Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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Begin to desire peace to come to the Earth


Welcome to the teachings of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. THE GREAT FATHER has returned with the WORD as he promised HE would. Do you recognize the importance of this yet? Do you understand the Great Message of the GREAT FATHER? When you listen to the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL speak in this message, picture yourself being in the crowd of Jesus 2,000 years ago. Picture them reacting as they heard the words through Jesus being spoken. The people heard the messages of the great love coming and how much the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL loved them. They began to understand how to develop spiritual understanding and what the difference between the teachings of THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL were, versus the teachings of the people in the synagogues where the people gathered to hear the laws being taught. Those laws burdened the people. They brought judgment to the people and the fear among the people was great. Jesus brought eternal freedom from the fear with the teachings of THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL which is why the following of Jesus grew and which is why many were against Jesus speaking with the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL. Jesus was the Designated Ascension Channel of THE GREAT SOVEREIGN FATHER, EMMANUEL 2,000 years ago, however, Jesus did not know how the people would ascend to the greater realms in those days. Now, the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL has returned with the Designated Ascension Channel at this time, who now is none other than SUZANNA MARIA EMMANUEL. Now is the Time of the Great Alignment. A true blessing it is for those who desire to listen and who are paying attention to the WAY, the ROAD and THE LIFE for they will DISCOVER TRUE FREEDOM. All who recognize the UNIVERSAL CHANNEL of LOVE can become GUIDED to the eternal spaces of love and peace. Those who do not have the GREAT LOVE within their heart cannot recognize the GREAT CHANNEL at this time. They are lost like the lost sheep without the way forward for they cannot SEE, they cannot RECOGNIZE and they cannot MOVE FORWARD. Please enjoy this channelled message with important messages therein. An organization is coming to the DESIGNATED ASCENSION CHANNEL soon who will ENSURE that DIVINE PROPHECY will become FULFILLED to allow all of mankind to hear the NEWS just like was foretold would happen 2,000 years ago. For more information on the Designated Ascension Channel and the verification that she is transmitting true love and true transformational information, visit: You can also discover and explore more wisdom from SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT channelled through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel via, The Living Words of Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great Vol 1 and 2 books, which can be purchased from Amazon.