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How to gain enough Light in your Light Body to ascend


Welcome to the teachings of CAEAYARON who is here to help us understand Divine Love Truth with his only Truth Revealer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Together they form a team of love to help people ascend to greatness, beauty and love. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the Galactic Star Universal Light Grid Programmer of the GREAT CAEAYARON and like he promised in the time of Lemuria, he has returned to allow us to have the CHOICE of ETERNAL FREEDOM or not. The choice is here to help us understand the higher pathway. During each lesson he brings to us via YouTube, he brings understanding on how all universal existence began and why we are here at this time. We now understand why the people suffered so much and how we can come out of the dense dimensions into eternal freedom. We understand how we may grow into more beauty and love which gives us empowerment to help us grow into our transformed selves. For a very long time we knew we would see transformation taking place where humans would be able to awaken to a higher state of consciousness. This we knew but how this would happen exactly we would not know. Now we understand The Promise the people heard in the times of Jesus. When Jesus spoke about the Grand Transformation taking place we did not know, at that time, what that would be or how it would take place. We knew the Word Jesus would return to our planet but we were never sure who that Word would be. Now we know, and the grand channelling of CAEAYARON and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT they bring to us via their Divine Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on YouTube and Facebook, allows us to investigate Divine Truth. Know that the channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has been identified as The Word, the Sacred Messenger, the same one as 2,000 years ago. Through research and study she has been recognized, by a large organization who wishes to stay unidentified at this time, as the Divine Channel. Soon they will approach Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to allow her to reach many who desire the Divine Alignment Activations to happen. Please enjoy this beautiful channelled message. It is highly entertaining and it is transmitted in such a way that it will help you desire to understand more information. Namaste, always in the love of Divine Love, The Administration Team of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel