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Caeayaron establishes his Universal Court Case


This is the first part of Caeayaron's Universal Court Case for Caeayaron is the Universal Cosmos Judge. Caeayaron has asked Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to transmit this information through to allow a whole Universal Court Proceeding to begin. During this first part, please listen to the transmission along with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. This same information will also be posted on Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Facebook Page soon with a flipbook attached, to allow the readers to read the transmission along with her. This allows all searchers of Ultimate Truth to: a) find the purpose of the Universal Codes of Life, b) discover what exactly Caeayaron's role is as the Universal Code Aligner, c) find the definition of Ultimate Truth, d) find the connection into ultimate purpose of freedom, once individuals are activated with their own Codes of Life. Caeayaron's Universal Love Cosmos Star Transformation Alignments reconnects people to their own set of DNA Codes of Cosmic Codes with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Universal Love Electromagnetic Field Light Body (which is one large field where her own Sovereign Universal Love Channel connects deep into the earth and reaches up into her own Sovereign Universal Blue Star Sun Creation self in the Blue Star Universal Sovereign Consciousness Grids of EMMANUEL (which Caeayaron explains is the Living Bridge)) with Activation processes. Searchers of Ultimate Truth will find it enormously interesting, as Caeayaron's information is read out by the most sincere and humble hearted person, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Enjoy discovering and exploring, with Universal Love The Administration Team of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel