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Do You Desire Your Multidimensional Power Alignment


CAEAYARON welcomes you to HIS Great Teachings of Great Love. HE welcomes the people to THE GREAT COSMIC ALIGNMENT. HE says how in this time we are able to understand the great treasures, cleansing and transformation on our planet. CAEAYARON explains how the darkness desire to destroy all at this time to prevent people from rising into greater power, love, memory banks, freedom and greatness. CAEAYARON coaches the activated, blessing them with greater personal power and intelligence, to grow individually and ascend and heal the earth together with their multidimensional beings. The darkness wants to prevent this alignment from happening so they can suck your power and freedom from you eternally. They DO NOT want you to awaken to your TRUE SELF POWER for then they will lose all control over humanity. CAEAYARON desires to give back the power to those of the original 12 universes with Power Activations, within the Living Power Grids, for the purpose to remove destructive forces to bring people into true freedom. HE promises them protection, love, power, and eternal freedom. Please have a pen and paper ready to take notes, as CAEAYARON brings out much information. You will learn from this teaching: * Why true ascension cannot be done from the 'couch'. * Who are the intelligent ones according to CAEAYARON? * CAEAYARON's gratitude for the protection. * The multidimensional connection of the higher Divine Love Element and the human Divine Love Element. * Why CAEAYARON cannot bring the Divine Activations to the people without the Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element? * Why the Divine Activations are about BUILDING the power of the Activated ? * How the Divine Activations open up your own higher memories and libraries to connect up to your greater multidimensional self. * What does THE GREAT MULTIDIMENSIONAL ALIGNMENT mean to you? * CAEAYARON explains how HIS Activated people will be able to rise because part of HIM, who gave the power to the Lemurians, 'fell' into the dark abyss after the people chose for the darkness. Why can CAEAYARON now use that same power to bring the Activated into greater power? * What it means to be in the 'black hole' and how we can rise out of the black hole now. * The resignation of METATRON and the reversal of the Flower of Life. * How the magnetic grids within the earth and outside the earth are changing. * The importance of the Violet Flame and the Great Awakening. * How the darkness drew power away from the 12 Sovereign universes. How was this a tragedy for those who lived in those original realms? How did the darkness benefit from 'sucking' their power away? * If our planet is really a 'dark planet with only light rays and memories,' then why do we think we are really alive on this planet? * How has the darkness kept the people in darkness and why will they fight the Great Awakening from happening? * In 2020 CAEAYARON will be aligning. How will CAEAYARON build power here on this earth? * Why can karma be removed from the Activated people of CAEAYARON and why does HE state karma was unfair? * The importance of the power grids of earth and the April 2019 Activations. * How CAEAYARON desires to return the power to the ones from the higher Sovereign Universes. * Why the earth cannot ascend without CAEAYARON. * HE discusses the higher 12 universes, thrones and their 12 dimensions for you to evolve back into. * The Universal Flower of unlimited power versus the Flower of Life of limitation and restriction. * Moses, the Ark of the Covenant and the Codes of Life. * The KRYON channel versus the CAEAYARON channel. * How the Divine Love Element gained back the KRYON CODES and her Star Pineal Gland, and the Universal Creation Codes. * The Divine Love Element always gives life to all, while the darkness/Lucifer takes all away from others for self. * Three phases of spirituality explained. * What did CAEAYARON reverse within the Crystalline Grid and the DNA with the KRYON CHANNEL, to allow the people to have the 'choice' at this time? * ADAMA's importance in your ascension. * The 12 tribes of Israel connection to the 12 Sovereign Universes. Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Divine Ascension Channel, Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, The Word and Author for Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great, and the Great Caeayaron, The Eternal Mountain of Light. Please also see Suzanna's Facebook Page filled with Divine Guidance and for more information.