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Blue Star Universal Love Channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Awakening - Part 2


Namaste all lovers of Ultimate Truth who desire to have deeper understanding of how Suzanna Maria Emmanuel began to discover cosmos intelligence with her original Universal Love Channel in this lifetime. This entire video has been produced by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel herself. Within this video are cosmos awakening frequencies to awaken the people to why Cosmos Intelligence can guide humanity forward to another pathway. This video answers many questions viewers have such as: *How did Suzanna Maria Emmanuel grasp higher knowledge when she was a little girl? *How did she learn to be a superb master teacher? *Why is her connection to spirit so strong? *Why is it that Caeayaron called Suzanna to help humanity towards a new path? *Certain questions cosmologists ask about consciousness, space and earth's magnetic fields are discussed in this video. *How did density affect the original cosmos DNA? And what consequences followed? *Is there a way out of the dense hold earth is in at this time? *Can a future come with higher knowledge? *How earth's inner balance could become restored. *How could earth's consciousness begin to reflect a higher pathway to mankind to help guide the people forward? Please watch this incredible video. This video was guided with higher intelligence and with Cosmos Intelligence transmissions as Suzanna's Sovereign Universal Love Channel is expanding to higher star realms at this time. Namaste, sending you much Universal Love Flows always, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Cosmos Ambassador for the Galactic Universal Love Federations and earth's consciousness. Suzanna is the Blue Star Divine Love Element, Sovereign Universal Love Channel Sound and visual sourced from Story Blocks apart from Suzanna's song and branding. All text was transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's branding and text is copyright information