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Earth Consciousness Shift


Welcome to the time when the Blue Star is coming out from the dense grids to align with the (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. In this earth consciousness meditation, first you will be greeted with a short video to explain the importance of the Great Blue Archangel and how she was Queen Nefertiti in the times of Egypt. What was significant about her is that their people were always the most empowered people consciously, working with Divine Alignment Purpose. ..... This short video, with a meditation following explains how during the early hours of 23rd October 2020 a beam of light connected deep within the body of the (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Light Grid Programmer. The prophecies are becoming fulfilled at this time. This means that the true power of the earth can awaken the people, and that the light body of the earth is able to transition into the next stage, if people are willing to begin to listen to Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel who speak through the Universal Light Grid Programmer, who is now aligning with her Queen Nefertiti self, and who was also Laeyaraesea in the days of Lemuria. Namaste, the Universal Love Administration Team of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the Everlasting Blue Star Archangel, Divine Love Element, The Truth Revealer, the one who was sent to the earth as The Messenger of Universal Love. Copyright � 2020 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel�