Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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Discovering the Gateway to Eternal Love


Welcome to the teachings of the ASCENDED MASTER, LORD MAITREYA, who desired to find the pathway to the Great Love. Please follow along with this short but appropriate teaching to help you support your discovery to the Great Love. To discover more teachings like these from the Master Universal Love Channel, please click on YouTube and search under Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who has been CHOSEN to be the DESIGNATED LOVE CHANNEL to bring the soon to be, GLOBAL DIVINE ASCENSION PROGRAMME to the people to bring love to their heart which will ultimately lead them to their own freedom in the higher love dimensions. This is the first time a DIVINE MASTER UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL has stood up with so much love in her heart, willing to devote herself to help many reach the higher stages of DIMENSIONAL LOVE ASCENSION to reach higher stages of spiritual growth within themselves. Please also view the facebook page of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to view many more teachings from the Divine Creators directly. No one else has been able to master this level of channelling other than the ONE who was sent to this planet to help us grow and to love. Jesus, 2,000 years ago, promised to bring us NEW revelations, NEW awakenings and NEW understandings on the messages but at that time he could not, as it was not yet the time to do so. He needed to return with the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL to complete what he needed to do upon the earth for the people. We would recognize the WORD returning by the SAME TEACHINGS coming through. We have been waiting for this moment to arrive for 2,000 years. Because of Divine Prophecies and Divine Statements Jesus made to his friends, in the silence we knew what to look out for by the way Jesus would return with the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL. These Divine Statements would remain hidden from the rest of the people except for a few upon the earth. Those few would need to keep that 'evidence' a secret because of the serious nature of it, for only ONE would return with the PATHWAY to the TRUTH, the LIFE, and the DOORWAY to the Great Heavenly Realms. Finally, all what Jesus tried to bring to us but was unable at that time can happen now. 2,000 years ago the darkness stopped the Great Alignment and took us into the darkness instead. Now the one who lived the lifetime of Jesus, together with the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, has returned in the embodiment of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to bring us upwards into The Promise; The Day of the Great Alignment. Only ONE was assigned to do the work to bring the people into the Day of the Great Alignment, and like SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, THE GREAT FATHER, promised he would do, HE has returned with the ONE HE created to bring us into the Great Love, the Great Ascension Programme that only ONE would be assigned to do. For those who have attended the Divine Ascension Programme with the GREAT CAEAYARON, the EVERLASTING MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, together with the Sacred Messenger Divine has brought to us, who is none other than Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, they are on the earth to bring their own testimony that they are receiving the flows of LOVE, when and if they stand in the Love Collectively with other Star Sacred World Healers like CAEAYARON constantly guides them to do. Soon the Divine Activations will begin once again. Will you be like LORD MAITREYA and be READY to STAND in the GREAT LOVE? Will you desire to go to the other side of the planet to find what you have been looking for eternally? Namaste, much love from the Administration Team of CAEAYARON & Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who have FULL TRUST and FAITH that all DIVINE LOVE states WILL happen. Star Sacred World Healers are already testifying it IS happening and the flows of Divine Love have only begun. As Suzanna Maria Emmanuel grows within her UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL the flows strengthen and the people will feel the flows stronger.