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Codes of Alignment and Restoration


In this teaching, The Great Father EMMANUEL brings information to the people about the restoration and how the people can come out of enslaved consciousness to come into a state of eternal freedom. The Great Sovereign Father EMMANUEL also brings information through about the meaning of the people needing to be 'washed clean', and how it did not mean that Jesus needed to sacrifice his blood for mankind to be redeemed. The Great Father EMMANUEL makes it very clear to the people that the ONE messenger NOW is none other than Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and that she is the CHOSEN ONE that Divine speaks through. The Great CAEAYARON also speaks about this time of the Great Alignment, and brings out why it is called the Time of the Great Alignment. He answers questions people have (without the knowledge of the Sovereign Universal Love Channel knowing) about the Sacred Alignment and also the Messianic Throne. What exactly did the Blue Star Archangel need to do in between her lifetimes to gain back the Codes of Life for the people during these days? Why could she not bring those Codes of Life to the people before this time? What did she need to restore within herself first before being able to align all those who desire the love back, and how difficult was it to claim it back? All of this and more you will find exciting in this teaching. For more spiritual education please go to