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How You Can Return To The Higher Love Dimensions


ADAMA, Spiritual High Priest of Lemuria brings you his great greetings. His great desire is for the people to awaken to the Great Love of CAEAYARON and begin to understand the importance of the Great Activations happening upon your planet at this time. * ADAMA explains how important his role has been to keep the Codes of Life safe to help with the Divine Ascension Process at this time. He brings through the importance of the cleansing, and the purification to help the people come back into the Love so that they can return home to the higher love dimensions. * He desires the people to understand how important it is to become Activated into the Lemurian Codes of Life as this will also heal the planet. He brings out how the earth is screaming at this time because she desires to heal. * The Lemurians, on the higher love dimensions, have been praying for our awakening to happen. They hoped that we would awaken back into the Great Love. * He speaks about the 13th gateway, which is the gateway passage to go back home. * ADAMA finishes off his teaching by stating; If you desire to show that you have love within yourself, prove it by becoming Activated into the Great Love.