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A Gift from the Sacred Heart of Universal Love


Namaste and welcome to the teachings of Caeayaron with his Sovereign Universal Love Channel, his Transmitter, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. It is now time for the people to understand more about the Sovereign Universes and how all people's energy fields could become restored with the Universal Sovereign Alignment Events. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is now asked by Sovereign Father Emmanuel and Caeayaron to focus more on peace, love and earth restoration. This is her Divine Purpose; to assist the people to New Cosmos Energy Knowledge and guide people forward to a new pathway of Cosmos Intelligence. Please watch Caeayaron's transmission with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. The focus in this message is to appreciate giving with love from the heart. For the people who came to the Universal Love Alignment Events with the Cosmos Universal Love Messenger, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who saw Suzanna working on stage in front of a LIVE audience, they know that Caeayaron's deeper message is that the Secret Gift of Life is 'The Coder of Life', who always originally was Cosmos Queen Laeayaraesea. After all her own original Universal Love frequencies and Cosmos Keys of Life were taken, she needed to try and recover them. This is why Suzanna, as Cosmos Queen, Divine Love Element Laeayaraesea, first tried to restore the missing codes of the original Sovereign Universal Love People, with Cosmos Codes of Life, in the Sacred Land of Lemuria through Restoration Processes. But after the great majority of the people chose against Universal Love, the people fell once again into the dense consciousness of earth, the dark matrix. Once again, all their Cosmos Codes of Life which were the Memories of Restoration and Creation, were taken by the original dark Merkabah channel, who had also taken all original Soul Star Coding of the Sovereign Cosmos People down into his matrix during the original Galactic Sovereign Star Wars. Once Lemuria fell, again the dark Merkabah channel held all their Sovereign Memories of their own creation and life force energies into the dark matrix Merkabah zone. All original Cosmos Codes of Universal Love disappeared. The only way to restore the Universal Life Force Cosmos Coding was if Cosmos Queen Laeayaraesea gave up all her original Blue Star Sovereign Coding of Caeayaron to the dark Merkabah channel who had taken all original codes into his own Merkabah matrix. In exchange, she might be able to reconnect all missing creation codes back which could then form a new pathway of restoration. If she succeeded, she might gain back her original Cosmos Intelligence Consciousness, Caeayaron, to try to bring back original intelligence to the planetary alignment. This was to try and bring the New Creation Pathway to planet earth during the New Restoration of Earth's Creation Cosmos Alignment (which has now begun to happen). She might then also gain her original Blue Star Angel Sovereign Universal Love Channel back (provided she always stayed in her own pathway of love and not be persuaded nor be tempted to follow the pathway of the dark channel). Then she would be able to begin the restoration processes of the people, (if they choose to come with their hearts of love to the New Creation Planetary, Universal Love Alignment Events), with DNA Cosmos Codes of Life. Because Suzanna has witnessed all suffering of creation, she has been able to create a code with her own Blue Star Violet Flame New Energy frequencies, to allow life to return to the pathway of creation. However, all is a choice of the heart for the pathway of Universal Love can only happen when enough people desire to work in the Universal Love Flows with their hearts. This has already begun to happen since the year 2015, when Suzanna Maria Emmanuel began her ancient Cosmos Ambassador work, as Cosmos Queen Divine Love Element, with Caeayaron. Namaste, we hope you enjoy watching the movie from the Cosmos Ambassador with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Copyright � 2022 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel�