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Become Spiritually Nourished


Suzanna Maria Emmanuel introduces the teachings by welcoming the people to the time of the Great Awakening and Revelations. She spoke of the Alignment happening now and that which happened in Lemuria. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT welcomes all who desire truth, knowledge and love. HE states how happy the ones are who have been praying for HIS Great Return to bring the nations into peace as promised 2,000 years ago. * The Great Examiner who is that and why is it the time of the Great Examination? * 2,000 years ago the people understood there was a Great Father EMMANUEL who cares for humanity. * What did THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL answer through Jesus when the people asked him, what is after death? * 2,000 years ago the people Jesus spoke to understood life in spirit and that they would return many times before the GREAT RETURN OF THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL. Why would they need to return to earth in many lifetimes? * Now the Designated Word is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Was it easy for Jesus to be the Word? Likewise is it easy for Suzanna to be the Word? * Why did people think Jesus was mad? * How did Jesus reason with the people when they stated he was 'mad' and questioned whether they were his words when he was speaking? * The ones who could be guided to the higher kingdom, who are they? * The doers of the work versus the lazy and idle ones. * Why is it the time now to awaken and not to be asleep spiritually? * Why THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL sent CAEAYARON, THE GREAT ALIGNER to the people. * Physical nourishment and spiritual nourishment. 'About the Channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel: In 2009, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was approached by SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. She began to channel HIS messages a few months later in front of groups. In 2009, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT gave Suzanna Maria Emmanuel the understanding that she was Jesus 2,000 years ago. At that time, Suzanna did not desire the people to understand this until it could no longer remain hidden. In 2014, she was approached by 'Kryon,' and in 2015, CAEAYARON (Kryon) began to bring through the Divine Activations with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who was always HIS Divine Love Element, Universal Light Programmer, Laeyaraesea, in Ancient Lemuria. in 2016, CAEAYARON (Kryon) introduced his true name and purpose through Suzanna, as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was always HIS authentic channel, as well as the channel for SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT in her past lifetimes when she was asked to work with Divine Purpose. Please also see Suzanna's Facebook Page filled with Divine Guidance and for more information. To receive The Book, in two volumes, of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, 'The Living Words of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, Walking the Path of Life,' please visit