Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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Galactic Universal Ascension


Welcome to the time of the Great Revelations. A Komo Ha, Halima, Greetings from HALISARIUS, Chief Galactic Federation who united all federations of love to allow the living bridge to come into existence, to allow us to grow into eternal love and to allow us to ascend and transform back to the Great Love. HALISARIUS welcomes you to the Great Love and the Time of the Great Transformation. He is eternally grateful to the Galactic Star Universal Light Grid Programmer for allowing this timeline to happen; the timeline of the 13th Gateway Alignment. Halisarius demonstrates within his teaching, Galactic Love organization and how all work collectively in the higher realms, to allow higher creation to happen. Please join Halisarius in this teaching and begin to follow the transmissions of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel if you have not already begun to do so. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has been chosen by the Galactic Federations of Light to be the eternal Galactic Star Universal Light Grid Programmer to bring Divine Truth to the people, as she is the one who was assigned to be the Word and The Messenger from Divine Love. How exciting it is for those who desire Divine Truth and Divine Knowledge to come to them, to allow them to understand true transformation and connection within the heart of love to allow them to grow into love and empowerment. Discover Divine Truth for yourself through the one and only channel of Divine Love, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Namaste, eternal love, The administration team of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel