefs because you are powerful creators collectively.' * The Universal Clock has started on planet earth so time has started to become real. * Why does he state that mankind has been exploring memories, lifetime after lifetime, for a way out? * 'Nothing can exist in a blackhole, 'toilet zone,' says CAEAYARON. Why does he call our planet the 'toilet zone?' * Why are CAEAYARON's Universes more alive than the universes we currently live in? * The Great Power CAEAYARON has, how does HE explain it? The forces needed to create life. * The repelling forces in the universe and the unifying force to create the pathway of creation. * The Channel of the Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer explained, and why does the Divine Love Element have to be in human form to awaken the earth back to life? * When the living grids connect into the earth via the channel, the GAIA grids are able to bring in the illusion of life. Why? * The Galactic Federations are protecting the earth at this time while the light grids are strengthening to protect the earth from the black hole which is trying to suck all grids down into a darker, more lifeless abyss. * Over thousands and thousands of lifetimes the Universal Light Grid Programmer came to the earth and deposited light, like a candle,' to do what? * Between lifetimes the Universal Light Grid Programmer brought the memories she had seen from planet earth into an encyclopaedia of memories held in the higher dimensions. Why? How does it serve the Galactic Federation now? * Why could the Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer leave earth in between her lifetimes whereas all others could not? Why is the channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel growing at this time? * The claiming back of the dark energy by the Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer is deposited where at this time? * New Power Grids to move forces versus old Human Template Grids with little power. * The New Grids are CAEAYARON's Universes and what are they like? * Karma neutralization and the New Healing Grids. * How long are the Activation Gates open for? When did the Activations begin? When was the first Collective Love Gateway Activation which opened up the Collective Flow on earth. * What are the phases of 1, 2 and 3 of spirituality and when did they start? * The sacred libraries of the Lemurians. What were they and why were they so important? * The relationship between the libraries of the Lemurians, the Crystalline Grid and the three Sacred Light Grid Programmers. * What safeguard was given to protect those libraries from being contaminated at the Great Fall of Lemuria. If they were not protected, how devastating would this be for us at this time? * How can you be reconnected back into your libraries? * People's karma cleansed, why can CAEAYARON do that? *The New Race forming on planet earth. Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Divine Ascension Channel, Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, The Word and Author for Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great, and the Great Caeayaron, The Eternal Mountain of Light. Please also see Suzanna's Facebook Page filled with Divine Guidance and for more information.