Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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Grounding in Love and Peace Meditation


Welcome to the Earth Consciousness Meditations with the (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and Caeayaron. Caeayaron, briefly explains before the actual Earth Consciousness Meditation, how the earth's frequencies will need to change now, to allow the Path of Light to become shown for mankind to walk upon. He speaks about the importance of the Blue Archangel and how she needs to rise up from the grids, with her Universal Love Channel, to allow the grids to change upon the earth. Please watch this exciting video, and we look forward to the time when the Global Consciousness Universal Love Work can truly be explored with many people around the world. With Universal Love Flows, the Universal Love Team, with our Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel For further information, don't forget to check out her facebook page.